the roof of, or out a window of the Cresent City Hotel located at 71 J Street,
located on the Northwest corner of J and 2nd St. in Sacramento.  Read
This was a great photo for a quiz, full of
details that suggest the time and place
the photo was taken.  The posters and
billboards advertise movies and plays
from January-February 1914. There is
no snow on the ground, yet there is a
poster for a Nativity scene that is still
on the wall to the left showing some
signs of deterioration. The best clue that
the photo was taken at 717 N. University
Grant Wood is so well known for his painting, I thought it would be interesting for
people to see another of his works. Note: I was in a mansion in Cedar Rapids and found
that he had also done an artistic stucco design in a sleeping porch. Very interesting.
Evan Hindman
I just love art in all forms.                                                  
Sherry Shaller Marshall

Love Grant Wood, Art major in college.                                              
Tish Olshefski
that owns the building, has come up with a unique way to publicize the event.

Jager says a political spat between Wood and The Daughters of American
Revolution kept the window from receiving a public unveiling in 1929 when it
was installed. He plans to rectify that this summer by giving the window the type
of public unveiling it never got while Wood was alive.

Wood was commissioned to create the window during the 1920s as a tribute to
soldiers who had served in all the wars up until then. Soldiers from the
Revolutionary War through World War I are depicted in the window’s 58
individual panes.

The model for the dominate “Lady of Peace” figure in the window was Wood’s
sister, Nan Wood, who was also his model for the woman in his iconic American
Gothic painting several years later.  
to Kermit the Frog and Ms. Piggy.

Boxes of the bathtime toys - made in China for the U.S. firm The First Years Inc.
were washed overboard in the eastern Pacific Ocean one stormy January night in
1992 and broke open.

In the intervening time, an oceanographer, Curtis Ebbesmeyer has devoted his
retirement to tracking the little yellow ducks and their friends over 17,000
miles, and it is he who predicted that they would eventually land in the West of
England. In 2007, Mr. Ebbesmeyer said: 'We're getting reports of ducks being
washed up on America's eastern seaboard. It is now inevitable that they will get
caught up in the Atlantic currents and will turn up on English beaches. Cornwall
and the South-West will probably get the first wave of them."

In 1992, the ducks started landing on the shores of Alaska.  By 1995, the ducks
had taken three years to circle around the Pacific, winding up on beaches in
Japan, and then heading back again to North America.  The National Oceanic
and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) worked out that the ducks travel
approximately 50 per pent faster than the water in the current.

Between 1995-2000, some of the toys move through the Bering Straight where
they were trapped in Arctic ice.  As they move over the pole and the ice thawed
into the N. Atlantic, ducks were sighted bobbing in the waves from Maine to
Massachusetts. In 2001 the ducks were tracked in the area where the Titanic

Finally in 2003, a lawyer called Sonali Naik was on holiday in the Hebrides in
I learned there is a Northwest Passage for ice, W to E. I also learned about other ocean
Arthur Hartwell

My personal favorite was the Escapee Floatees Quiz 295 for its science of tracking
upwanted ocean debris from foreign sources and the lovable floatees depicted in
contest photo. Difficulty in finding exactly where the green frog wound up in UK.
Mike Dalton
#1 without a doubt is "Escape Floatees" Quiz #295 from 06 March 2011 because it just
so wacky, just so much fun. I had never heard of this before and I still can't believe it's
true! I learned a whole lot. What a fun quiz! As an old fraternity brother of mine used
to say . . . . Good, clean, college yucks!!!!!!!                    
Robert W. Steinmann, Jr.

The quiz takes me into areas I've never thought about or explored. I like the discovery
of the hunt.
If you enjoy our quizzes, don't forget to order our books!
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Survey #8 Results
Although this looks like one of the derelict sea forts left over from the World
Wars, it is actually a country - that is, if you ask the owners.

The Principality of Sealand is an unrecognised entity, located on HM Fort
Roughs, a former World War II Maunsell Sea Fort in the North Sea 10 km (six
miles) off the coast of Suffolk, England (51°53'40"N, 1°28'57"E). Since 1967, the
facility has been occupied by the former British Major Paddy Roy Bates; his
associates and family claim that it is an independent sovereign state.

