John Lennon, legendary Beatles singer, was
assassinated outside the Dakota, his Upper West
Side apartment in the New York, in front of his wife,
Yoko Ono.

Former Beatle John Lennon, the 40-year-old lead singer
of the most popular rock group in history, was shot to
death last night as he stepped from a limousine outside
his home in the Dakota, an exclusive apartment building
on Central Park West and 72d St.

Police arrested a suspect, “described as a local
screwball,” minutes after the shooting and charged him
with Lennon’s murder. The “smirking” suspect,
identified as Mark David Chapman, 25, of Hawaii, was
seen in the vicinity of the Dakota for several hours before
the shooting and reportedly had hounded Lennon for an
autograph several times in the last three or four days.

Lennon and his Japanese-born wife, Yoko Ono, were
returning to their apartment from a recording session
when the shots rang out.

Lennon was taken to Roosevelt Hospital in a police radio
car and was pronounced dead on arrival in the
emergency room.

“We tried to save him,” said Dr. Stephen Lynn, director
Comments from Our Readers
I can't for the life of me remember where/what I was doing when I heard. I was
not a big Beatles fan.  Now ask me where I was when I heard Elvis Presley had
died and I can tell you exactly.  Isn't the subconscious mind strange.  

I just typed "bloody glasses" into Google. Everything that came up had to do with
Yoko Ono 's image of the glasses to protest gun violence.
Debby Was
[I was] somewhere in South Australia. I was ten, and didn't really have a concept
of musicians, or watch the news. Also we were living in the country, which in
South Australia meant a fair bit of isolation. Neither of my parents were the news
junkie types. That said I do remember I purchased my first cassette album in
response to it, A Collection Of Beatles Oldies.

I have no clear recollection of haring the news. The only memory I have is buying
the Beatles album in response to the news.
Ben Hollister
Dec. 8, 1980, 11:15 pm.  I was half way through my pregnancy with Betsy and
definitely home with my toddler Ben.  I was not watching the Monday Night
Football game or Nightline.  I probably was getting ready for bed or in bed.
Judy Pfaff
At the time I was listening to Rachmaninov and studying for a chemistry exam. I
didn't learn about his death until the next morning. I was waiting for the furnace
repairman to finish fixing the furnace the next morning  My brother had a
decorative mirror with the Beatles over the fireplace. The repairman asked, "who is
the one who was shot?"  
Nelsen Spickard
I know exactly where I was when JFK was killed, and when man landed on the
moon,  but John Lennon wasn’t big in my life and I think I had problems at that
time that overshadowed stuff like that. I was most likely helping kids with
homework.  Can't say for sure.
Winnifred Evans
In terms of where I was when I heard the news of Lennon's shooting....I was at
home, the morning after, and heard about it on the radio as I ate breakfast. Walked
around in a bit of a daze for hours that day. I really liked The Beatles back then.  

I had never seen these bloody glasses before your post and they were some what
upsetting to view. I couldn't help thinking about the irony....Lennon kind of
envisioned the world through rose-coloured glasses and he died wearing
rose-coloured glasses.

Truly the end of an era in more ways than one.
Cindy Costigan
Watching Monday night football (the New England Patriots and the Miami
Dolphins) when Howard Cosell announced Lennon's death. The end of innocence
for the Beatles generation.
Tom Collins
Indeed. When I was writing down my answers, turned and asked my husband for
the exact date, he said afterwards: "I was sleeping when it happened, woke up the
next morning when my mom called and told me, I was devastated"

I had only asked for the date....but it's one of those events on which the impact is
so big that you get transported to that time and place.

Would he have written something bigger than "Imagine" in the 80's?
Ida Sanchez
It was a Monday night, and I was a senior in college in upstate NY.  It is likely that
I was huddled in a warm place with a stack of books studying and preparing for
upcoming exams.
Carol Stansell
I was living in Dubai, so it was the morning of Dec. 9, 1980. I was at work and
didn't hear the news until I got home that afternoon. My daughter probably has a
better recollection of the event since it was her 22nd birthday.

My husband was in the pre-engineered metal building industry. I worked for a
oilfield service company, but I got the job after we got there. It was a fun time to
live there.
Ellen Welker
Somewhere in South Australia. I was ten, and didn't really have a concept of
musicians, or watch the news. Also we were living in the country, which in South
Australia meant a fair bit of isolation. Neither of my parents were the news junkie
types. That said I do remember I purchased my first cassette album in response to
it, A Collection Of Beatles Oldies.
Benjamin Hollister
On the phone at my mother's house, making reservations for places to stay along
the route I and my wife-to-be would follow on our way to Alaska in less than a
month, following our wedding.

