How Marcelle Solved the Puzzle
had a son. After that, leaving home for long stretches got even
harder. But he hired a small team to help him finish and they
eventually got it done.

Matt put his fourth video out in 2012. He's really proud of it and he
hopes you like it too.

Matt thinks travel is important. It helps us learn what we're capable
of, that the path laid in front of us isn't the only one we can choose,
and that we don't need to be so afraid of each other all the time.

Matt used to think you were either good at something or bad at
something and there wasn't much you could do to change it. He
wishes he'd learned sooner that you can get better at most things just
by doing them over and over again. It really is that simple.

Matt was a mediocre student and never went to college. When he got
older, he was pleased to discover that no one cares.

Matt is left-handed.

Matt plays a lot of Scramble and Words With Friends. His screen
name is BadDancer.

Matt has a little piece of extra cartilage sticking out on the rim of one
ear and a little hole in the same place on the other ear. He's been
informed that the extra piece of cartilage is called Darwin's Tubercle.
Matt thinks this is pretty much the greatest name for anything ever.

Matt would like to see the Transportation Security Administration
disbanded and replaced with a new system that doesn't train people to
mindlessly obey pointless rules. He believes brief conversations with
well-trained humans who make direct eye contact would be a better
way to keep people safe without sacrificing their dignity and liberty.

Speaking of which, Matt has never lost a staring contest.

Matt tries to keep his inbox down by answering frequently asked
questions, but he's not very good about keeping it up to date.
The internet exploded. Matt briefly went from quasi-famous to
not-entirely-un-famous. Visa hired him to do his dance in a series of
TV ads that air across Asia and the Middle East, which introduced
him to a thing called "Business Class," and meant he didn't have to
worry so much about money anymore. He settled down with Melissa
in Seattle, Washington and bought a house.

Eventually Matt decided there was one thing left he wanted to say
that the other videos hadn't quite said. He knew it was the sort of
thing that was going to make a sponsor uneasy, and he kind of
Matt has worked with the following charitable organizations.
You may make donations through his webiste.

About Matt
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Quiz #366 Results
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1.  Kabul, Afghanistan.
2.  The Afghan Mobile Mini Circus for Children.
3.  Matt Harding.  He dances all over the world sponsored by Stride Gum.
Answers to Quiz #366
August 26, 2012
1. In what location was this taken?
2.  The children are part of what organization?
3.  Who is the man in the center?  What is his claim to fame?
TinEye Alert
You can find this photo on,
but the quiz will be a lot more fun if you solve the puzzle on your own.
Congratulations to Our Winners

Deborah Lee Stewart                Janice M. Sellers
Margaret Waterman                Collier Smith
Nelsen Spickard                Joyce Veness
Daniel E. Jolley                Carol Farrant
Jim Kiser                Marcelle Comeau
Margaret Paxton                Arthur Hartwell
Skip Murray                Angel Esparza
Mike Dalton                Margaret Waterman
Joe Ruffner                Skip Murray
Comments from Our Readers
I found it by going to tineye and clicking on the Czech astronomy picture of the day
site.  That gave me Matt's name; from that I found a link to the video.  I knew I had
seen that screenshot previously but I couldn't remember where.  NASA's astronomy
picture of the day (my default openning webpage) posted it on July 10.

I'm keeping that link.  It makes me happy.

Margaret Paxton

I had seen the first video that he did - had not seen this one. What fun - so much joy!

Deborah Lee Stewart

No, I’d never heard of Matt although I think he has a great job.  I’ve watched the video
a couple of times and love the song.  If it hadn’t noticed a small image of your quiz
photo, which I almost overlooked, in Google Images when I searched on “Afghanistan
children juggling,” I wouldn’t have found the video and I would still be trying to figure
out who Matt is.  I was leaning toward Adnan Khan also, but I never could see enough
resemblance to be convinced it was him.  Good quiz.

Now that I’ve noticed where you watch the video, I should have seen it before since I
have a shortcut to Astronomy Picture of the Day on my desktop.  As you might recall,
my undergraduate degree from Indiana University is Astrophysics.  I’ll have to visit
APOD more often if you are going to start getting your quiz material from there.  LOL

Dan Jolley

The logo in the upper left-hand corner of the banner in the background combined with .
org web site on the banner got me part way there and part way there is where I
stayed.  It�s the Mobile Mini Circus for Children in Afghanistan.  It was taken in
Kabul.  I have no idea who the guy is.  I'm pretty sure he is not Dave Mason one of the
co-founders.  But I can say, "What a wonderful organization!"

