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Quiz #183 Results
Official website of the 2008 Bank of America Chicago Marathon
Click here to see results of
5th occasional photoquiz survey.
Click here to see results of
5th occasional photoquiz survey.
Answer to Quiz #183 - November 9, 2008
What day was this picture taken?
Where was it taken?
Why is this man running?
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Idea contributed by Rhonda Hensley.
Answers:  October 12, 2008
Wentworth Ave., Chicago, IL
bet W. 28th Pl.  & W. 29th Pl.
He is running in the Chicago Marathon.

Additional information:  It is about 11 am.

Note:  The runner is Rhonda's son James Hensley.
This is not the James Hensley who is John McCain's father-in-law.
Congratulations to Our Winners!

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Mike Dalton                Diane Burkett
Tom Tollefsen                Dave Doucette
Norm Smith                Rex Cornelius
Vonda McCrae                Beth Long
Anonymous (Forgot to submit name)
Evan Hindman                Gene Glass
Harold Clupper                Betty Chambers
Karen Kay Bunting                Gary Sterne
Justin Campoli                Joshua Kreitzer
Mary South                Fred Stuart
Brian Kemp                Tamura Jones
Stan Read                Alan Cullinan
Judy Pfaff                Wayne Douglas
How Mike Solved the Puzzle
Looks like I can get some daylight and latitude
on this contest.

Looks like a marathon near an overhead
freeway, with skyline of tall buildings in
background. The man has a American Cancer
Society (acs) logo on his shirt. This man is
then what is called a charity runner for ACS or
a sponsored runner with donations made.

I recognized the Sears Tower in Chicago,
Illinois after googling city=skylines tower as
being in the background.

The 26.2 mile Chicago Marathon always takes
place on a Sunday in October by civil
agreement so as not to disrupt weekday
business. It is a way to attract people to
downtown area for shopping, parking is free
downtown on Sundays where I live, I don't
know offhand about Chicago.

Of course you would like to know "where" the
picture was taken.

Went to Mapquest and located Sears Tower
and its GPS coordinates. Chicago is along Lake
Michigan ie west of it. The race course for
2008 was north south and west mostly. By
looking at the map, there is a freeway that
curves off the downtown south of the Sears
Tower and the photo locale appears to be about
2 to 3 miles south of Tower. The Race course
is shown on Chicago Marathon site with
freeway crossing along Wentworth Avenue
between course mile marker 22 and 23.
Wentworth is in a south to north alignment per
photographer's viewpoint.

Bonus points: Well, the shadow of the man is
pretty obvious so I decided to try out the "dead
horse" solar calculator. I came up with
approximate time of 11:50 am on Sunday
morning of October 12, 2008 given date of
race for 2008.

Start time was 8 am. Runners were given
about 6 and half hours to complete the course
and the finish line would close at 4pm. So this
man for his physique, is about milepost 23 at
1150 am, not bad.  The azimuth was about
minus 11 degrees.

Back to the old fashioned way: with a piece of
tissue on the computer screen: I drew one line
along curb, which is a known north south line,
another line overhead freeway and then the
third line, the man's shadow intersecting the

The freeway line is at 45 degree angle to the
curbline; half of that is 22 1/2 degrees. The
intersecting shadowline is 11 degrees per
latitude for Chicago on that day at about 12
noon daylight savings time.

Mike Dalton
Comments from Our Readers
Loved this contest.  Looked all week. No idea! Other than Chicago - south of the Sears
Tower.  No race/walk I found had the same type of race numbers - red and sponsored
by NIKE. Still looking! Used Google, Mapquest, Google Earth.  Must be missing a clue.
Dave Doucette
Hi Colleen.  A good friend of mine (Don Draper) pointed me to your web site so I
thought I would give it a go.  Although I did not submit an answer to the previous
photo (USS Nebraska & crossing the equator), I did my research and was actually
pretty close to the correct answer.  This really sparked my curiosity so I thought I
would give it a go for real.  So here I am and am looking forward to the next photo.  
Thanks for your personal response.                                                        
Norm Smith

