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Quiz #375 Results
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Clues from the Photo
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Quiz #375 - November 11, 2012
1.  What famous landmark can you see from the roof of this building?
2.  Where is the nearest museum?
3.  What was the weather like on Sunday Nov 11 in this city?
Congratulations to Our Winners!

Christine Walker                Daniel Jolley
Donna Jolley                Arthur Hartwell
Dennis Brann                Margaret Paxton
Milene Rawlinson                Jackie McCarty
Angel Esparza                Robert Austin
Janice M. Sellers                Gary Rice
Dennis Brann                Marcelle Comeau
Carol Farrant                Karen Petrus
Diane Legere                Collier Smith
Joyce Veness                Tom Collins
John Pero            Jean Callum
Tom Collins                Tony Knapp
Tish Olshefski                Joe Lott
Rebecca Bare                Peter Norton
Kathy Mooney                Judy Pfaff
Diane Legere                Mike Dalton
Don Draper                Alan Lemm
Alison Stephens                Sally Garrison
Jon Edens                Alan Cullinan
Joshua Kreitzer                Lauren Bavin
John Thatcher

Robert Edward McKenna
Quiz Poet Laureate


1.  The Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge
2.  Westpac Museum, around the corner on Playfare St.
3.  Hi 68 deg F, low 61 deg F, Sunny
Flag of Australia
Flag of
New South
Steering wheel on
other side of car
Street No.
"Old _____"
Holiday Inn
Taxis Combined Services
with telephone no. 133-300
Museum of Contemporary Art
140 George Street
The Rocks NSW 2000

T:      +61 2 9245 2400
TTY:  +61 2 9241 6634
F:      +61 2 9252 4361
The Rocks Discovery Museum
Kendall Lane
The Rocks (enter via Argyle St)

T:  +61 2 9240 8680
Use the "Search Nearby" Feature on Google Maps
to find the nearest museum
Museums that come up on the list
with distances from the Holiday Inn at the Rocks:

Museum of Contemporary Art - 227 m south
The Rocks Discovery Museum - 132 m south
Museum of Sydney - 649 m south
Westpac Museum - 40 m NW
The Museum of Sydney
cor. Phillip and Bridge Streets
Sydney, NSW 2000

T:  +61 2 9251 5988
Westpac Museum
6–8 Playfair Street
The Rocks 2000

T:  +61 2 9251 1419
Comments from Our Readers
Since the steering wheels are on the right hand side of the cars, that
narrowed down the location a little.  From the flags, I guessed Australia.  
But there wasn't enough of the flags showing to be sure.  A search of
"Old * Holiday Inn" did the trick.  That's the Old Sydney Holiday Inn,
Sydney, Australia.

A search of Sydney landmarks brought up a host of things.  You used
the word 'famous', so that meant that even I might  have heard of
whatever it is. That limits it to the Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera
House.  We can see the approach to the bridge in the background of the
photo.  If you move on down the road a bit you can see the arch of the
bridge.  I'm pretty sure that is visible from the roof.  The buildings
across the street from the hotel are not real tall, so I'm guessing you can
also see the Opera House.unless a really big ship docks at the Hickson
Road Wharf.

The nearest big museum is the Museum of Contemporary Art, 220
meters  south on George Street.  But the Westpac Museum is just around
the corner.  Head north on George Street and turn left at the corner just
past the motorcycles.

What was (past tense) the weather like on 11/11?  It was a lovely spring
day in the mid to low 70's (F).  Rain is predicted for Wednesday.  Your
e-mail telling us that the new quiz is up was time stamped 1:20am on
11/11.  Sydney is 19 hours ahead of California time.  As I write this it is
just after 4am on 11/12 in Sydney.  That means one of two things.  You
figured we'd all be asleep until it was 11/12 in Sydney or you are
currently traveling in the east.  Are you in Nova Scotia?  ;-)

Carol Farrant

LOL.  I'm not that tricky. I guess I just figured that people would be
doing the quiz throughout the week. My use of 'was' vs 'is' was a slip of
the tongue.

But thanks for giving me credit for being tricky.  But congrats on the
great critical thinking.

You and Donna Jolley are the only ones to pick up on the steering wheels
being on the other side of the car.  And one of those flags is for Australia
and the other is for New South Wales.

- Q. Gen.

Okay, so you weren't in Nova Scotia.

We've all seen countless pictures of the Opera House and its distinctive
architecture makes it memorable.  But all of those pictures were taken
from afar.  It wasn't until this quiz that I realized how big it is.  I'm not an
opera fan, but I'd love to check out the building.  I hope you got to see it
up close.

Carol Farrant
I have a terrible time finding past weather conditions, especially more than a week
old: it's still the 18th here, but the 19th in Sydney. I'm sure the records exist, but I
haven't discovered how to find 'em.

