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28 Dec

Maymah’s Three-Year-Old Son

Quizmaster Marilyn Hamill brought up an interesting question about the murders at Taliesen.  According to the article published in the New York Times August, 15, 1914 describing the murder of Maymah Borthwick Cheney, her children John and Martha, and four other people, Mrs. Borthwick’s three-year-old son was missing and presumed burned to death. Yet there […]

25 Dec

Welcome to the Forensic Genealogy Blog!

  Do you see the locomotive? (No kidding!) See our complete analysis of The Famous Sheboygan Dead Horse Photo at: We welcome all our readers to use this blog as a forum for comments and discussions about the photographs we have featured on our Forensic Genealogy website at  We occasionally receive interesting new info about a […]

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