Pope Benedict in his last audience.
Pope Benedict and Pope Francis
Comments from Our Readers
Yes, that guy in the middle of the photo is holding an iPad, I have used mine to take
photos, but only when I really had no other choice.
Gus Marsh
David Letterman and his writers have come up with all sorts of ideas about what the
old pope will or could do. ;-)

No, you can’t let the old Pope win at cards if you are capable of beating him.  That
would be dishonest. What I learned, or maybe relearned, with this quiz is that they
don’t elect a Pope.  They elect a Bishop of Rome who, in turn, is then offered up to
be the Pope. I do miss it when you miss a quiz, but it does seem like it would be a lot
of work to keep it going…especially if there are other things going on.
  Carol Farrant
RE the guy holding up the "book" I saw him and if you look closely you will see the
apple logo on it.   I figured it had to be an ipad and that he was taking a pic.
Milene Rawlinson
When you blow up the photo, you can see the Apple logo on the iPad.
Janice M. Sellers
Counting present pope there have been 217 of 267 popes from what is now Italy. A
retired priest may be in residence at a church rectory or rest home, depending  on
health. Those who have attained leadership roles as bishop, archbishop, cardinal or
pope and then retired, still have the title emeritus or pro-tem but someone else is now
in their office with all its responsibilities and obligations. The retired remain active in
priestly functions as long as possible in their retired life.

Bear in mind, that Europe with Rome and Italy was the center of Western Civilization
up to fairly recent without very much contact with more distant parts of the world.
This may have caused the hierarchy of Catholic Church in Rome and Vatican to
appear to be insular to far away missionaries in the Americas and Asia.
Mike Dalton
There was not a "dry eye in the house"
at the Sistine Chapel the moment when
former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio
was elected as the next pope, with the
115 cardinals meeting for the conclave
then bursting into applause, according
to Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New

"[It is] a remarkably emotional
experience, even though we weren't
surprised, because we could see it
coming as the votes was tallied, and
we see the direction that the Holy Spirit
was leading us," Dolan told "Good
Morning America" today. "But, still, the
moment he got to the number needed,
77, was wonderfully inspirational. I
don't think there was a dry eye in the

Bergoglio, 76, the cardinal from
Buenos Aires, Argentina, from now on
to be known as Pope Francis, is the
first pope ever from the Americas and
the first Jesuit pope.

Dolan described how the nature and
identify of Jorge Bergoglio was
changed and formed into Pope Francis

"He was a man who just a couple of
hours before we were pouring coffee
with and walking through the halls of
St. Martha and chatting with," he said.
"Now, all of a sudden, he's our holy
father, and we're pledging him our
love, and our allegiance, and our loyalty
and our prayer."

Pope Francis was described as
"serene" at the time of his election.

"As it became clear to all of us that he
was probably going to be the man, we
watched him closely, and he was
remarkably at peace," Dolan said. "He
did not seem to be rattled, and did not
seem to agonize over things. He was
just a man of resignation."

Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington
told "Good Morning America" today
that although Pope Francis now has an
enormous responsibility, he expects to
see a great simplicity of style in the
new pontiff.

"I think we got a little taste of that
when he stepped out onto the
[balcony]," Wuerl said. "While vested
in white, he didn't seem to lose that
characteristic simplicity, charm,
quietness. I don't think we're going to
see a lot of personality change in him."

Wuerl said that when Pope Francis
stepped in from the balcony after
greeting the public, he walked into the
dining room where the cardinals were
to have supper, entering the room the
same way he had every other time in
this conclave, by greeting his brothers
and simply taking his seat.

On his first full day as the leader of the
worldwide Catholic Church, Pope
Francis was rumored to plan to do
something no other pope has had the
option of doing for centuries: meet
with a predecessor, Pope Emeritus
Benedict XVI. The Vatican said early
today that Pope Francis won't be
calling on his predecessor, but would
see him another day.

After Bergoglio was chosen by his
peers Wednesday, Dolan told reporters
Francis expressed a desire to meet with
Benedict today.

"Very touchingly," Dolan said
Wednesday, "he said tomorrow -- we
knew we were going to have Mass
with him in the Sistine Chapel -- he
said, 'Is it OK if we have Mass in the
afternoon together because in the
morning I want to visit former Pope
Benedict?' which is very beautiful."

Benedict has retired to Castel
Gondolfo, approximately 30 miles
away from the Vatican.

Pope Francis opened his first morning
as pontiff by praying at Rome's main
basilica dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
The coming days will be busy ones for
Pope Francis.

Francis will celebrate a Mass today at
the altar in front of Michelangelo's
"Last Judgment" in the Sistine Chapel,
as dictated by tradition, and he will
pray at Rome's St. Mary Major basilica.

He will hold an audience Friday with
the cardinals in the Sala Clementina in
the Apostolic Palace.

On Saturday, it will be time to meet the
media: a morning session with
journalists in the Paul VI Audience hall.
Finally, on Sunday, the pope will recite
the Angelus from the window of his
papal apartment.

The main event, though, will come
Tuesday morning with the new
pontiff's installation Mass. The
ceremony will take place on the church
feast day of St. Joseph, a holiday for
many in Rome, and Father's Day in
Italy. Vice President Joe Biden will lead
the delegation from the United States.

With papal appointments also a
possibility in the coming days, it will be
a busy period for the church's 266th
pontiff. After already making history
with his election, the job of leading the
world's 1.2 billion Catholics now
begins in earnest.

When Bergoglio appeared on a balcony
overlooking a packed St. Peter's
Square Wednesday night, the crowd of
about 150,000 who had gathered on
the cold, wet night erupted in applause,
waving flags, singing songs and
cheering the new leader of the Roman
Catholic Church.

