Q1:  Hi I’m looking for information on 2 bottles and I’m not sure where to look or
even start, so I’m hoping you can help me. The first bottle is a 4/5 quart clear long
neck type bottle with embossing that says old Quaker and has a Quakers head and
wheat embossed on it. The second is a soda bottle that has Southland sparkling
beverages in white frosted type lettering and has Southland bottle Co. Paragould AR on
the back. If you can help me any I would appreciate it. Thank you Sondra

Q2:  Hello found a Old Quaker straight bourbon whiskey bottle. My in-laws got it for a
wedding gift in 1939 It is a full btl with the Wisconsin tax seal on it. It has a picture of
a Quaker man holding some oats on the back Would this btl have any value Thank you
so much.

A:  Your Old Quaker bottle is a Product of The Old Quaker Distillery of Lawrenceburg,
IN.  Yours sounds pretty new with the 4/5 qt.  The company, which may not still be in
business was using the embossed picture on bottles made after about 1932 and through
the 1950s. I was not able to find any reference to your soda bottle.  The label shown
[on the right, above] is from a 1943 half pint Quaker Whiskey. Value with a label would
be $10-15.
I want to thank you for posting the bar scene and Don for his fantastic analysis. Don,
since I am new to the analysis of photos, your approach reinforces Colleen's message
for me.  I, too, tried to read the calendar dates but didn't go as far identying the
potential years.  It appears that your turning point was analysis of the calendar sponsor
and digging into his past.   Great job!    But how about the information you provided
about "LAKE"?  I spent hours trying to find this lake and I did get a little seasick.  :-\  
I do have a quirky sense of humor.  

Again, thank you for the help.  I truly learned alot about the process and will use this
information in my quest to analyize my photo collection.  I just started so I know you
will be hearing from me.                                                                
Claudia Niemiec
north portions of the town soon after, and Bay View voted to allow Milwaukee to annex
it in 1887.

Patrick Cudahy bought land in the area in 1892 for his meatpacking business. In 1895,
this area was incorporated as the Village of Cudahy. After becoming a city, Cudahy
later annexed lands south to the border of South Milwaukee.

In July 1951, the area along Lake Michigan north of Cudahy and south of Milwaukee
incorporated as the City of St. Francis in order to prevent annexation from Milwaukee
and keep profits from the South Shore Power Plant in the area.

The City of Milwaukee annexed the remaining portion of the town on April 6, 1954, at
which point the town ceased to exist. The City of Milwaukee grew by about 15,000
people overnight.

As part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Public Works Administration New Deal, an
octagonal tower was built in 1938.  It was to be the Lake City Hall and doubled as a
water tower.  This landmark features Art Deco details such as enpire lines on the  
Even this photo was harder than I thought
to analyze.  However we did receive some
great analyses, one of the best of which was
submitted by Don Draper:

The photo offers a number of clues as to its
locale and timing. The calendars identify the
year and month. Problem is that the years
and names of the days are not very clear.
Most vintage calendars follow the pattern,
Sun., Mon., Tues. and etc. I believe the
ones shown are like that. The month March
is very clear on one calendar. The 1st of
March is on a Sunday and so the years that
I consider to be possible, from a perpetual
calendar are: 1903, 1908, 1914, 1925, 1931,
1936, 1942, and 1953. The pinup calendars
appear quit risqué for any year previous to
1930. Web sites indicate that the prime
period for such calendars was between
1930 and 1950. It was kind of fun doing
this research! One calendar promotes the
Romanowski Coal Co. Joseph
Romanowski, aged 60 years, can be found
on the 1930 U.S. census for Cudahy,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His occupation was
Coal Co. owner.

It’s obviously an election year. The signs on
the back wall contain the name of Clarence
Hurley (seeking office as Chairman of the
Town of Lake) and William Wichgers (the
position he’s running for is hidden). A
search for the name William Wichgers took
me first to and the 1920 U.S.
census. He was a 28 year old carpenter
living with his wife Clara in Lake,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He may have been
somewhat young at that time to enter an
election. In 1930 he lived in the same
location but is shown as a Building
Contractor - a little older, wiser and likely
having more influence in the community.
Clarence Hurley in 1930 was 24 years old
and lived in Lake, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
He worked as a printing press operator.

The Coca Cola sign above the bar is
interesting. My attempt to use it to identify
the year it was introduced was
unsuccessful. It likely can be done but there
are so many Coke ads through the years it
would take more time than I spent. The
transition of such ads, through the years,
would be a study in itself. This ad looks like
a ribbon design with the Coca Cola name on
each end and pansies adorning the strip. I
cold find no duplicate of this arrangement.

This photo would not likely be taken during
the prohibition years of 1920 to 1933. My
guess is that the clothing worn by the two
men in front of the bar, is more
representative of post 1920 than before.

This takes me to my answers.

1.Photo was taken in Milwaukee Wisconsin
- likely in the southern area, the Town of
Lake which more recently was annexed by
greater Milwaukee.