"Bloody glasses" was all the search I needed, although I had a feeling they were
John's. I had been a fan of the Beatles since I first saw them on the CBS Evening
News in 1963
Peter Norton
In Boise, Idaho.  I was a stay-at-home mom then.  My check register shows that I
had gone grocery shopping that day.
Margaret Paxton
Lennon came to mind as soon as I saw the picture, just googled John Lennon
Glasses to make sure and the pic came immediately.
Ida Sanchez
A personal follow up: The Beatles were (was?) a huge part of my musical history.   
I was a freshman in college when the Beatles arrived on the scene. I had a blind
date with a woman who is now my wife 51 years later, about two weeks before the
Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.

When the Beatles broke up, I blamed Yoko, and did not like her at all. Many, many
years later, I came to learn the deep, loving relation that bonded John and Yoko.
Tom Collins
As it was Sunday night, I was at home watching TV when a news bulletin
interrupted standard programming.
Owen Blevins
Dec. 8, 1980, 11:15 pm.  I was half way through my pregnancy with Betsy and
definitely home with my toddler Ben.  I was not watching the Monday Night
Football game or Nightline.  I probably was getting ready for bed or in bed.
Judy Pfaff
12/8/80 -- in my apartment in NH.  Honestly?  I don't remember.
Audrey Nicholson
I was either at home watching Monday Night Football or at work in the ER at
Bethany Medical Center in Kansas City, KS.
John Thatcher
I was likely in bed. since he was shot at night. Age-wise, I would have been a
freshman in high school.
Rebecca Bare
Dang it!  Missed this one!  Hubby and I had decided it was the glasses worn by
James S. Brady when he was shot on the left side of his head.  There are photos of
him wearing a similar "P3" design frame.  One tends to remember Lennon wearing
wire rims.  You caught us this time! can't wait to see how others figured it
out.  We had just started our practice and were not paying much attention to the
rest of the world, I fear. Thanks for another good one.
Kitty Huddleston
I was 28 years old and remember the news flash on TV.
Betty Chambers
Wow, the minute I saw this photo, particularly with the background,  I thought
"John Lennon". No idea why. Of course, the third question  kind of
makes it clear that it was relatively recent.

This was December 8, 1980; it was my son's second birthday. My wife and I
were in bed in Maryland watching Monday Night Football when Cosell came on to  
tell everyone what had happened. Of course, he did so in his most stentorous  
voice. It was pretty shocking, particularly for someone who grew up with the  
Beatles. I still think he, followed closely by George Harrison, was the most  
inventive of the Beatles.
Roger Lipsett
I have no idea, other than the broad description of "living in Los Angeles", but my
sister was living across the street.  Her roommate heard the shot but thought it was
a car backfiring.
Janice M. Sellers
I'm not quite sure where I was at.  I understand it was announced on Monday
Night Football by Howard Cosell (before the days of 24 hour news).  Maybe I
heard it there.And to be honest, I didn't look any of this up.  I'm old enough to
remember the passing of a cultural icon.
Evan Hindman
I know I wasn't watching Monday Night Football.
Tynan Peterson
These are the glasses that John Lennon wore when he was murdered.  Yoko has
tweeted this pic to fight against gun violence - AMEN.  I was working in NYC at
the time and we all felt that it was the end of an era when someone as peace loving
as John Lennon was shot just for someone's obsession over an actress that he had
no chance of ever impressing.  SICK.
Barbara Battles
I was at home, no doubt trudging through a calculus homework assingment
Gary Elder
I was at home with wife and kids at 2442 El Burlon Circle, Rancho Cordova, CA

Comment:  Bloody Glasses brought up the picture. No need for tineye.
Arthur Hartwell
On that date, Monday December 8th I was seeing patients in my office in Metairie
La. I did NOT use TinEye alert: that is cheating.
Jim Kiser
Legendary Beatles singer shot dead by Mark David Chapman

by Patrick Doyle, Robert Lane and Hugh Bracken
December 9, 1980
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Answers to Quiz #465- February 15, 2015
1. Whose glasses are these?
2. What was he doing the last time he wore them?
3. Where were you?
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but the quiz will be a lot more fun if you solve the puzzle on your own.

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1.  John Lennon's
2.  Arriving home at the Dakota from the
Recording Plant Studio on 8 Aug 1980.
3.  See below.