External commentators generally classify Sealand as a micronation rather than
an unrecognised state. While it has been described as the world's smallest
nation, Sealand is not currently officially recognised as a sovereign state by any
sovereign state. Although Roy Bates claims it is de facto recognised by Germany
as they have sent a diplomat to the micronation, and by the United Kingdom
after an English court ruled it did not have jurisdiction over Sealand, neither
action constitutes de jure recognition as far as the respective countries are

On 2 September 1967, the fort was occupied by Major Paddy Roy Bates, a British
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"Sea land" Quiz #305 from 15 May, 2011. Like so many others, it is just so much of a
unique concept for a country, that is a , stamp, coin, & passport issuing entity. I
learned a whole lot during the solution to this puzzle, I had no idea that these old WWII
sea forts still existed!                                                        
Robert W. Steinmann Jr.

Sealand is a stitch!  I hope they sell it and the new owners allow visitors.  I would love
to have a Sealand passport.  Hey my birthday is coming up!                        
P. Morgan

I found it interesting that such a place still exists in this day and age.       
Dennis Brann
La Iglesia
June 24, 2010
Quiz #311
She's Got Spirit
April 9, 2011
Quiz #300
Excepted from my latest article that appeared in
the June issue of GAMES Magazine:

From the earliest days, entrepreneurs saw a
great market for fake photos.  One of the most
celebrated of these was William H. Mumler, a
jewelry engraver and amateur photographer
from Boston.  In 1861, while developing a self-
portrait, Mumler noticed a ghost-like image of a
woman that appeared behind him, probably
originating from a previous exposure that had
been produced using the same photographic
plate. Jokingly, Mumler showed the picture to a
friend who was a spiritualist, claiming it was the
first-ever photograph of a spirit.

Mumler’s most famous photo was produced in
1871 after his return to Boston from New York.  
Raising the Roof
December 4, 2010
Quiz #282
This photograph depicts the 1861 flood of
Sacramento.  Beginning on December 24, 1861,
and lasting for 45 days, the largest flood in
California's recorded history was created,
reaching full flood stage in different areas
between January 9-12, 1862. The entire
Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys were
inundated for an extent of 300 miles (480 km),
averaging 20 miles (32 km) in breadth. State
government was forced to relocate from the
capital in Sacramento for 18 months in San
Francisco. The photo may have been taken from
There are plenty of clues to help readers identify the city where this photograph
was taken, and some of its modern-day structures. The story behind the
photographs is also very interesting.

In 1848, Charles Fontayne and William Porter produced one of the most famous
photographs in the history of the medium — a panorama spanning some 2 miles
of Cincinnati waterfront. They did it with eight 6.5- by 8.5-inch daguerreotype
plates, a then-new technology that in skilled hands displays mind-blowing

Fontayne and Porter were definitely skilled, but no one knew just how amazing
Nineth Occasional Forensic Genealogy Photo Quiz Survey
September 5, 2011
Escape Floatees
March 6, 2011
Quiz #295
We asked our
readers to identify
the toys this man
is holding on his
arm, and to tell us
to what scientific
purpose they had
been applied.  We
thought this would
be a good lead in
to the final
question about
why a green frog
was in the news in
2003. So we were
surprised to
receive several
responses relating
Second Place
See Land
August 22, 2010
Quiz #305
I like the ones with a personal connection. I went to college in Dayton and love
Cincinnati so was fun to see it at that time.                                         
Tish Olshefski

I had seen the Cincinnati pics before and studied them to see if I could spot where my
gr gr grandfather had his shoemaking business on the waterfront.         
Marilyn Hamill

The detail of the picture gave me a lot of clues to research.  I love this kind of quiz.
Debbie Jackson
I have been a fan of steamboat history for a long time.  I also like to research the
historical settings of events, trying to understand every detail of an exact moment in
history - the weather, the economy, what medical help was available to the people in a
picture, what they probably ate for dinner that evening, and what they did in their spare
time.  This photograph was like a window I could look through to imagine I was part
of the exact moment, with an immediate answer to every question about my daily life
that I could have been asked.                                                        
       June Thomas