2. This took some analysis as shown by the
information. The year on the Romanowski
calendar is hard to see even at max.
magnification. One person, with whom I
shared the photo, wondered if the last
numeral in the year is a 4. I think not as I
do not believe the year is 1914. I think it
may be a 6 and thus the year is 1936 and
the month is March. To me the clues point
better to that time period.

3.My answer is Daniel Hoan. Here again I
If you have a picture you'd like us to feature a picture in a future quiz, please
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1.  Either Lake City or Milwaukee, WI
2.  March 1936
3.  Daniel Hoan (Milwaukee), Undetermined (Town of Lake)
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1.  Where was this photograph taken?
2.  When was it taken (month, year)?
3. Who was mayor of the town at this time?
Many thanks to Claudia Niemiec for submitting this photo.
Comments from Our Readers
Excelsior MN on the Minnesota Secretary
of State website,
so I thought maybe this was correct, and
that Excelsior was not too far from
Milwaukee, so feasible they would have
their pin-up calendars if this was in fact
the correct address.  The company is
listed as inactive, and date of lasting
business filing was 1969.
Congratulations to Our Die Hards!

Don Draper                Sandra McConathy
Make Dalton                Milene Rawlinson
Judy Pfaff                Diane Burkett
Gary Sterne                Marilyn Hamill
Beth Long                Karen Kay Bunting
Thanks to Don Draper for His Solution to the Puzzle
Comment from the Quizmaster General
This puzzle was harder than I thought to
analyze.  By searching the census records, I
have concluded that the photo was taken in
Cleveland, OH, since that is where Archie
Weidner is listed in 1930. It would have
been easy to determine the mayor of
Celevland in 1936.  However, there is
apparently no information on the internet
about the mayor of the Town of Lake.  
Thank goodness I can fall back on our
brilliant Quizmasters!  When Claudia
Niemiec sends me a high res version of the
picture, I will post it on my blog at
Calendars on Wall for Romanowski
Coal Co. (left) and Archie Weidner
Calendar shows the month of
March, but the year in unclear.
(Note that second to last digit in
year is not a 1.)
A good perpetual calendar can be found
/  This
will show you how the months are laid
out for any year.  The settings on the
calendar can be adjusted for years before
the Gregorian calendar came into use in
1582-1583 for Europe and 1782 for Great
britain and the American colonies.
A Case of Photo Obsession
Joseph Romanowski listed in the
1930 census as a coal company
owner in Milwaukee, WI.
William Wichgers and his wife
Clara listed in the 1930 census as a
building contractor in Lake,
Milwaukee, WI.
had to struggle a bit. The word town may refer to the Town of Lake but the political
population areas, that qualified for “town” status, in Wisconsin, were headed by
“chairmen”. Milwaukee had a mayor and Lake is and was like a suburb, (same for
Cudahy). Daniel Hoan was the Socialist Party mayor of Milwaukee from 1916 until
1940. I wondered if the man on the right was Mr. Hoan as his face resembles pictures
of him on the web. In 1936 he would be 55 years old and the man in the photo may be
younger than that. Maybe the mayor took good care of himself. From what I read, he
must have been a remarkable man and leader.
Don Draper
Clarence Hurley and his family
listed in the 1930 census as a
printing press operator in Lake,
Milwaukee, WI.
Archie Weidner listed in the 1930 Census in
Cleveland, OH was the source of my

I was so obsessive about the quiz that I
submitted a correction/alternate name to

I even looked up John Dillinger as the good
looking guy sort of brought him to mind,
but Dillinger died a couple of years before
the photo.  I was thinking Johnny Depp
and the new movie coming out soon.  I
gave up on the calendars pretty early in the

It was a fun quiz and the bar photo is
pretty neat.  I tried to figure out the tree
planting photo as I thought that might lead
Who is this man?
to something, but not for me.  And, who is the man in the photo over the hallway to the
far right in the photo?  It will be fun to read your analysis tomorrow.

Judy Pfaff

I think the man in the image to the far
left  is wearing a smoking jacket and
holding a pipe. Smoke is coming out of
the pipe and curling up around his
head.  (Either that or he is an entry in a
Martin Luther King look alike contest).
The poster in the image to the near left
I think is a Chesterfield cigarette ad.
The Town of Lake was formerly a town in
Milwaukee County, Wisconsin which
existed from January 2, 1838 to April 6,
1954. Using current street names, it
encompassed the area bordered by
Greenfield Ave to the north, Lake Michigan
to the east, College Avenue to the south
and 27th Street to the west. These areas
now make up the cities of St. Francis and
Cudahy as well as part of the South Side
of the City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The first diminution of the town took place
in 1879 when Bay View incorporated as a
village in 1879. Milwaukee annexed the
Daniel Hoan 1881-1961
Mayor of Milwaukee, WI in 1936
Town of Lake, WI
Town of Lake
watertower and City
façade, scallops above the entrance and stair railings with
chevron designs in them. No longer needed by the
neighboring Department of Water Works treatment plant to
equalize water pressure, the internal tank was removed and
the building updated for use as municipal office space in

