The Royal Family's official photo, taken at Prince George's christening in London
on Wednesday, October 23, 2013.

Special Award for the Most Kings and Queens in One Photo
Quizmaster Margaret L. Paxton
Royal Photo Album
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Answers to Quiz #459 - December 28, 2014
1. What date was this picture taken?  For what occasion?
2. Which of these women is still alive?
What is the dates of death of the other two?
3. Find another picture with the three same women or three similar women.
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but the quiz will be a lot more fun if you solve the puzzle on your own.
1.  9 February 1952
The lying-in-state of King George VI of Great Britain
2.  Queen Elizabeth II - Living
Queen Consort Mary of Teck, d. 24 March 1953
The Queen Mother Elizabeth, d 30 March 2002
3.  See below.
The Funeral of King George VI of Great Britain

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Grace Hertz and Mary Turner
The Fabulous Fletchers!
Comments from Our Readers
Believe it or not, royalty in Mexico is very similar to here. Mexican entertainment
magazines thrive on the lives of crown holders, not only from the UK, but mainly
Spain and Monaco (my grandma used to call me her princess Caroline). That may
be the reason I recognized the queen (even though I don't buy such publications,
you know the deal).

I always get amazed with the History of this country. It's not that I didn't get to
learn anything at school, in fact, most Americans (my husband included) are
impressed at my knowledge of it, just from school (and being a very smart
individual with elephant memory). But, if I didn't get to study all parts of Mexican
History (and boy, did the program cover a lot), imagine that of a different country,
even our northern neighbor. The thing that he always points out, is that we
Mexicans seem to know way more about the US than what they know about us
(you mean Mexico has states just like here? was one of his first realizations) and
that the ignorance of this country's people towards its southern neighbor is
Ida Sanchez
Fearless Leader, I recognized this photo immediately. A sad time!
Grace Hertz
...wasn't so easy to find three queens in the same photo, so this is the best I could
come up with.  Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen Mum, and the Queen of People's
Hearts - Lady Diana!
Cindy Costigan
I thought I recognized Queen Elizabeth on the far left.  Not being sure, I googled
three women in mourning and up popped the picture.  The picture was  taken on
February 15, 1952 at the funeral of King George VI, held at St. Georges Chapel,
Windsor Castle.  On the left is Queen Elizabeth who is well on her way to acing out
Queen Victoria for the longest reign.  In the middle is Elizabeths grandmother, the
wife of George V.  She went by Mary but her name was Victoria Mary Augusta
Louise Olga Pauline Claudine Agnes.  I wonder how old she was when she could
first remember all of those names.  She died on March 24, 1953.  On the right is
Elizabeths mother, Elizabeth the Queen Mother.  She died March 30, 2002 at the
age of 101.  If Queen Elizabeth II inherited a large dose of her mothers longevity
genes she should have no problem beating Queen Victorias record.
Carol Farrant
I went round and round with this. Looking for a current and the previous and
the previous head of state (mostly men, obviously). I did find one of Elizabeth
II in her pram with her mother a few yards behind and her paternal grandmother
in between. and scroll down to a
B&W pic.  Now I'm gonna watch King's Speech again.
Debbie Johnson
I really like the picture you sent in.  I had not seen that one before.  So you
one-upped me - three queens and you've added two kings.  I feel like I am
playing poker.  It seems like those royals just could not go out for a simple walk
without an entourage around them. Happy New Year!                         - Q. Gen.
I love winning games!   so I’ve got a full house – I like that too.  Happy holidays to
you also.  (You know, even when I don’t guess at the answers, I am always
reading and trying.  I enjoy that )
Debbie Johnson
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How Ida Solved the Puzzle

Sometimes you need a hunch in order to solve a test, and no clues
will ever lead you to it. Don't ask me why, but I recognized Queen
Elizabeth, or thought about her when seeing this picture. After trying
to ignore my guts and searching for 3 women in black, women in
black veils, women in funeral, etc. I decided to add her to the search.
"queen Elizabeth black veil" gave me the picture from a Pinterest post,
which also mentioned it was taken on King George VI's funeral (kind
of obvious if you think about it).

Googled the event and got the date for answer number 1. Searching
for the queens independently on their wikipedia pages gave me
number 2. Now, for number 3, I first googled "3 queens" and got into
a website that includes this picture, another one, and one more with
Kate, Camila and the Queen, but the second one did not have date or
reference, so I decided not to use it, and since neither Camila nor
Kate are queens now (nor will the 3 of them be simultaneously), I
didn't think appropriate to use such. So I googled all their names and
found this article from King George';s coronation, which includes all
the 3 women and then some.