I most enjoy the vintage photos that require discovery of a location, year, photo point,
etc. I like having to use maps and aerial photos (Google Earth) to solve.
Stephen Jolley
I love solving a good mystery and I always learn something from the quizzes in the
process. :)                                                                                          
Nicole Blank
Third Place
Cin Dag
June 12 2011
Quiz #309
This quiz turned out to be both a literal and figurative ball for our readers. We
asked everyone to tell us what was unusual about the ball in the picture, where
it could be found, and where could you find similar ones? The ball, composed of
15 individual, nested balls made from a single block of ivory, is a priceless work
of art from the Chen Family Temple in Guandong, China.  We were surprised to
hear that similar balls of authentic and imitation ivory are available not only
from various art galleries in the world, but also as cheap imitations for sale on

In 1894, in the late Qing Dynasty, Chen Ruinan and Chen Zhaonan, Chinese-
What a beautiful work of art.  I had never heard anything about it before.
Susan Jones
It must have taken a lot of patience not to make a mistake.  One slip and you have to
start all over again.  No such thing as hiding it with crazy glue!                   
B. Friendly

This puzzle was easy to solve, but gratifying. I am very interested in oriental art, but
have not had much time to read about it.  I have too many other hobbies, like solving
the photo quiz on Sunday mornings!                                                    
Carol Francis
It helped if you recognized the structure in the background of this photo as
Windsor Castle. We asked our readers for the earliest date (I really meant
latest date) the photo could have been taken and the direction the camera was
pointing in.  The earliest date depended on the date that Francis Scott Archer
first published his process of making photographs on glass plates.  The latest
date came from the changes in the shape of the roof of Curfew Tower at the
right end of the Castle. Nicole Blank, one of our regular Quizmasters, also noted
that the height of the trees around Curfew Tower gave a clue to the date.

Curfew Tower is the largest and most imposing of the three towers on the west
face of Windsor Castle. Curfew Tower is at the opposite end of the curtain wall
from Salisbury Tower and near Marbeck's. Curfew Tower's strategic location,
overlooking the River Thames and Eton, led to the casting of a special cannon,
made in 1544, that is still trained on the bridge over the river. Built by the
House of Plantagenet during the reign of Henry III, the tower was begun in 1227
and completed in 1230 with walls 14 feet thick in places. The gabled roof was
added in 1863 and was inspired by La Tour du Tresau in Carcassonne, southwest
France. The medieval timber framing of the belfry remains intact, although now
completely hidden behind the 19th century alterations. For several centuries it
was known as the Clewer Tower. Later it was known as the Bell Tower as it was
used for this purpose during the building of St George’s Chapel.
The photo took some careful analysis to
find all answers to the 3 questions. The
signage was very helpful. Some quizzes
are just plain fun to do and as a result
were also among my favorites. In that
category I would include
301 [Identity
305 [See Land], and 312 [Yankee
Don Draper
This was a favorite puzzle for our
readers who like to work with maps.  
The signage that is visible in the
picture indicates the photo was taken
in Juarez, Mexico. With the aid of the
1905 Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for
Juarez, it is possible to determine that
photo was probably taken from the
roof of a two-story curio shop that was
located at 422 Calle de Comercio.
Read a detailed analysis.  Click
More Favorites
A Grant for the Arts
August 7, 2011
Quiz #317
We had a previous puzzle about Grant Wood -
Quiz #41, December 23, 2005, where we asked
our readers to identify a photograph of the two
people who were used as models for Grant
Wood's famous American Gothic.  The models
were Nan Wood, his sister, and Dr. B. H.
McKeeby, the family dentist. This quiz
highlighted another of Wood's famous works -
the stained glass window in the Veterans
Memorial Commission of Cedar Rapids, where
he grew up.

Restoration of a 24-foot by 20-foot stained glass
window by famed artist Grant Wood in the Cedar
Rapids Veterans Memorial Building is nearing
completion, and Mike Jager, director of group
Submitted by Evan Hindman.
January 23, 2011
Quiz #289
Submitted by Ed Vielmetti
Submitted by Susan Fortune.
"Wallpaper" Quiz #289 from 23 January, 2001 regarding Ann Arbor, Michigan because
it was just so "busy" with so many things to do, look up, & cross-reference!. These are
the kind of photo quizzes that I love and why I keep on coming back every week for
Robert W. Steinmann Jr.

