Puskaric, Jina's nurse at Vencor Hospital, where the girl has lived since she was an
infant. "The wind is going to be blowing in her hair."

The view would not be possible without a cab driver Jina met by chance a few months

Jina was in a car crash that killed her brother and left her unable to move below her
neck or breathe without a respirator. She has lived in hospitals since the accident, and
has spent most of her years at Vencor Hospital in Tampa, which provides long-term
care for patients on respirators.

Her parents live in Georgia and are unable to take care of her. Medicare is paying for
medical expenses, except for a needed new wheelchair.

Jina attends school and visits places, but when she traveled it was strictly to get from
one point to another and usually by ambulance, where the view was limited to the
ambulance's back door.
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Quiz #186 Results
1.  Darrell Gwynn
2.  He was injured during a car race in 1990
3.  Jina Yi Mr Rick's Quiz Angel
and one of our favorite Quizmasters
is the proud recipient of a top of the line wheel chair
thanks to the Darrell Gwynn Foundation,
which purchases specialized wheelchairs for people who have been paralyzed.  
Click here to see results of
5th occasional photoquiz survey.
Click here to see results of
5th occasional photoquiz survey.
Answer to Quiz #186 - November 30, 2008
1. Who is the man in the dark blue shirt?
2. Why is he in a wheelchair?
3. What foundation did he start?
Bonus:  What is his connection to the Quizmaster who submitted this photo?
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Submitted by Jina Yi, Mr. Rick's Quiz Angel
Congratulations to Our Winners!

Mary Osmar                Robert Edward McKenna
Comments from Our Readers
Jina sounds like the kind of person that you would enjoy being around.
Anna Farris
Colleen, thanks for the background information on Jina Yi.  While researching the quiz,
I did learn a bit about her and her background and how she is coping.  This information
and that which you provided are the extras that make participating in your quizzes so
enjoyable.  Jina Yi's story is indeed inspirational.  I can see why she and Ashley are
your Quiz Angels.                                                                              
Norm Smith

Wow.  I alway feel is miraculous what we are able to do medically and tragic what we
are still unable to do.  Stories like Jina and Ashley's are inspirational.

This was a fun quiz.  I was quite surprised to be able to find information that was less
than front page news; about more "ordinary" people than people you can read about in
textbooks, encyclopedia or tabloids.  This was the first time I found information from a
blog, a source I normally would trust for accuracy, but in this case, it was appropriate
and essential. Thanks again for the challenge; it is the highlight of my week when I
have the time to devote to it! Now I will go and check out the new quiz...wish me luck.
Barbara Battles
Thanks to Jina for a great puzzle.  I almost went down the wrong road a couple of
times.  It seems that there are quite a few permanently injured former race car drivers.  
Dangerous profession, ya think?                                                           
Mary Osmar

Fascinating story about Jina Yi!                                                    
Audrey Speelman

Growing up, I went with my brother to drag races and destruction jalopy car derbies
and a few sports car racing events. On bass tournaments: Its looks like these are big
bucks affairs in South Eastern United States.                                          
Mike Dalton

The Foundation purchased a sophisticated "sip and puff" wheelchair for Jina Yi, who in
return represented them at the prerace cermonies on Sun 16th Nov, where they raised
more than $100,000 fron the annual bass-fishing tournament. Well done to all
concerned, keep up the good work.

As a great supporter of motor racing, I know only too well the dangers our sport
brings. I am currently a Stage Manager for Rally Ireland (Jan 30-Feb 1), where safety
is our main concern. Our Event runs over 3,000 km of closed public roads, where
spectator safety is our main concern. Keep us safe in this sport that we love!
Alan Cullinan
A Very Special Hero
by Robert Edward McKenna
The picture shows Drag-Racer, Darrell Gwynn,
A highly popular performer, badly injured in a 1990 meet.
In spite of injuries, established the Darrell Gwynn Foundation,
Supplying wheel chairs for spinal victims needed feet.

Jina Yi suffered a spinal injury at age 2, when orphaned,
The Foundation furnished her a sophisticated chair.
At a recent NASCAR race, she represented the Foundation,
Where $ 100,000.00 was raised to support the victims care.

Robert Edward McKenna
Quizmaster Poet Laureate


Hi Bob, I see that you're back in your quiz-stride tonight,
A quiz victory again-what a real nice delight.

Yes Jina is special - a Quiz Angel in fact,
Who could doubt something as certain as that?

I've come to know her as sweet as a young girl can be,
She has worked on the puzzles with quiz-friend Ashley.

