A Dead Horse of a Different Color

The Sheboygan Dead Horse Photo

This all-time favorite of ours, the Sheboygan Dead Horse Photo, has inspired countless oohs and aahs and hmmmmmms from the photo community. 

Read about:

-what kind of lens was used to take the photo, and how this led to the earliest date it could have been taken. 

-how the design of the gantry leading to the bridge crossing the river led to a latest date for the photos

-the Dead Horse Investigation Committee resolved the dilemna about the missing(?) railroad tracks that should be visible in front of the gantry

-a full sized locomotive?  Where?????

Read our full analysis at

Colleen Fitzpatrick, Quizmaster General



2 Responses to “A Dead Horse of a Different Color”

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    Sue Dahnem Says:

    How do we know the horse is dead? And why is a man formally dressed willing to soil his clothing sitting on a horse? Horses live or dead will transfer dander, hair, sweat, etc. and it wasn’t “wash and wear” in those days. Why is the man dressed so elegantly in the middle of the day? The man with the dog looks like a ticket agent… Could this be a staged photo for a newspaper story? Allegorical photo with tones of “The horse is dead…long live the Iron Horse”?

  2. 2
    Administrator Says:

    Hi Sue,

    I appreciate you comments about the Dead Horse. I agree with you, there are so many things we don’t know about this picture. That is what makes it so interesting. We were just contacted last week by two experts on dead horses….

    Any more ideas you can come up with are very welcome!


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