There were a lot of clues to research, and yet the answer was obtainable. #289 in
particular was an interesting puzzle.                                                      
Rebecca Bare
Water Pic
June 17, 2011
Quiz #310
Every two years since 1971, the Grand Plaza of
Brussels is covered with a carpet of flowers
made from begonias.  The carpet is 77m x 24 m
and is planned a year in advance. It is
constructed in several stages according to a
specific theme such as the commemoration of
great events, or the arms and shield of a town,
and sometimes themes proposed by local
horticultural associations. The Flower Carpet is
only displayed for a single weekend (the
Weekend of the Assumption).  The access to
the Grand Plaza is open and free of charge.  It
is also possible to have a panoramic view from
the City Hall for three euros.  Read

What do you like most about the quizzes?
The Quizmasters respond.
The quizzes are learning experiences and I enjoy the challenge. I've
often thought that if there was a job entitled "Internet Searcher", that
was the job for me. I can't count the number of times I've heard,
"How did you find that?" These quizzes fit right into something that I
enjoy doing anyway. [From those folks who got #319, I've learned
that I may not be the best candidate for that "Internet Searcher"
The quizzes are great exercise for the brain. They are a great way to
learn about interesting bits of history. Most of the time, the quizzes
are something totally unknown and new to me. The are a lot of fun. I
try to do them almost every week along with a couple of other brain
puzzles and word games.                                            
Gary Sterne

The images are beautiful and they led me to know about things that I
am adding to my bucket list.                                   
Barbara Battles

They satisfy my need to do internet research..          
Marilyn Hamill

Challenge and because I like and respect Colleen.
Karen Kay Bunting

They make me think. I hope they help keep my brain
I like the quizzes because they are challenges to the intellect and the
capacity or research                                                 
Angel Esparza

like activities that take some thinking and calculating,ie. sudoku and
freecell. It takes some thinking to ask the right question to get the
wished for answer.                                               
Arthur Hartwell
As always-- intellectual stimulation. Never quite sure what QMG has
in mind when putting up a quiz or how it should be answered or what
might be posted publicly on the website. What I enjoy most is the
comments posted by readers and/or how they solved the quiz. I
sometimes have multitasked on quizzes while watching NFL on TV.
Mike Dalton
They are challenging!                                            
Betty Chambers

It is interesting to use the internet to explore the context of th weekly
photo. It's satisfying to find the answers to the questions but quite
often I enjoy relating the event or scene to my own personal
experiences and related interests.                                   
Don Draper

I most enjoy the vintage photos that require discovery of a location,
year, photo point, etc. I like having to use maps and aerial photos
(Google Earth) to solve.                                          
Stephen Jolley

I enjoy doing research and find it relaxing to solve problems. I'm also
enjoying learning about the people,place, event, and history of the
event depicted in the image.                                       
Barbara Mroz

I learn something new with every quiz.                           
Stan Read
The quiz takes me into areas I've never thought about or explored.
I like the discovery of the hunt.                               
   Joyce Veness

I always learn something new, your never too old to learn. It's also
fun sometimes to recognize what the puzzles are about before you
start looking for the answers. I like puzzles, crosswords, jigsaws,
and especially Forensic Genealogy, it gives me something to look
forward to each week.                                               
Donna Jolley

Fun to see and learn something new every week.        
Evan Hindman

It's all about the hunt! I love the quizzes.              
Debbie Sterbinksy

I love solving a good mystery and I always learn something from the
quizzes in the process. :)                                            
Nicole Blank
More Favorites
Olive's Town
December 26, 2010
Quiz #285
Submitted by Wendy Plew.
Oatman, AZ, named after Olive
Oatman who was held captive by the
Mojave Indians between 1851-1856.  
I love the west and I’m sure my husband and I would have gone to
see Olive’s Town had we known about it.  We were close to it many
Donna Jolley

I like Quiz #285 December 26, 2010 Olive's Town, because I have
been to Oatman several times. It's always a fun place to visit when
going through western Arizona.                                    
Gary Sterne
Rara Avis
March 27, 2011
Quiz #298
This quiz photo depicts the ivory billed
woodpecker, now believed to be
extinct.  This picture was taken by
I’m a birdwatcher and have pileated  woodpeckers visit my feeders
so that was of interest to me.                                     
Donna Jolley