The enthusiastic, emotional reaction to
the newly elected Pope Francis, who
wore a simple wooden cross, stood in
contrast to the low-key remarks he
gave soon after.

As the first Latin American to lead the
church, the first Jesuit and the first
non-European in centuries, his election
as pontiff is a historic one, one that left
some of the devoted in the square
overcome with excitement and simple

"I started crying. I couldn't stop it,"
Santiago Gonzalez Cutre of Argentina

Another Argentine in Vatican City for
the occasion, Victor Nunez de la Rosa,
said he still could not believe his
countryman had become the next pope.

Rafael Castro of Honduras hailed
Bergoglio's election as "amazing" and

From Vatican City to Buenos Aires and
elsewhere across the globe, reaction to
the new pope was positive.
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Answer to Quiz #395 - April 28, 2013
1. What date was this photo taken?
2.  Who are they looking at?
3.  When is the previous date that this event happened?
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but the quiz will be a lot more fun if you solve the puzzle on your own.
1.  March 13, 2013
2.  Jorge Mario Bergoglio, just elected Pope Francis
3.  April 19, 2005 when Joseph Aloisius Ratzinget was elected Pope Benedict I
Flag of Argentina
Flag of Italy
The Vatican in the background
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How Collier Solved the Puzzle
I noted the flags were Spain, Malta, Argentina, Philippines, and prob.
Italy, so it is probably in Europe. I noted the obelisk and colonnades
in the background, and they reminded me of St.Peter's Square in the
Vatican. Then I remembered a recent event there, and google-images
provides a number of similar images (e.g.

Collier Smith
Flag of Spain
Flag of Malta
For a great website for identifying flags its color, stripes, and
other features of its design, see:
Jorge Mario Bergoglio
Pope Francis
Francis, (born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, 17
December 1936) is the current Pope of
the Catholic Church, elected on 13 March
2013. As such, he is the Bishop of Rome,
and sovereign of the Vatican City State.

Born in Buenos Aires as the son of Italian
parents, Bergoglio worked briefly as a
chemical technician before entering
seminary. He was ordained a priest in
1969. From 1973 to 1979 he was
Argentina's Provincial superior of the
Society of Jesus, became Archbishop of
Buenos Aires in 1998, and cardinal in
2001. Following the resignation of Pope
Benedict XVI, on 13 March 2013 the papal conclave elected Bergoglio, who chose the
papal name Francis in honour of Saint Francis of Assisi. Francis is the first Jesuit pope;
the first pope from the Americas, and the Southern Hemisphere, he may increase
attention given to Southern Hemisphere concerns since the majority of Catholics are
now there.

Throughout his life, both as an individual and a religious leader, he has been known for
his humility, his concern for the poor, and his commitment to dialogue as a way to
build bridges between people of all backgrounds, beliefs, and faiths. Since his election
to the papacy, he has displayed a simpler and less formal approach to the office,
choosing to reside in the Vatican guesthouse rather than the papal residence.
Pope Francis leaves the Sistine Chapel after being
elected pope and shortly before appearing for the
first time on the central balcony of St. Peter's
Basilica on March 13 at the Vatican.
(CNS/L'Osservatore Romano)
Pope Francis' first appearance on the Vatican balcony after his election.
Pope Francis' inauguration (left) and on a visit to St. Peter's Square (right).
Pope Francis' Election: Not a 'Dry Eye in the House' at Conclave, Cardinal Says
Cardinals take an oath of secrecy inside
the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican,
March 12, 2013, before they start the
conclave to elect the 266th Roman
Catholic pope. (L'Osservatore
Romano/AP Photo)
Cardinals line up to take an oath of
secrecy inside the Sistine Chapel at the
Vatican, March 12, 2013, before the
start the conclave to elect the 266th
Roman Catholic pope. (L'Osservatore
Romano/AP Photo)
Monsignor Guido Marini closes the
doors to the Sistine Chapel in Vatican
City, March 12, 2013, at the start of the
conclave of cardinals to elect the next
pope. Marini closed the doors after
shouting "Extra omnes," Latin for "all
out," telling everyone but those taking
part in the conclave to leave the
frescoed hall. He then locked it.
(L'Osservatore Romano/AP Photo)
Cardinals prepare for the start of the
conclave to elect the 266th Roman
Catholic pope inside the Sistine Chapel
at the Vatican, March 12, 2013.
(L'Osservatore Romano/AP Photo)
Cardinals exit St Peter's Basilica after
they attended the Pro Eligendo Romano
Pontifice Mass before they will enter
the conclave to decide who the next
pope will be on March 12, 2013 in
Vatican City. (Spencer Platt/Getty
Cardinals and faithful attend a Mass for
the election of a new pope celebrated by
Cardinal Angelo Sodano inside St.
Peter's Basilica, at the Vatican, March
12, 2013. (Andrew Medichini/AP Photo)
White smoke signals the election of a
new pope.
Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran announces
the newly elected Pope Jorge Mario
Bergoglio, who took the name of Pope
Francis, elected the 266th pontiff of the
Roman Catholic Church from the
central balcony of St. Peter's Basilica at
the Vatican, March 13, 2013. (Peter
Macdiarmid/Getty Images)
Pope Francis waves to the crowd from
the central balcony of St. Peter's
Basilica at the Vatican, March 13, 2013.
Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, who chose
the name Francis, is the 266th pontiff
of the Roman Catholic Church. (Peter
Macdiarmid/Getty Images)
It was a happy time,
From the smiles on their faces,
And not just a local crowd,
They had came from many places.

To cheer in a new Pope,
And honor the one replaced.

The black smoke has just turned to white,
This is the notice a of new Pope
Causing the excitement in the night.
For New, and Universal Hope.

Robert Edward McKenna
Quiz Poet Laureate