Carol Farrant

I played around in google images with juggling, children juggling,etc.I discovered the
mobile circus but not the image. I Did consider the man was one of the trainers, but
that didn't work out.Finally did Tineye and got two images on rumanion and chek web
sites. No image found on either site, lots of trouble getting translations. Your image is
well hidden.

Arthur Hartwell
Clues from Photo
Video Arrow
Name & Web address
of Organization
The web address of the organization appears on the drape in the center background.  
Even if you can't real all the letters, its initials and logo appear two other places on the
drape.  If you Google MMCC juggling or something like that you will arrive at, the Mini Mobile Circus for Children.
International Juggler's Association Newsletter
August, 2012
Where the Hell is Matt?
Afghan Mobile Mini Circus for Children
Read IJA newsletter. Click here.
Matt is a 35-year-old
deadbeat from Westport,
Connecticut who used to
think that all he ever
wanted to do in life was
make and play
videogames. He got
lucky, landing a job as a
game designer in Los
Angeles at a young age,
and figured he had everything pretty much figured out.

At 23, he moved to Brisbane, Australia, where it's a pretty typical
Locations appearing in Quiz Video
Kigali, Rwanda
Seville, Spain
Vienna, Austria
Skuylkill Haven, PA, US
Damascus, Syria
Poria, Papua New Guinea
Pyongyang, Korea
Beirut, Lebanon
Athens, Greece
Lesedi, South Africa
Kapong, Thailand
Caracas, Venezuela
Bali, Indonesia
League City, TX, US
Great Barrier Reef,
Al-Muzahmiyya, Saudi
Oakland, CA, US
Detroit, MI, US
Terelj, Mongolia
Rangali Island, Maldives
Ruwa, Zimbabwe
Budapest, Hungary
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Erbil, Iraq
Maui, Hawaii, US
New Orleans, LA
Quezon, Philippines
Kabul, Afghanistan
Toulon, France
Beijing, China
Opuwo, Namibia
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Belgrade, Sophia
Boise, ID, US
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Phildelphia, PA, US
Robben Island, S. Africa
Toronto, Canada
Dresden, Germany
Lyon, France
USS Abraham Lincoln,
Pacific Ocean
Houston, TX, US
Bratislava, Slovakia
Melbourne, Australia
Cairo, Egypt
Hong Kong, China
Tallinn, Estonia
Helsinki, Finland
Kyoto, Japan
Cleveland, OH, US
Kalafasia, Solomon Islands
Medellin, Colombia
Barcelona, Spain
Manchester, England, UK
Karachi, Pakistan
Prague, Czech Republic
Zurich, Switzerland
Rome, Italy
San Jose, Costa Rica
Milan, Italy
Rafah, Gaza Strip
Taoyuan City, Taiwan
Port-au-Prince, Trinidad
Cambridge, MA, US
Moscow, Russia
San Diego, CA, US
Baltimore, MD, US
Denver, CO, US
St. Petersburg, Russia
Seattle, WA, UA
thing for people to take off
and travel the planet for a
while before settling down.
He thought that sounded
amazing, and was also
starting to realize that maybe
videogames weren't the only
thing that mattered. So in
early 2003, he quit his job to
go wandering around
Southeast Asia until the
money ran out. He made this
site so he could keep his
family and friends updated
about where he was.

A few months into his trip,
he and his friend, Brad
Welch, were taking pictures
on the streets of Hanoi when
Brad said "Hey, why don't
you stand over there and do
your stupid dance. I'll
record it." Matt did it, and
he thought it looked pretty
funny, so he kept on doing it
everywhere he went.

That turned out to be a very
good idea.

He put the video of his
dancing adventures on his
blog (back then people had
things called "blogs"), and
then in 2005 he found it on a
new site called YouTube,
where some kid had
uploaded it, pretending to be
him, and like a million people
had already watched it. The
kid was collecting donations
and apparently got about
$200 out of it. Good for him.

Matt briefly got
micro-famous as "That guy
who dances on the internet.
No, not him. The other guy.
No, not him either. I'll send
you the link. It's funny."

In the midst of all that, Matt
got an email from a chewing
gum company called Stride.
They asked if he'd be
interested in making another
dancing video for them. He
asked if they'd pay for it.
They said, "Yeah." He asked
if he could go wherever he
wanted. They said, "Pretty
much." So he said, "Sure!"

