His Son William Antonio Cornelius was married twice:

1.  Marié avec Elise FISCHER
2.  Marié avec Rosa VAN GIFFELEN

No French here. I did take French in the 8th grade but did terrible in the class. I should
of took Spanish as I spent considerable time in Spain and Puerto Rico when I flew in
the Navy on P3 sub hunters. The link to Eugene Roelens is
For some reason you have to search the page for Roelens to find the link to Eugene.
Fred Stuart
This was quite fun to do, as I had to as I had to practise my high school and university
French. The wording on the left side is interesting. It translates - Concert given by the
Circle of X. What is the X - Friends? Some society? There is a small word that may be
the X but it is somewhat scratched out. Looks like Mete?                        
Don Draper

The name of the spouse of the man on the left is Mrs. man on the left...
Karen Kay Bunting
I am responding to the quiz questions in English as I can do a better job in providing
answers this way rather than trying to do so in French. The second question was what
the occasion was.  Again, based on marginal comments around the photo, the event
was a charity concert (likely called “Le Chevalier et L’Ermite, Grand duo dramatique”).  
It is also stated that the concert was given by “le Cercle du X”).  If one were to assume
that the X actually meant the number 10, then the organization could have been literally
called the Circle of 10.  When going through the photos on the Dead Fred web site, I
did run across one which was of a society called the “Poperinghe Society” and that
Achille Berat (person on the left in the photo quiz photo) was a member of.  I am not
sure if it is a coincidence but the number of people in the Poperinghe Society is 10.  
This group photo was taken in 1882 (ten years before the photo quiz photo) so it might
be possible that the Poperinghe Society morphed into the Circle of 10.  I could not find
any information to substantiate this theory so it is best left at that, just a theory.
                                                                                      Norm Smith
Leave it to Jina to figure this one out! The girl is on a roll (no pun entended). Thought
we'd cut & paste the results. Jina thinks the hat on the guy on the left is cool and wants
one...what's a teacher to do????                                                
Jina Yi and Mr. Rick
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Using the translators you can find out what the questions mean.
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5th occasional photoquiz survey.
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5ème enquête occasionnelle des photoquizzes.
Réponse à Quiz #187 - le 7 Décembre 2008
1. Quelle est la date de cette photo?
2. Quelle est l'occasion?
Bonus #1: Qui a pris la photo?
Bonus #2:  Quelle est le nom de l'epouse de l'homme à gauche?
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Comments from Our Readers
How John Solved the Puzzle
The photo was probably taken sometime
around February 22, 1892 since the photo
is a souvenir of a charity concert that
occurred on that date.  A handwritten note
on the margin indicates that the photo was
taken by Eugene Roilens.  By looking at the
other photos in the collection on DeadFred
I was able to figure out the wife of Achille
Berat was Emma.  Great quiz, although I
was forced to dredge up some public
school French to figure it out.
 John Chulick
Act No.
Microfilm #
BERAT Achileus
Hemma Maria
Klappers op de huwelijken te Poperinge*
Deel VI : 1876-1900
*Tables of Marriages in Poperinge
Reel VI : 1876-1900
There is always a way to solve each of our quizzes - if only you put on your thinking
cap!  The steps you have to go through to solve this week's puzzle are as follows:

1.  Understand the questions.
2.  Read the writing on the sides of the photo.
3.  Search Google for the appropriate terms.
4.  Search the sites Google provides to see if you can find additional information.

1. and 2.  Even if you cannot read French (or even if you don't know it's French in the
first place), there are words contained in the questions that are the same in English.  
For example, "date" and "occasion".  This should tip you off that we are looking for
when the photo was taken and why.

To understand the bonus questions, you will need an online translator if you don't speak
French. Again even if you don't know the quiz is in French, you can figure it out by
copying and pasting the questions in the foreign language into Google and iterating
through the possibilities as you allow Google to translate them for you.

First thing is to go to
www.google.com, and click on "More" on the toolbar. A
drop-down menu will appear.
At the bottom of the drop-down menu, click on "Even More".  You will find a whole
page of Google options.
Towards the bottom of the list, you will find a link to the Google translator.
This will get you to a screen where you can copy and paste text from the quiz into the
translation box. If you know the quiz is written in French, then select that language
from the drop-down menu under the translation box.  If not, just iterate through the
possibilites, or take a wild guess and see if you are right.
An alternative is to use the Alta Vista BabelFish translator at
http://babelfish.yahoo.com/translate_txt. This is the one I use the most.  I find it has
improved with time, and I don't have to click through as many pages to get there.
1. When was this photo taken?
2. What was the occasion?
Bonus #1: Who took the photo?
Bonus #2:  What is the name of the wife of the man on the left?
Translating the writing on the edges of the photo will provide you with the answers to
the first two regular questions plus the first bonus question.