I knew what it was as soon as I saw the photo.  Somewhere in my
hollow head I had the info stored about this one.  I'm not a birder, but
I love nature, so I knew about this from sometime in my past.  
Perhaps I'll run across one of them in my FL hikes.     
Dennis Brann

I am a birder, and it was interesting to learn about the last seen White
Billed Woodpecker before it was rediscovered.        
Arthur Hartwell
This required hand eye coordination which is not my specialty. I
couldn't believe it when I came up with a perfectly good answer,
even if it wasn't the intended answer.                        
Carol Farrant

For difficulty, the Chinese one (308), which intimidated me enough I
didn't even try! :)                                                  
Marjorie Wilser
We asked our readers to
translate the title of this
well-known children's class
from Chinese into English.  
A Little Character
June 5, 2011
Quiz #308
It was so poignant. I have a difficult time believing how cruel people
can be to others.                                                
Milene Rawlinson

It touched my heart.                                                Carol Farrant

I’m very interested in anything  about WW2,  which was the start of
my awareness of world happenings.                            
Donna Jolley
Shoes on the Danube
Promenade, commemorating
the Jews who were shot  into
the Danube by the Arrow
Cross militiamen during
Shoe Bank
July 10, 2011
Quiz #313
I think the quote says it best - According to Mark Twain, "This is the
saddest and most moving piece of stone in the world." It is such a
lovely but heartbreaking monument; beauty and tears.       
Beth Long

Something to start on and something to learn.           Debbie Johnson
Fountain Square is at the
intersection of Virginia Avenue at
Shelby and Prospect Streets.Its
existing buildings span more than
a century of development from
1871 to the present.
Indy Theatre
December 20, 2010
Quiz #284
Even More Favorites
Thanks - Milene Rawlinson.
Hersch's Bridge to me was the hardest!                       Nicole Blank
It is the Taft Bridge also
known as the Connecticut
Avenue Bridge, across Rock
Creek valley in Washington
DC. It is the largest un-
reinforced concrete structure
The Hersch's Bridge
January 30, 2011
Quiz #290
in the world.  Herschel Browne, who submitted the quiz, lives
next to the bridge.
Submitted by Stan Read.
My Mom a big Yankees fan and she helped me with the answer.
Tish Olshefski
Lou Gehrig and George M.
Cohan, August 3, 1937 at
Yankee Stadium. The occasion
was Lou Gehrig's 1900
consecutive game.
Yankee Doodles
July 3, 2011
Quiz #312
Submitted by Mike Dalton.
I like the puzzle where we have to identify where the picture takes
place. I like maps and finding clues to solve the mystery.
                                                                  Betty Chambers
Canal St., New Orleans,LA
Hometown of
the Quizmaster General
The Big Praline
February 27, 2011
Quiz #294
I like #297 because I love beautiful, strong women!     Dennis Brann

