Emily Aulicino

NW Regional ISOGG
Coordinator and Speaker
Presentations on Genetic
Genealogy and
writing one's childhood
memories and family stories.
Rogue's Gallery
Every week, we post a list of winners who submitted correct answers to the quiz.  I
usually have a chance to write each person with a comment or an atta-boy for an
especially cool answer.  But I realized recently that you guys might want to be in touch
with each other. Hence our Rogue's Gallery of Quizmasters. If you'd like to
Meet the Quizmasters!
Judy Pfaff

I am a retired systems analyst
and love to do genealogy
research.  Other hobbies include
reading, writing, sewing, travel,
walking, biking and lunch.   If
you can, donate food to your local
Food Pantry.  (I am not the
famous artist.)
Marilyn Hamill

I have learned how to
search for what I need on
the internet and practice
on Colleen's quizzes. I
live in a fixer-upper
Victorian house,
currently have nine cats,
and have a House Blog. I
am so obsessed, I do
genealogies for people I
don't even know.
Cheri Black

Wearing my intrepid
ancestor-hunter hat in
the Imperial Garden, I
try finding my inner
Fred Stuart

Nights and weekends,  I’m
an amateur radio operator,
genealogist, historian, and a
By day, nights, and
sometimes weekends,  I’m a
IT professional working for
Unum, a disability insurance
Joe Ruffner

Joe Ruffner (pictured with his
daughter Isabella) calls Atlanta,
GA, his home, after spending the
first 32 years of life in and
around Cleveland, OH. He's a
theatrical manager who works
on shows around the country ...
Can you identify the major
non-profit theater his picture
was taken in front of?
John Chulick
Mary E O Malley Fraser
2d Grade
St. Michael School

Born and raised in Rhode
Island; educated in
Massachusetts, and now
living in New Hampshire--
just can't shake those New
England roots. Graduated in
the Bicentennial year
(1976), so of course, I had to
be a history major! Lots of
brick walls in my personal
tree, but I have parts of my
husband's heritage traced
back 15 generations...
Kelly Fetherlin
This is a pic from before
Kelly was 25 years old.
Dennis Bussey's
Dog Baxter
Here's my picture
taken behind the
hospice where I have
become a living legend.
Karen Kay Bunting

I became interested in
genealogy research
through my maternal
grandmother who has
been doing research on
her family lines for many,
many years.  I am
currently attempting to
help her.  I love the thrill
of the chase, mysteries to
solve, and buried
treasure; thus, my
hobbies of genealogy,
metal detecting, and
Bob McKenna

Being a Retired Professional
Engineer, I seem to need some
challenges to keep my mind
active and entertained.  To
help satisfy these needs, I
anxiously look forward to the
newest Forensicgenealy Quiz
each week.
I find that my participation in
these exercises over a long
period of time has sharpened
my sense of observation and
attention to details.  These
improvements sharpen my
ability not only toward solving
the quizzes but also during all
of my daily activities.
I sincerely thank the Forensic
Genealogy Quiz Group by
offering such interesting
subjects and challenging
Cari Thomas
Teresa Yu and
daughter. Can you
guess where they are?
Debbie Sterbinsky

I've been into genealogy since
1980 when my grandmother
passed away. I basically
started trying to find out
things she wanted to keep a
secret and was bitten by the
genealogy bug.  I now
volunteer in the Genie Room
in the Brownsville, TN
library, but have also just
opened a small Library that
has a Genealogical Repository
in Stanton, TN. I married my
husband Allan almost three
years ago in a Victorian  
reproduction of a 1904
wedding of the couple who
owned our historic home at
that time. I'm also a Historic
Archeologist. The two seem to
fit together well. Our home
was built in 1890 and we are
in the process of restoring it
now - and probably forever! I
absolutely love the quizzes
and have learned something
new each and every week.
Betty Ware
aka Grumpy's Mom
aka Queen B
aka The Mad Red
Marjorie Wilser
(on the left)

Family letters and genealogy
propelled me back to school
for my MA in history.
Research is everlastingly
amazing, but somehow I find
time to be a volunteer printer
in two museums and do living
history, historic costuming &
needlework. I've spent the rest
of my time learning historic
skills: bread, camp cooking,
quilting, and food skills along
with the needlework. My
historic trade is setting type
and running a press, and I'm
learning bookbinding to
restore my antique books.
Diane Burkett

My New Orleans roots run deep.  
About age 7 I first heard of my
maternal line's connection to the
pirate Jean Laffite, whose older
brother Pierre is my
g-g-g-g-g-grandfather, but it was
my paternal grandmother Edna
Schremp Ricks who told me the
stories of her childhood that later
ignited my passion to put those
random names and pictures into
the proper context and search to
fill in the blanks.
Peter Amsden