They are both in a group home for the severely impaired
With Mr. Rick teaching them with great loving care.

The quizzes have provided them school lessons and such
They have a good attitude though they have suffered so much.

Ashley moved on she was doing so well
She'll do really good - you'll see time will tell.

It makes my job go so much more easily
When I hear from my quiz angel sweet Jina Yi.

Colleen Fitzpatrick
Quizmaster General
Jina Yi
QuizAngel Extraordinaire
Meet Jina Yi
21-years old
Mr. Rick's Quiz Angel Extraordinaire
Jina is a quadruplegic who was injured
in a car accident when she was two.
She lives in a group home in
St. Petersburg, FL.
Jina was the recent recipient of a new high-tech wheelchair given to her by the
Darrell Gwynn Foundation.  Her new set of wheels operates via sip and puff


Read more about Jina below.
The Darrell Gwynn Foundation
Today, Jina Yi will feel the wind.

From her wheelchair on The Pier in St.
Petersburg, she will squint at the sun's
glare on the water, listen to gulls beg for
handouts and feel the hot breeze of
downtown St. Petersburg.

After living in Tampa for seven years,
Jina, 8, will see the bay that borders her
city for the first time.

She's never seen water before," said Sandy
The Darrell Gwynn Foundation raised more
than $100,000 Saturday morning with its
seventh annual bass-fishing tournament for
drivers and contributing fans on the
speedway's infield lake.

Gwynn, the highly popular drag racer who
was badly injured in a 1990 crash in
England, has been bound to a wheelchair
ever since, and his foundation raises money
to provide sophisticated chairs for spinal
cord injury victims who are needy.

Twenty drivers participated, each leading a
team of four per boat. A guide and two
paying participants completed each team.

"Twenty drivers -- and they all behaved,"
Gwynn cracked. "Nobody crashed

Ken Schrader's group won, with a
combined catch of 5.56 pounds. Scott
Wimmer had the biggest individual fish,
2.86 pounds.

Gwynn's foundation takes on the most
difficult of needs, for the most expensive
equipment. Representing the foundation
during Sunday's prerace ceremonies will be
Jina Yi, 21, who suffered severe spinal
cord injuries at age 2 and was abandoned
by her parents.

Yi now lives in a group home, and
Gwynn's foundation purchased a chair for
her that is so sophisticated it operates on
"sip and puff" commands -- that is, just
slight movements of the mouth.

The cost for that wheelchair: $30,000.

Gwynn's foundation will hold its next major
fishing tournament on Daytona
International Speedway's Lake Lloyd on
Feb. 13, during Speedweeks.
Foundation News
Taxi Gives Girl Front Row Seat at Last
St. Petersburg Times
by Janet Shelton Rogers
July 28, 1995
But a few months ago, Yellow Cab driver
Ulysses Cole transported some Grady
Elementary students to a local park. Jina
was one of Cole's passengers. She
marveled aloud about the view, and her
delight prompted Cole to offer a free
sightseeing trip. For the first time in her
life, Jina could go anywhere she wanted.
She settled on The Pier.

Cole will arrive at Vencor in a Yellow Cab
Jina Yi at about 8 years old
van. He will pick up Jina, her wheelchair, a respirator and a nurse, then travel to the
home of her friend, a boy who was also a patient at Vencor.

Jina and her friend can linger, or rush along to some other destination. It's all up to her.
Through it all, the cab's meter will be off.

"This is free," said Yolanda Knox of Yellow Cab of Tampa. "Normally, per person, it's
$17.50," plus a distance charge.

An added bonus is that it comes at a time when the limited world of the chatty young
girl is shrinking. The motorized wheelchair she once navigated through hospital halls
has become too small for a growing girl. Its controls, which Jina used to operate with
her chin, have broken. The hospital is trying to raise $20,000 for a new chair.

The hospital has made it possible for the girl to get a better view when she does get out.
It recently purchased a wheelchair-accessible van with a low side window.

Jina's view will not be her last.

Her days of watching the world from a back-door window are over.
Many thanks to Jina for giving us a special quiz for the time of giving thanks and
thinking of others.  You go, girl!                                           
Carolyn Cornelius
The Darrell Gwynn Foundation is a
501c3 non-profit program that exists to
prevent, provide for, and ultimately cure
spinal cord injuries and other debilitating
injuries and illnesses.
Message from Darrell Gwynn

Spinal cord injuries happen.

They happen everyday, everywhere, to
people of all ages and descriptions, and
from all walks of life. And they happen
in many different ways.