Souvenir du Concert de Charité du 22 Février 1892.
Souvenir of the Charity Concert of 22 February 1892.

Le Chevalier et L'Ermite, Grand duo dramatique
The Knight and the Hermit, Grand dramatic duo

Concert donn
é par le Cercle des X, Photo par M. Eugene Roelens, Président
Concert by the Circle of X's, Photo by Mr. Eugene Roelens, President

(The word scribbled under "photo" is photographer.)

Par Achille Berat et Jules Parrein, Chef d'accises _____
By Achille Berat and Jules Parrein, Head of XXX_______
Searching on Google using the words "Achille Berat" or "Jules Parrein" will
lead you to the website
www.deadfred.com with this week's quiz photo and the
answer to the bonus question about Monsieur Achille Berat's wife.
The Knight and the Hermit
Parabola Magazine
Vol 1:12, Spring 1987
The Knight and the Hermit can be said to represent two states of beings, or from the
point of view of spiritual development, two stages of becoming, which we could call
engagement and detachment or action and contemplation. Sometimes they are depicted
as being at extremes, and as such could be said to delineate the two ends of a spectrum
of states in which the hero, like ourselves, may find himself.

The Knight, symbol of the human being in the realm of action, makes himself felt in the
world, exerts a force through external relations with others. In particular, he is the one
who is in active service to a King, representing divine authority. The King occupies the
higher position for the Knight, and as such, is not only the person to whom the Knight
is in service, but what must be served.

The Hermit, or symbol of the contemplative aspect of human search, is detached from
the world, as such, and exerts a force through his relation to God. He attempts to serve
the divine authority directly, not through an intercessor, whether priest or king. As
stories about them attest, neither represents human perfection: they are incomplete, the
Knight having an undeveloped inner life, and the Hermit an undeveloped outer life.

As extremes, the Knight and the Hermit, that is, being-in-action and
being-in-contemplation, apparently exclude one another, the distance between them
constituting a polar opposition. We must remember, however, that looking at the image
in this way entails a linear symbology, which is only one among several models that can
elucidate a multivalent meaning behind the symbol. --from "Quest and Question"
I wondered about the spelling of the name
[Vancayseele] but saw it in several places the way
shown - for Emma's father and son. On the
php?ID=14 there is a variation of the spelling of the
name - Van Caeseele. Emma is not shown there but
my guess is that it is the same family group. It tells
how the name derives from the “ancient region
named “carzeele”. The “r” is pronounced like a “y”
and thus became a y in the spelling. (Cayseele) In
the region of Brugge (Bruges) it became Caeseele.
Don Draper
La Famille Berat
The website www.deadfred.com has two other pictures of people related to Achille
Berat. One is of his wife Emma Vancayseele and their son Hector, and a second photo
of Emma's father Louis Vancayseele.
Emma Vancayseele,
wife of Achille Berat
with her son Hector.
Photo #35768
Louis, father of Emma
Photo #35780
We also found Achille and Emma's marriage record.
Achille Berat's Ancestors
Achille Berat's Children
The Cavalier and the Grand Hermit,
Toasting on a festive occasion,
In a picture dated 22nd February 1892,
The characters are of the Thespian persuasion.

The reason for taking the photograph,
Was a Concert performed for Charity.
I surmise  the photographer 's name was
McLagene Reelens?
Unfortunately his signature lacks penmanship clarity.

The Cavalier shown on the left,
I identified as Achille Berat by name,
Who joined with the Grand Hermit,
To make the Charity a thing of Fame.

Robert E. McKenna
                        Quiz Poet Laureate

Bien fait, mon amie
Vous avez eu
Bonne chance avec le
Quiz "Parlez-vous?"

Il est dificile à lire
La calligraphie
Mais je suis heureuse que
Vous avez reussi!
Colleen Fitzpatrick
                        Quizmaster General
A Bit of French Toast
1. 22 February 1892
2. A charity event
Bonus #1: Eugene Roelens or Rollins
Bonus #2:  Emma Vancayselle Berat, wife of Achille Berat
More Berat Memorabilia