She was an ordinary woman who did a brave and extraordinary thing.
Marilyn Hamill
Alice Huyler Ramsey, the first
woman to drive across the
United States, coast to coast.
She did it in 59 days.
Comin' Thru
March 20. 2011
Quiz #297
I loved the film.                                                Milene Rawlinson
Chauvet Cave in Southern
France contains the oldest
known paintings, thousands of
years older than all others.
Forgotten Dreams
May 8, 2011
Quiz #304
The "heavenly" stairs of the Loretto Chapel
in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The Sisters of
Loretto credit St. Josph with its construction.
Stairway to Heaven
May 29, 2011
Quiz #307
& Etc.
It was a challenge.                                           Karen Kay Bunting
A to NZ
April 25, 2010
Quiz #254
President John F. Kennedy
visited the Seafair in Seattle
on September 7, 1960. His
sister Eunice Shriver is next to
him in the car.
The quizzes are challenging!                                Betty Chambers
Oil's Well
January 9, 2011
Quiz #287
I also have difficulty believing how much people spend on luxury
when others have so little. (although I am guilty of that in to much
smaller scale).                                                   
Milene Rawlinson
The Palm Islands are a resort
area, extending Dubai's beach
front. Palm Jumeirah is the
largest man made island in the
Palm Beach
February 20 2011
Quiz #293
Mario Andretti was injured
shortly before the 1961 Indy
500, so he had his identical
twin brother Aldo pose for this
photo in his place.
Double Take
August 21, 2011
Quiz #319
They are challenges to the intellect and the capacity or
north-west Scotland when she found a
faded green frog on the beach marked
with the magic words 'The First
Years'. Unaware of the significance of
her find she left it on the beach. It was
only when she was chatting to other
guests at her hotel that she realised
what she had seen.  
Submitted by Quizmaster Emeritus Dr. Stanley Read.
Sealand flag and coat of arms
subject and pirate radio broadcaster,
who ejected a competing group of
pirate broadcasters. Bates intended to
broadcast his pirate radio station Radio
Essex from the platform, the
abandoned Rough's Tower in the North
Sea, northeast of London and opposite
the mouth of the Orwell River and
Felixstowe. He and his wife discussed
independence with British attorneys
and subsequently declared
independence for the Principality of
Sealand on September 2, 1976. Bates called himself Prince Roy and named his
wife Princess Joan. They began issuing coins, passports, and stamps for their
new country.

As of 2007, Sealand has been offered for sale through Spanish estate company
InmoNaranja. Since a principality cannot technically be sold, Sealand's current
owners plan to transfer "custodianship". The asking price is €750 million (£600
million, $950M). Plans for an online casino have been announced.

Today, only Prince Roy lives on the tower of the The Principality of Sealand at
sixty feet above the sea. Princess Joan's arthritis isn't conducive to living on the
North Sea and though the royal family's son, Prince Michael takes care of much
of the business for Sealand, he also lives onshore. The Bateses all maintain
"dual" citizenship in the United Kingdom and Sealand.  
their images were until three years ago,
when conservators at George Eastman
House in Rochester, New York, began
restoration work on the deteriorating
plates. Magnifying glasses didn’t
exhaust their detail; neither did an
ultrasharp macro lens. Finally, the
conservators deployed a stereo
microscope. What they saw astonished
them: The details — down to window
curtains and wheel spokes — remained
crisp even at 30X magnification. The
panorama could be blown up to 170 by 20 feet without losing clarity; a digicam
would have to record 140,000 megapixels per shot to match that. Under the
microscope, the plates revealed a vanished world, the earliest known record of
an urbanizing America.  
Fourth Place
Have a Ball
May 1, 2011
Quiz #303
Idea for this quiz submitted by Quizmaster Emeritus Dr. Stan Read.
-Americans who returned to
Guangzhou, purposed the idea to raise
money from all the Chen clans to build
a temple for the worship of their
ancestors and a place for their
clansman to study for the
examination. Therefore, the Chen
Clan Academy was finished in 1894
with the money donated by Chen
families in 72 counties of Guangdong
Province as well as some overseas
family members. When the imperial
examination system was abolished in 1905, the Chen Clan Academy was changed
into the practical school of the Chens. Later in 1957, the Guangzhou City
People's Committee approved the Chen Clan's Academy as a Guangzhou City
preserve. Then in 1959 the government introduced a folk arts and crafts gallery
into the temple. Now it serves as the Guangdong Folk Art Museum.
Honorable Mentions
When a woman who introduced herself as “Mrs. Tundall” had her picture taken,
a ghostly image of Abraham Lincoln appeared standing behind her, his hands on
her shoulders.  Mumler claimed that it was only later he was informed that his
client was none other than Mary Todd Lincoln, the President’s widow.  It is
believed to be the last photograph of Mrs. Lincoln before she died in 1882.  
Nevertheless, in spite of her patronage, Mumler’s fortunes did not improve, and
he died penniless in 1884.  
This puzzle had intriguing clues.                                                          Barbara Mroz

The history of the old church in Juarez also interesting.                               
Stan Read
It was creepy and fun!                                                                     Evan Hindman

Kind of weird.                                                                                    
June Thomas

I have always been intrigued with the idea of spirits.              
Sherry Shaller Marshall
Raising the Roof Quiz 282 for classic photo analysis of picture: where it was taken
from, when and where.                                                                        
Mike Dalton