In 1990, I was at the height of my
career as a professional race car driver.
Then, on a test run in England, an
accident -- a freak one by racing
standards --left me paralyzed with a
devastating spinal cord injury.

Initially, there was concern if I would
even survive my injuries at all. I
careened from one medical crisis to
another, taking my family and loved ones
along on that same wrenching, emotional
roller-coaster ride. Then, when the
imminent dangers had passed, I arrived
at the forefront of living life in the wake
of a paralyzing spinal cord injury.

Ironically, less than six months earlier I
had chosen The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis as my personal charity, and I had
already begun assisting them in raising funding for spinal cord injury research. I clearly
recall personally placing their logos on my race car, never then dreaming that within a
few short months my future would be in their hands.

A number of years have passed since the fateful day I was paralyzed. In that time, my
compassion for victims of spinal cord injuries, and respect for the families and friends
of those standing behind them has grown immeasurably. I have learned that hope,
encouragement and determination aided by education, are among the keys in creating a
meaningful, satisfying life despite physical obstacles.

I am lucky. I have a wonderful family and an amazing collection of friends and
business associates who share my commitment to build a better future for those with
spinal cord injuries and other central nervous system disorders. Significantly, there has
never been a time of more important and promising research to find a cure for spinal
cord paralysis then right now.
Darryl with 4-yr-old Seth Cohen
wheelchair recipient at the
Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction
West Palm Beach, FL
April 2008
The Darrell Gwynn Foundation
(DGF) was created to help aid that
critical research by raising funds for
that purpose. In addition to
supporting various worthwhile
research initiatives, DGF concerns
itself with Quality of Life issues for
those with spinal cord injuries.

My life, both before and after my
spinal cord injury, has surrounded
professional auto racing.
Surprisingly, there are similarities
between side-by-side competition at
more than 300 miles-per-hour, and
the quest to cure spinal cord
injuries. Both are expensive. Both
are ultimately competitions against
the clock. And with adequate
Darrell Gwynn and 6-year-old Jessica
Greenfield at Daytona International
Speedway’s NASCAR NEXTEL Series Pepsi
400 race where she was presented with a new
power wheelchair on the Speedway’s start-
finish line during a special pre-race
ceremony, April 2007.
funding, technical expertise and dedication, both can be won.

There's an old saying in auto racing, "It's not where you start, but where you finish."
That's also true of living life with a spinal cord injury. The race to find a cure for
paralysis from spinal cord injury is well underway. With continuing help, I am certain
that race will one day be won.

Darrell Gwynn
Read more about Darrell Gwynn and the wonderful efforts of his Foundation
towards support of spinal chord injury victims. Click
Extra Puzzle Stuff from Mike Dalton

New York Yankees logo on car,
George Steinbrenner name on car

George Steinbrenner is owner of New York Yankees.I
recognized him on the left standing. To skip a ahead a bit,I
think it is his son Hank or Hal is on the right standing, ie
following in his Dads footsteps.

To proceed further: I googled Jina=Yi NHRA and came up
negative results. But there are creative ways to get to the
answer; providing you know a little bit about race cars.

NHRA stands for National Hotrod Association-- ie cars on
a dragstrip that go from zero to ??? in a quarter mile;
fastest time wins. There are various categories. Car
shown is double AA fuel dragster. On the other hand there
is NASCAR: National Association of Sports Cars or racing
cars: cars that do race laps around an oval to win.

So googled nascar with Jina =Yi and got results. The
result shows: Jina Yi recipient of a $30,000 wheelchair
from the event of NASCAR race at Homestead Racetrack
near Miami,Florida on November 15, 2008 from Darrell

On the Darrell Gwynn website there is a photo gallery;
one of which is the contest photo: Darrell Gwynn is the
man in the wheelchair, behind him is (former NHRA) Dad
Jerry Gwynn, to left is [George Steinbrenner] and to right
is a son of George.

Darrell and George became co owners of New York
Yankees Racing Car Team circa 2000-2001. The car
shown was the first car. At the end of 2002 racing, the
car was retired and sold at an auction.

The contest photo on Gwynn;'s site shows more detail
and why there is a connection here between baseball and
cars: The top of picture shows Winston North Carolina,
NHRA home, where the photo was taken, before the
Homestead, Florida event. On side window of car is the
name Mike Darr and
www.darrellgwynn.com. Mike Darr,
a San Diego Padre pitcher died Feb. 15, 2002 in a car

The website was created in 2006. There is another
Gwynn today, who is major league baseball player.
George retired from active management of Yankees in
2007 or 2008. One of his sons does charitable work ,
while the other is adapting successfully to his father's
management and communication skills.