I thought the flags might be Australian, but it's hard to tell, so I Googled the taxi
phone number, which gave me Sydney, which made me assume the landmark would
be the Opera House. Googled Sydney Holiday Inns, and homed in on George St. as
nearest to the Opera House.
  Peter Norton
N. B. I am having trouble getting historical weather information on Sydney, too.  I
thought it was "Gone with the Wind" but not so!  Thanks to Mike Dalton who
found the info on the Bureau of Meteorology website at (see below).   
- Q. Gen.
The flags look like Aussie flags, so I googled "Australia combined services taxis" and
found several references to Sydney. I then google-mapped "Sydney Holiday Inn" and
clicked the street view on the one nearest the Opera House (which is Sydney's most
iconic landmark). It turned out to be exactly the same as your photo (confirmed by
the Google watermark on your photo and the lady getting into the cab).

Google Maps also show the closest museum is the MCA 200 m away. Google
"sydney weather yesterday" (across the date line) to get the URL shown above.
  Collier Smith
Sydney sounds like a nice place to visit. I think the puzzles could become addicting.  
They remind me of potato chips--just can't eat one and just can't get one clue, have
to keep going until I think I solved it.  Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!
  Kathy Mooney
This sounds like a dream trip.  The swimming pool on the roof looked fantastic too.  
I have on my bucket list a trip downunder.  It is just a very long ways away to
travel.  My dear friend lives in Canberra.  I haven't seen her in person for almost 30
years.  She usually calls me on my birthday which is this next week.  I am going to
go off and dream of my travels to Australia tonight.
  Judy Pfaff
The picture I found from the roof of the hotel, was absolutely stunning, I can
imagine it was hard to leave....  Australia is one of the places on my "bucket list" that
I'd sure like to get to!
  Diane Legere
The key to this one was the flag. At first, I thought it might be New Zealand, but the
"famous landmark" immediately made me think of Australia and then of the Sydney
Opera House. Holiday Inn has several hotels in Sydney, but the environs in the
picture looked to be an older urban area, so I decided to check out the one in Old
Sydney first. A brief look from street side in Google Street View showed that I had
guessed well.

Now that you say the one flag is for New South Wales, I understand why it doesn't
have the star under the Union Jack. I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about it, but
that it why I thought at first that I was looking for some place in New Zealand.

It also just occurred to me that I could have put the telephone number on the side of
the taxi (133-300) into Google, and that would have told me that I was dealing with
Sydney. Oh well. Even missing that, I think I had it sorted out in under two minutes.

Happy Thanksgiving to you.
  Robert Austin
I googled holiday inn taxi 133-300 and got on to that there are 9 Holiday Inns in
Sydney, Australia NSW. My first impression was that the structure in background
was the back of a stadium. I found four race courses and one football stadium all
near Holiday Inns. I then went to each Holiday Inn peg to look at its street view on
google maps. Result: Holiday Inn Old Sydney, 55 George St., the Rock NSW 2000,

The weather in Sydney Australia NSW on Sunday Nov. 11, 2012 (remember that it is
in a faraway timezone in the Southern Hemisphere" High 68, low 61 degrees
faherenheit: sunrise 5:45 am, sunset 7:33 pm, waning moon at 33.33 S and 151.21 E  
per bureau of meteorology Aust. ( The weather observations were
taken at the same Sydney Observatory.
  Mike Dalton
The Australian flag and the Combined Services Taxi Company (unique to Australia),
helped to identify the country, Australia, where this Holiday Inn is located. I did
searches first for Inn’s in the largest city, Sydney, and Google images displayed the
exact location – the Holiday Inn at the Rocks or Holiday Inn Old Sydney, located at
55 George Street in Sydney...I looked up the weather in Sydney on Sunday evening
when it was already Monday. At “” there were helpful line
graphs showing temperature back to noon on Sunday, Nov. 11.
  Don Draper
I noticed the flags (Australian or New Zealand),  looked at the name of the building
(Holiday Inn) OLD xxxx (word blanked out). Cars with drivers on the right and
vehicles parked on the left were additional clues that this building is "down under".  
Bridge in extreme right of photo. Address would be 55 "something" based on brass
numbers on columns.

So I did a search using various keywords, including "Holiday Inn Old" Australia and
finally found a similar photo of this hotel in the historic area of The Rocks, Sydney

John and I were right there, several years ago but I did not recognize the building
from the photo - guess I wasn't paying much attention to hotels! I do remember it
being an absolutely wonderful area to walk through and explore.

As a matter of fact, when I told John of this quiz and my solution, he tells me he has
a photo of this hotel (and surrounding buildings) which he took from the Harbour
Bridge when he went on the pylon walk. Wish I had it with me to send to
you, Colleen but we are on the road for a couple more weeks so don't have access to
it. If I did, I might be better able to answer the museum question too!

Another fun quiz this week!
  Marcelle Comeau
I find it interesting that Google maps doesn't recognize Sydney as a place. When I
researched the above distances Google had me at 55 George St, The Rocks NSW
2000, Australia. The Opera House is Sydney Opera House, Macquarie Street, New
South Wales, Australia.
  Arthur Hartwell
I used to live in Sydney when they were building the Opera House.  I had the
opportunity to take a tour in 1988 when I went to Australia with the USC Marching
  Janice M. Sellers
Giveaways - Australian flags, Holiday Inn sign; English on signs and cars; bridge in
  John Thatcher
There are two websites where archival weather information for
Sydney (and other cities) can be found: has historical weather information for
many cities worldwide.  However, I was only able to pull up the
last ten days for Sydney. is the website of the Australian Bureau of
Meteorology.  This site has long term archival weather records
for locations all over Australia.  These include max and min
temperatures and rainfall and solar exposure.  Click
How Arthur Solved the Puzzle
Interesting quiz. Google maps and their street view used extensively.

