Comments from Our Readers
Fun quiz... had to finish it this week and actually send it it!
Evan Hindman
I saw that it was Andy's phone listed there, so I guessed it was in California, then I
used the partial coordinates that were indicated on the GPS to try and pinpoint the
spot more precisely. I used the area code of the phone number as well and figured
it was in the vicinity of your home otherwise the number would have shown up as
long distance, or, at least, this is what I believed. It was a fun quiz. I enjoyed it.

My biggest question was relating to the Sleep Shop....there is nothing listed for
such a name at that address and I couldn't find the logo anywhere either. Saw
Heavenly Sleep Shop and a whole lot of other Sleep Shops but all with different
logos and addresses.
Cindy Costigan
N. B. You must have used 59' 35" as partial GPS
coordinates.  Actually, that's the length of the phone
call - 59 minutes and 35 seconds.  Lol.

If you Google on Sleep Shops, maybe get a list, and
then search on the page for the letters you can read
"ssett", you will come up with the name of the shop.  
It's downhill from there. - Q. Gen.
I arbitrarily picked an address and it turned out to be correct on the first try.  
Google maps brings you up at the side of the building.  I just googled my way
through the parking lot (or whatever) and turned right when I got to the street.  As
I’m writing this, I’m wondering what a person would look like googling along.  I’m
getting a really strange image in my mind.  It was the Panda Express that took me
some time.  Once I got to the Donut Bar I stopped looking at that building.  It was
as in life, sometimes it is hard to see the things that are right in front of you.
Carol Gene Farrant
I thought it was a rather easy puzzle once I found the telephone number.  Keep up
the good work.
Judy Pfaff
I knew which one it was but had to look up the street number.   We frequent the
Soup Plantation across Euclid from the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf so the area is
somewhat familiar to us.
Edna Cardinal
Yep -- saw your blue tooth phone number for your business phone on the car
console.... guessed you weren't too far from home....
Karen Petrus
So cute that you're on the phone with Andy!!!!
Tynan Peterson
N.B. Yes, you guessed the secret. I took this picture while I was taking to Andy on
the cell phone through my car.  Do you still think it's cute if I tell you we were
having an argument at the time?  :-) - Q. Gen.
And you must've been on the phone for 59 minutes and 35 seconds. At first I had
hoped the numbers on the dash would be coordinates (that would be too easy!) but
there would need to be three sets of numbers. I kinda liked the William
Eggleston-esque photo. It definitely creates a mood. There's nothing like parking lot
privet to create a strange tortured jungle kind of mood. Maybe my next set of
paintings. Hmmm...

It's funny that people complain when they can't figure it out. I started with Bassetts
in the 714 area code just as a starting point knowing full well that you could've been
at one in New Jersey, but as luck would have it, you were on your home turf,
making it quite quick to find.
Tynan Peterson
Ha!  I looked at a lot of Bassett stores too.  This one looked the closest and had a
Panda Express nearby.  I thought it was fun, my favorite type of puzzle.
Betty Chambers
I guess I was lucky to find the Bassett Sleepshop, via Google Streetview, on my
first try.  A Google search based on the area code of the phone # displayed on the
car's information display screen was key in finding the shop.

Looking forward to next week's quiz.
Gary Elder
I figured that the photo was taken in Los Angeles, probably around Anaheim, given
the area code of the phone number and the hedge foliage.  I forget what that plant
is, but I have only seen in the LA.  The time on the dashboard and the shadows on
the building indicated that the building was facing north.  Therefore I was looking
for a north-facing Bassett Sleep Shop near Anaheim. No sweat!
Margaret L. Paxton
N. B. Just checked and the Bassett Sleep Shop in the quiz photo is facing west. -
Q Gen.
I located the Bassett store by googling the phone number on the dashboard display.
It was in Huntington Beach, CA, and the nearest Bassett was in Fountain Valley.
Using Street View, it was easy to see it was the same store.
Collier Smith
Google Earth Streetview shows different facades on the building depending on
whether you're in the NE- or SW-bound lane. I gather that "SLEEPSHOP" is
actually part of Bassett.
Peter Norton
Quiz #460 Results
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Answers to Quiz #460 - January 4, 2015
1. What is the address of the store across the street?
2. What is the name of the business closest to the left of the driver?
3. What is the closest place to buy Chinese food?

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1.  18030 Newhope St., Fountain Valley, CA  92708
2.  The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
3.  Panda Express
(The Flame Broiler is also acceptable).
Lost of Clues in the Picture
The telephone screen on the dashboard
shows a call in progress to the 714 area
code associated with Orange Co. It is a fair
assumption that it is a local call.  Note the
time is 2:55 pm.

How Ida Solved the Puzzle
As usual, the first time I saw the picture, I thought to myself:
"Myself, there's no way you can solve this one". I'm not a mall fan
and the store did not sound familiar.

In any case, I did what I always do when I have no idea where to
begin: open the picture and zoom it in. Usually, the picture's name
gives me a clue, but this time, it was actually a misleading one. What
was helpful was the car's dashboard with an incoming call. Googling
the area code, I was transported to the Orange County in California.

The surroundings did look like it could be there, so, trap or not, I
tried to find a sleep store in Orange County. Turns out people there
need lots of mattresses and there's even a baby online site with that
name. Bad lead.

I had to keep the location for now, but needed a different approach,
or something more specific, if only I recognized the store's
logo....but, it did look like it was in a mall, so I added "mall" to the
search. Didn't find much, and when it did, not all the words were

However, I found a site with a huge directory of mall stores. That
gave me an idea, and my little mental light bulb lit up. I went to the
Find option in Chrome to find on that page a word that contained the
last letters of the store, so I typed "sset" and it immediately led me to
Basset Furniture. That sounded like a nice big mall type store, so I
googled Basset Furniture Orange County, found it immediately, went
to the Maps and street view and pinned the location exactly.

Kept looking around until I realized that the store looked much farther
than the street view, therefore the car was parked across the street.
So It was easier to go back to the map, get into satellite mode and see
the commercial venues. From there it was easy to see that the car
was parked next to the 2 fast food locations at the corner, closer of
course to the cafe than to the Panda Express.

Ida Sanchez
These are warm-weather plants.  Even if you don't recognize the type, the picture still
has a warm-weather feel about it.  This supports the location as Orange Co.
There are several ways to recognize that the store across from the car is a Bassett
Sleep Shop (read "How Ida Solved the Puzzle" for example).  There are only two of
these stores in Orange Co., one in Fountain Valley, and one in Irvine.
Google Street View shows that the Bassett on Newhope St. is the one that matches the
quiz photo.
For the shadows to be falling to the left at 2:55 pm in the afternoon in Southern
California, the building facade must be facing west.
A simple diagram of the relative position of the building the sun, the shadows, and the
The Bassett store at 18030 Newhope, Fountain Valley, CA  92708 faces due west.  The
Bassett store at 77 Technology W Drive Irvine, CA 92618 faces south southwest.  The
Bassett website indicates that it is permanently closed. The store in the photo must be
the one on Newhope St.
Rotating to the north, to the left of the driver there is a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Shop
and a Panda Express