That actually happened.

He made the video, and he
got to bring his girlfriend,
Melissa, with him to film it.
It was awesome. And
people liked it. The second
video made Matt even more
micro-famous, transitioning
briefly into quasi-famous.

He mostly just danced in
front of iconic landmarks,
but along the way he went
to a country called Rwanda,
and since there aren't any
landmarks in Rwanda that
you'd want to dance in front
of, instead he just went to a
small village and danced
with a bunch of kids. The
kids joined him immediately
and without hesitation. That
ended up being the best
thing that happened to him
on the trip. The kids taught
him that people are a whole
lot more interesting than old
landmarks and monuments.

Matt went back to Stride
and told them he did it all
wrong and they needed to
send him around the planet
again. They said, "Okay,"
and in 2008 he put out
another video that showed
thousands of people
laughing, smiling, and
goofing around together. It
took him five years and
three tries, but he finally got
it right that time.
wanted to own his work
anyway, so he decided
to take what he'd earned
from endorsements and
invest it into another

In 2010, Matt started
traveling again. He had
to take a prolonged pit
stop the following year
when he and Melissa
This one was really tough for me - very interesting, though, and a lot
of fun to watch the various videos through the years, once I figured
it out.

I got the organization fairly easily, MMCC, and explored a lot of links,
did a lot of searches to try and figure out exactly where the photo
was taken. I ended up with two possible locations - the Bamiyan
Valley and Kabul. Found several promising videos but always the
wrong person in it. Did a lot a searches using keywords like
"celebrity" "guest appearances" "surprise appearances" "famous
people" "Juggling" "Acrobats" etc etc with "MMCC" and "AECC".
Looked through every single photo on the MMCC site to see if I
could find a similar setting. I did find one photo that seemes to have
the same two yellow posts with markings but was no closer to
identifying the central figure.

You'll find this funny - When I first looked at the photo I was
convinced the central figure was Wil Wheaton from the Big Bang
Theory (and Star Trek?) and even explored that but of course, no
luck, although I could not get it out of my head what a striking
resemblance he had to Wil Wheaton! Hilarious, eh.

I assumed the photo was from a video because of the 'play' arrow the
middle so I tried youtube searches, as well as just regular video sites
using keyword searches. I landed on "Where the hell is Matt?" (2008
I think) and thought it was a dead-end until I noticed it kept changing
locations, then I noticed there were several other videos for other

So, the quick answer is that I sort of stumbled upon it after hours of
searching..... I wish I had a more logical, scientific method
explanation but I think in this case it was just dumb luck after a lot of

I haven't watched the out take videos yet but John and I have
watched the other videos. What a blast!

Marcelle Comeau


N.B.  The quiz was more difficult that I thought.  But many readers
did very well and were able to solve the puzzle. - Q. Gen.
MMCC, Mobile Mini Circus for Children,
is an international non profit NGO that
has been working in Afghanistan since
June 2002 to work with orphaned and
traumatized children. The main objective
of MMCC is providing educational and
informative entertainment for children.
This aim is achieved by identifying,
training, and applying the Afghan talents
and potentials. After decades of war, the
Mobile Mini-Circus for Children aims to
unlock the creativity and spirit of fun in
Afghan children by bringing tools for
storytelling, performance, and public
expression to children across
Afghanistan. Circus members act as
teachers for the children, holding three
days of workshops on circus skills such
as puppetry, walking on stilts, and
juggling. With help from circus trainers
and a group of traveling children-artists,
mostly orphans, Afghan children create a
show for the community over the first
two days and then perform it on the third

MMCC accepts children aged 5-17 to
learn juggling, unicycling, acrobatics,
singing, comedy, theater and magic
tricks. Their goal is to bring laughter
back to the children of the war-torn

Since 2003 MMCC’s educational
entertaining performances, workshops
and teacher trainings have successfully
reached more than half a million children
and teachers in 16 provinces. New creative
educational teaching methods are constantly
being developed in MMCC’s Children Culture
House that is also the base for 80-100 well
trained MMCC-junior artists performing in Kabul
and abroad.

In spring 2006 a new Afghan-MMCC
organization was established. The local NGO is
gradually taking over the responsibility for
continuing the activities as a pure Afghan project
under the umbrella and supervision of MMCC
International that is at the same time expanding to
more countries.

For more videos, see
Click on thumbnail to download MMCC Calendar