How Ida Solved the Puzzle

How Collier Solved the Puzzle

I thought of famous killings (head shots) and JFK was at the top of
the list, although he was not wearing glasses at the time. I thought
maybe he had them in his shirt pocket. So I googled "images jfk
glasses" but had no luck. I then added "bloody" to the phrase, and
your picture popped up. So I just got lucky, I guess.

Collier Smith
John Lennon of the
Beatles is shown in this
Dec. 1980 photo taken
days before his death. He
was scheduled to finish
his next album, a follow
up to “Double Fantasy,"
that was released a
month earlier and
marked his comback
after five years in
of emergency services. “We opened his chest and massaged his heart, but he was
virtually dead when they brought him in.” Lennon’s body was then taken to the
Bellevue Hospital morgue for an autopsy.

Police said Lennon was shot several times at close range inside the large iron gate on
the W. 72d St. side of the building and was bleeding profusely when he was placed in
the radio car.

Lynn said Lennon was brought into the emergency room a few minutes before 11 p.m.
and was pronounced dead at 11:07 p.m. “Extensive resuscitation efforts were made,
and despite transfusion and other methods, he could not be revived,” Lynn said.

The doctor added that “significant damage had been done to a major vessel in the chest.
There was a massive blood loss.”

Police Officer James Moran, who drove the car that took Lennon to the hospital, said
the singer “had no last words.”

A witness to the shooting, Sean Strub, said he saw
Chapman walk back and forth at the scene of the
shooting and then drop a gun. Police said they later
recovered a .38-caliber revolver near the courtyard.

Strub said Chapman, whom he described as pudgy
and dressed in a brown jacket, scuffled with the
police immediately after they arrived on the scene.
“Chapman almost had a smirk on his face,” Strub

A woman who identified herself as Nina McFadden
of W. 94th St. said she heard the shots and then
watched as Chapman paced back and forth and
threw his jacket to the ground.

“I saw John and Yoko step out of the limousine,” she said. “They walked inside the
gate. Then I heard four or five shots. They were loud, ear-shattering.

“I heard Yoko scream, ‘Help, help. Help him’,” McFadden said.

“It was then that I saw the man with the gun and watched him drop it from his side to
the ground,” McFadden said.

She said she then saw a man walk over to the building security guard and heard him
say, “I would leave here if I were you.”

Six policemen put Lennon into the car for the mile ride to the hospital.

The sobbing Yoko, who has told interviewers she is 47, was “very distraught” and
“couldn’t believe” Lennon was dead, according to police and a large crowd of fans
who gathered silently outside the hospital emergency room as word of Lennon’s death
spread. Several hundred persons maintained a vigil outside the Dakota. Most carried
radios and listened to news accounts of
the singer’s death.

Barbara Tyree, a maid who was taking
care of two children on the ground floor
of the apartment building, said she was
shocked by the shots and terrified when
she looked out the window into the

“The courtyard was suddenly filled with
people,” she said. “It’s terrible, terrible.”
Mark David Chapman
Ruth Ford, who lives in the fifth floor of the Dakota, said she was writing Christmas
cards when she heard the shots.

“I looked down into the yard from my kitchen,” she said. “I immediately called the
police and Roosevelt Hospital.”

She said she knew Lennon and Yoko but did not know Lennon was the shooting victim
until the elevator man told her.

Lennon’s producer, Jack Douglas, who arrived at the hospital shortly after Lennon was
pronounced dead, said the singer was scheduled soon
to put the finishing touches on his next album.

Lennon’s latest album “Double Fantasy,” cut with his
wife, was released about a month ago and signaled
his comeback after five years in retirement. It
received generally good reviews, and the album’s hit
single, “Starting Over,” soared to the top of the pop

The Beatles, disbanded in 1970 after seven
phenomenal years together. The last time Lennon met
with any of his fellow Beatles was Thanksgiving Day,
when he and Ringo Starr dined at the Dakota.
Lennon signing an album for
Chapman earlier in the day.
The album Lennon signed for Chapman.
Chapan was booked at the 20th Precinct and later charged with second degree
murder.  He was sentenced in Aug 1981 to 20 years in prison.
Yoko Ono leaving hospital shortly after Lennon died.
The crowd outside the Dakota on the evening of Dec 8, 1980.
Part of Yoko Ono's reply to the petition of parole made by Chapman in 2000.  
Her husband's killer has been up for parole multiple times, and has been
rejected each time.