It was satisfying to use analysis skills on this very old photo. It was interesting to read
about the history of the area (true of many quizzes) and do searches about its present
day appearance. It was hard to believe I was looking at something a camera produced
over 150 years ago.                                                                               
Don Draper

The history of Windsor Castle was interesting to learn about. I learn something new
with every quiz.                                                                                      
Stan Read
Ave, Ann Arbor, MI is the partial name of the barber that appears on the awning
to the right. The barber's name was John __ro__, and the first letter of his name
is probably a T. John Trojanowski’s barber shop is found in the 1911 Ann Arbor,
Michigan City Directory at 717 N. University Ave. This is across from the U of
Michigan campus.
Water Pic Quiz 310 for its CF classic photo signage clues. Once I got on the right city,
which I am familar with, it was just a matter of some extra curricular research on city
directories and photographers.                                                              
Mike Dalton

Love love love the map mysteries and hope to see many more in the future. :)
Nicole Blank
This photo is very old but has remarkable detail. Signage, on photos such as this,
provides clues to explore and this is something I enjoy doing. It was interesting to read
about the flood controls initiated as a result of the flooding.                       
Don Draper
Magic Carpet
August 28, 2011
Quiz #320
I liked the color and learning about flower carpets.                            Arthur Hartwell

I enjoy doing research and find it relaxing to solve problems. I'm also enjoying learning
about the people,place, event, and history of the event depicted in the image.
Barbara Mroz
Dr. James Tanner in March 1938.
Idea submitted by Daniel Jolley.
answer: The Little Prince by Antoine St. Exupery.  
Submitted by Bill and Mary Hurley.
Hiram Bingham rediscovered
and excavated Machu Pichu in
1911.  He is said to be the
model for Indiana Jones.
July 24, 2011
Quiz #315
Submitted by Stan Read.
I love the Indiana Jones movies!                          Sherry Marshall

I like men who are both brainy and brave and he was also an
engaging writer.                                                    
Marilyn Hamill
Submitted by Herschel Browne.
Submitted by Dr. Stanley Read.
Randy'L He-dow Teton, the
model for the Sacajawea $1
coin, and the Navajo Code
Talkers at the Aboerquerque
Coin Club 2009 Convention.
August 14, 2011
Quiz #318
Submitted by Mike Dalton.
I particularly like Quiz #318 August 14, 2011 How!, because I am
1/16th Pawnee Indian. I always enjoy reading and learning about
Native Americans.                                                     
Gary Sterne
July 17, 2011
Quiz #314
Submitted by Shirley Hamblin.
Postcard.  According to Real Photo Postcard Guide: The People's Photography by
Bogdan and Weseloh, the earliest known date for this type of card is
July 23, 1911.  Read
This quiz is a great example of how, even as
Quizmaster General, I learn something new every
week.  This is a postcard depicting a member of the
Doukhobor Christian sect that hold beliefs similar to
the Quakers. White no short description can be a
complete statement of any faith community's beliefs,
some of the central tenets of the Doukhobors are:

Their religious philosophy is based on the two New
Testament commandments articulated by Jesus:
"Love God with all thy heart, mind and soul," and
"Love thy neighbor as thyself." They have many other
maxims they adhere to; one of the most popular —
coined by Peter Verigin — is "Toil and Peaceful Life."

The specific style of the card is the Artura 5 Ornate
Every once in awhile something comes along that I feel I should have known about and
this was one of them. I don't know why I felt that way, but I did. So it wasn't just
solving the quiz that was interesting,it was clicking all over the Internet reading about
the Doukhobors that added to my enjoyment and the selection of this quiz.
Carol Farrant
it included some genealogical history and was also an old photo.         
Marjorie Wilser
Submitted by Dr. Stanley Read.
I'd never hear about the staircase and found the
backstory to be interesting.         
Evan Hindman
Spindletop, the first of the Texas Oil gushers,
near Beaumont, Texas. On January 10, 1901,
a well at Spindletop struck oil ("came in").
The new oil field soon produced more than
100,000 barrels of oil per day.
by Stan Read
Submitted by Quizmaster Emeritus Mike Dalton
Submitted by Nelsen Spickard