The Town of Lake was located at GPS coordinates
42°58′19″N 87°55′12″W / 42.972036°N 87.920095°W
Hoan, Daniel Webster (1881-1961) — also known as Daniel W. Hoan — of Milwaukee,
Milwaukee County, Wis. Born in Waukesha, Waukesha County, Wis., March 12, 1881.
Son of Daniel Webster Hoan and Margaret Augusta (Hood) Hoan; married, October 9,
1909, to Agnes B. Magner; married, April 8, 1944, to Gladys Arthur. Lawyer; attorney
for Wisconsin Federation of Labor, 1908-10; mayor of Milwaukee, Wis., 1916-40;
Democratic candidate for Governor of Wisconsin, 1944, 1946; delegate to Democratic
National Convention from Wisconsin, 1948, 1952 (alternate); candidate in Democratic
primary for U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, 1950; Democratic candidate for Wisconsin
state senate 8th District, 1952. Methodist. Member, Knights of Pythias; Elks; Eagles;
Woodmen. Died in 1961. Burial location unknown.
Thanks for your email. I had difficulty
finding Archie Weidner on any census
records for the Milwaukee area. I did find
his WW-1 Draft Registration. He lived in
Milwaukee and worked as a Trim Keeper
for the Federal Rubber Co. (I think these
are correct - kind of blurred). He was born
27 Oct 1899 and was 18 when he signed up. His mother was next of kin.
Don Draper

I actually went to a number of the sites Judy did.  I checked out the Social Security
Death Index and the census materials for Clarence Hurley and William Wichgers.  
Wichgers didn't show up on the SSDI but other Wichgers lived in Wisconsin as did
quite a number of Clarence Hurleys.  I was leaning toward Wisconsin anyway because
one of the calendars on the wall was a coal company from Wisconsin (although I
couldn't find any record of Romanowski Coal Company online).  I sort of disagree with
Judy's reasoning about one thing though.  She indicates that because Hurley's poster
says elect Hurley, so Wichgers must be mayor.  We can't see all of Wichgers' poster so
we can't assume that it is a reelection poster.  The mayor may have been anyone.  I
went with the mayor of Milwaukee which wasn't correct.  What does Claudia Niemiec
say about the pic?  Anyway this was hard.  and I spent a long time on what I finally
came up with.                                                                             
Milene Rawlinson

I had looked up the Miller High Life sign and it came out in 1903.  The slogan for Coca
Cola using delicious and refreshing was from 1904.  So, both of these signs had
potentially been hanging up in the bar for awhile!  Just thought that I would add my
extra two cents worth in there.                                                  
Karen Kay Bunting
Other Good Stuff
Register has Dolphin pattern case,
model is unknown pending a higher
resolution version where the key
pattern is more vlegible. Click
here for
more information.
And don't forget the Tampanola Cigars sign  - made in Milwaukee by Herman Buesch,
pages 797 and 798.                                                                                
Beth Long
[Click here to go to site on Google books.]
Old Quaker whiskey ad in bar photo (left), vintage Old Quaker whiskey bottle (center),
and Old Quaker whiskey bottle label (right).
Someone is looking for info on Roots for Clarence Hurley:

>Father: John Hurley Mother: Sarah Jackson
>...... 4 Clarence Hurley 1905 - b: 1905 in Milw. Wi.
>...... 4 Walter (Butchie) Hurley 1907 - b: 1907 in Milw., Wi.
>...... 4 Raymond Hurley 1909 - b: 1909 in Milw., Wi.
>... 3 Henry Schumacher 1889 - b: 1889
>... 3 Minnie Schumacher 1891 - 1947 b: January 28, 1891

Info. on William Wichgers:

Marriage 27 June 1889, Johanna Gerarda Lamers (1872-1949); at St. John de
Nepomuc church in Little Chute, WI., by Rev. H.J. Verbeck, wittnessed by
Jacob Pompa and Jacoba Lamers.

Son - 17 april 1890, Jacob Wichgers (1890-1949)in Milwaukee, WI
Son - 21 July 1891, George Wichgers (1891-1974) in Milwaukee, WI
son - 4 November 1892, William T. Wichgers (1892-1953) in Milwaukee, WI

                                                                               Beth Long

See also
The Truth about Archie Weidner
In 1900, baby Archibald Weidner is living with parents Edward and
Josephine (and 8 older siblings) in Milwaukee.

In 1910, Archibald is living with the now widowed Josephine and 4 older
siblings in Milwaukee.

In 1920, Archibald is working as a timekeeper for a rubber company and
living with mother and older siblings Edward and Rose.

In 1930, Josephine, Edward and Rose are still living together, but
Archibald has left the household.

In the 1930, Ardie (sic), Lucille and their son 7 yo Ardie Jr. (sic) are
living in her father John Leonard's home.  Archie's occupation is listed as
Commercial Traveler in the Automobile industry.

In the 1937 Milwaukee City Directory, there is an Archie Weidner, Inc.
wholesale wines and liquor, at 118 N. Jefferson  -- certainly the right
business to have calendars in saloons.  He and his wife Lucille live at
3052 S. 46th.

In 1947, Archie district manager for Franklin Distilleries.

Diane Burkett