Ida Sanchez
Unidentified photographs of the Balinese royal family.  The two or three women
seated or standing near the king are probably his wives.
The King of Bali and his three queens (undated).
On this Monday, Nov. 25, 1963 file photo, Caroline Kennedy, 5, looks to her mother,
Jacqueline Kennedy, as she clutches her hand, accompanied by John F. Kennedy, Jr.,
3, while leaving St. Matthew's Cathedral after the funeral Mass for President John F.
Kennedy in Washington. It is his third birthday; his sister will turn 6 two days later.
Behind them are Robert P. Fitzgerald, first cousin of the president, Rose Kennedy,
mother of the president, and Robert F. Kennedy, his brother, far right. Men at left are
unidentified. (AP Photo/William C. Allen, File)
Thinking Outside the Royal Box
submitted by Dianne Abbott and Margaret Lanoue

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King George VI

Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother

Queen Elizabeth II

Princess Margaret

The Queen Mother in Pictures

The Royal Family's Baby Photos
17 December 1948: One-month-old
Prince Charles takes the spotlight as
proud parents and maternal grandparents
pose after christening ceremony in
Buckingham Palace. Princess Elizabeth is
flanked by King George VI and Queen
Elizabeth, and standing is the Duke of
Edinburgh. Water from the river Jordan
was sprinkled on the infant's forehead as
he was baptised Charles Philip Arthur
2 June 1953: The Royal
family watch a fly-past from
the balcony of Buckingham
Palace after the Coronation of
Queen Elizabeth II.
4 June 1953: A smiling Queen
Elizabeth II poses with her family
and members of the Royal family in
the throne room at Buckingham
Palace, after her coronation. In front
are the Queen's two children, Prince
Charles and Princess Anne, while
behind her is her husband, the Duke
of Edinburgh. At her right is her
sister Princess Margaret, while at
her left is the Queen Mother.
1 Jul 1969: Queen Elizabeth II presents the
newly invested Prince of Wales, Prince
Charles to the Welsh people after
ceremonies at Caernarfon, Gwynedd,
Wales, during which she crowned him. On
the step behind her are: Princess Anne and
Prince Philip. Behind them are (L to R); the
Queen Mother and Princess Margaret,
flanked by officials.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Her
Majesty Queen Mother Elizabeth, and Her
Royal Highness Princess Margaret wear
matching blue satin jackets for an official
portrait by Norman Parkinson.
Queen Mary and the Duchess of
York (who later became Queen
Elizabeth the Queen Mother) with
Princess Elizabeth at Balmoral.
Britain's Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother,
right, holds her baby daughter Princess
Elizabeth, later to be Queen Elizabeth II, on
her christening day in this 1926 file photo. At
left is Queen Mary, with King George V
behind, and the Duke of York, later to
become King George VI, at right. The Queen
Mother celebrated her 100th birthday on
Aug. 4, 2000.
(Left): Queen Mary, King George VI, Princess Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth II)
holding Princess Anne, Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip) and Queen Elizabeth ('Queen
Mum') holding Prince Charles. (Right):  Queen Mary, Princess Anne, Princess Elizabeth,
and Queen Elizabeth.
Sitting, from left: At Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee, Queen Sylvia of Sweden,
Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, Queen Elizabeth II, (then) Queen Beatrix of the
Netherlands and Queen Sofia of Spain.

Standing, from left: Prince Consort Henrik of Denmark, Queen Paola of Belgium,
King Albert II of Belgium, King Juan Carlos I of Spain, Queen Sonja of Norway,
King Harald V of Norway, Prince Philip, King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, Grand
Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg, Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, Grand
Duke Jean of Belgium and Grand Duchess Josephine Charlotte of Belgium.
1927: Queen Elizabeth II is pushed in
her Silver Cross pram followed by
followed by Queen Mary, the Queen
Mother, King George V and her
father King George VI through the
grounds of Balmoral.
Queen Elizabeth's Childhood
The royal couple King George VI and his
wife Queen Elizabeth, with the Dowager
Queen Mark of Teck, and their two
daughters Princess Elizabeth (now
Queen Elizabeth II), and Princess
Margaret Rose on the balcony of
Buckingham Palace after King George's
coronation cemermony, 12 May 1937.
As a Young Woman
9 March 1944: A portrait of Queen
Elizabeth with her daughters
Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret.
As a Young Mother
As the Queen
As a Daughter and Sister
As a Grandmother and a Great Grandmother

Correction from Quizmaster John Thatcher
I do want to correct the date you have posted for the picture - It was
taken on the 9th of February, when King George’s body was brought
to lie in state at Westminster Hall, not the 15th as you [originally]
listed in the answer.  [N.B.  This has been corrected in the answers

On the 15th, Queen Mary was not present at the funeral, and the
cortege passed by Marlborough House, her residence, as mentioned
on the Royal Splendor website:
com/2012/02/three-queens-and-funeral-king-george-vi.html. (See
below). There is also a video clip of the news coverage of the day,
which not only shows the three queens at Westminster Hall, where
the picture was taken, but also at King’s Cross Station, departing the
train, and walking across the platform.

"One important member of the royal family who did not show up at
the funeral was Queen Mary. The cortege passed at Marlborough
House though, and as it progressed, the queen mother, the princess
royal, and Princess Margaret leaned through the window of the Irish
State Coach to take a glimpse of the grieving mother. "

John Thatcher