The Australian flags gave the country. Wikipedia said the top
Australian landmarks are the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney
Harbor Bridge. The bridge arch is 134 meters high and impossible to
miss. Viewing the Opera House depends on location and height.

The Taxis Combined Services taxi is a Sydney cab verifying Sydney
as the city.

I assumed the bridge in the background as the South approach
putting the hotel east of the bridge. Google's street view showed the
North approach had concrete arches, and other Sydney bridges had a
different construction.

Centering the maps on the Opera House I searched for Hotels. The
enlarged picture had the name hotel-pic.jpg. I was focused on hotels,
and over looked the Harbor Inn. I used the street view to search the
streets, and found Holiday Inn on George St. Moving up to the hotel,
I found 55 on the pillars and Holiday Inn above the door. I was
unable to see them in my enlarged picture.

With the Holiday Inn located, I searched for Museums and found
Westpac Museum close by. I went to the Holiday Inn web site and
searched their pictures. I found the Opera House is also viewable
from their roof top swimming pool. The Harbor Bridge being a given.
Google maps and street view let me solve the quiz, and was also used
to create the quiz. Googling Weather Archives got me the
wunderground history site which gave me a lot of information about
the November 11 weather.

Arthur Hartwell
Bridge ramp in background
How Donna Solved the Puzzle
There were a number of clues in the picture that led me to my

The Holiday Inn sign and the cars parked on the left side of the road
with right hand drivers. The flags also was a good clue.  It had to be
either Australia or New Zealand.  I Googled images and found a
similar picture of the Holiday Inn in Sydney, Aust.  You can see the
Sydney Opera House from the atrium atop of the Holiday Inn.  There
are many museums fairly close to the Inn, but I believe the one you
want is the Museum of Contemporary Art/ Royal botanic Gardens.  

[The weather] was the hardest part for me, I believe it was mostly
clear, winds 15 to 20 KMH [9.3 to about 12.5 MPH], lighter in the
evening.  Highs 25 C or 77 F.

Donna Jolley
Map showing the location of the Old Sydney Holiday Inn at
55 George St, The Rocks.  The hotel is located across
Sydney Cove from the world famous Opera House.  You can
also see the Harbor Bridge (part of the Bradford Hwy Toll
Road) from the roof of the hotel.
The Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House must be one of the
most recognisable images of the modern
world - up there with the Eiffel Tower
and the Empire State Building - and one of
the most photographed.

Not only is it recognisable, it has come to
represent 'Australia'.

Although only having been open since
1973, it is as representative of Australia as
the pyramids are of Egypt and the
Colosseum of Rome.
Sydney Opera House
The Opera House is situated on Bennelong Point, which reaches out into the harbour.
The skyline of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the blue water of the harbour and the
Sydney Opera House, viewed from a ferry or from the air, is dramatic and

Ironic, perhaps, that this Australian icon - the Opera House with a roof evocative of a
ship at full sail - was designed by renowned Danish architect - Jorn Utzon (1918–2008).

In the late 1950s the New South Wales (NSW) Government established an appeal fund
to finance the construction of the Sydney Opera House, and conducted a competition
for its design.

Utzon's design was chosen. The irony was that his design was, arguably, beyond the
capabilities of engineering of the time. Utzon spent a couple of years reworking the
design and it was 1961 before he had solved the problem of how to build the
distinguishing feature - the 'sails' of the roof.

The venture experienced cost blow-outs and there were occasions when the NSW
Government was tempted to call a halt. In
1966 the situation - with arguments about
cost and the interior design, and the
Government withholding progress
payments - reached crisis point and Jorn
Utzon resigned from the project. The
building was eventually completed by
others in 1973. After more than 30 years,
the Sydney Opera House has its first
interior designed by Utzon. The Utzon
Room, a transformed reception hall that
brings to life Jorn Utzon's original vision f
Sydney Opera House at Night
or his masterpiece, was officially opened on September 16 2004.

The Sydney Opera House was included in the National Heritage List in 2005, and
inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2007.
Click on image to see a fascinating video on
the history of The Sydney Opera House
Facts about the Sydney Opera House
- Was designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon
- Was opened by Queen Elizabeth II on 20 October 1973
- Presented, as its first performance, The Australian Opera's production of War and
Peace by Prokofiev
- Cost $AU 102,000,000 to build
- Conducts 3000 events each year
- Provides guided tours to 200,000 people each year
- Has an annual audience of 2 million for its performances
- Includes 1000 rooms
- Is 185 metres long and 120 metres wide
- Has 2194 pre-cast concrete sections as its roof
- Has roof sections weighing up to 15 tons
- Has roof sections held together by 350 km of tensioned steel cable
- Has over 1 million tiles on the roof
- Uses 6225 square metres of glass and 645 kilometres of electric cable