The event bibs with numbers, match those of this year’s Bank of America race. The
race has been held in other years usually in the fall - likely so the weather will be cooler.
The Chicago Tribune indicates that the temperature on Oct. 12 was 80 degrees F. The
clothing worn, or lack thereof, indicates a fairly hot day - consistent with this year’s

The location is in Chicago, Illinois. The Sears Tower building, in the background, or to
the east, is a definite clue. It appears from the short shadows that the time is near mid-
   Don Draper

I thought I was going to have trouble with this one because I could read so little, but it
turned out the ACS logo was enough.  I should have recognized the Chicago skyline
since I just drove through there in July, probably on the same freeway where the white
truck is.  Good quiz with a little different twist to it.  Thanks.
Anonymous (Forgot to Put Name)
I was just in Chicago a couple weeks ago!  We took the family and visited the Field
Museum and journeyed to the top of the Sear Tower.  Quite a view from the top and
we had a fun day in downtown Chicago.                                             
Evan Hindman

This one was a bit difficult for me. I never could find number stickers that exactly
matched the one in the photo. I noticed the Nike logo on the sticker and Nike
announced it's co-sponsorship with Bank of America in April 2008...so it has to be this
year's Chicago Marathon. I tried finding photos from all the years...that's probably why
it took so long. I never did find this photo, though.....where was it?           
Mary South

Note:  The photo was submitted by Rhonda Hensley.  It cannot be found on the
internet, although there are other photos of her son competing on the official Marathon

Chicago, IL (if you want a more specific location, I'm afraid I can't give it to you, as
I've looked through thousands of pictures from this year's Chicago Marathon without
finding one of this picture or location).                                                    
Brain Kemp
James used to run in middle school and high
school. He holds the current record for fastest
one mile run in his middle school and broke a
five minute mile while in high school. Then he
chose to play on the high school hockey team
preferring a team sport over an individual one.

During his freshman year at college, James
gained 60 pounds which he held onto during
his undergraduate years.  Last January, when
Lots of Clues to Location from the Photo
Approximate position of runner is
indicated by the star.

Runner is located on
S. Wentworth Ave.
probably between
W. 28th Pl and W. 29th Pl.

Location of runner is S. Wentworth Ave.
between W. 28th Pl. and W. 29th Pl.
Chicago, IL  60616
The Sears Tower
233 S Wacker Dr
Chicago, IL 60606
Direction of Shadows in Relation to Direction of Street

===>  The street runs north-south.
(Supports the conclusion that the photo was taken from south of the Sears Tower.)
==> The photo was taken in Chicago, from south of the Sears Tower.
Truck in background on freeway curving from northeast to southwest.

==>  Map shows only possibility is junction of
Adelai Stevenson Fwy with Dan Ryan Fwy.
Using the street
view of Wentsorth
Ave on
GoogleEarth, it is
possible to match
the buildings in the
picture with the
ones seen from the
Dan Ryan
Expressway between
W 28th Pl and W
29th Pl.
Clues to Why the Man is Running
He is wearing a bib
with the number 30__.

==> There are 3000+ people
participating in this race.
Runner is wearing the logo of the American Cancer Society on his bib.

==>  High level sponsorship indicates event in very important.
(Not critical in identifying race, just helpful information.
Not to worry if you didn't recognize it.)
Google Search on "Race in Chicago, IL
Leads to 2008 Chicago Marathon
Map of 2008 Chicago
Marathon at
shows that route includes W.
Wentworth Ave.

==> The event is probably the
2008 Chicago Marathon
October 12, 2008.
Bonus:  Time of Day
Some Quizmasters guessed that the runner was James Hensley, Rhonda's son.  
(Rhonda submitted our quiz photo this week.)  According to the official website of the
Chicago Marathon,
http://results.active.com/pages/searchform.jsp#hot_links, James
finished the race in 3 hours, 30 minutes and 13 secs.  (Use 3 1/2 hours as his time.)

The photo was taken near the intersection of Wentworth Ave and W. 29th Pl.
James' approximate
location along the route.
I measured the distance as seen on the map that James was from the 22 mile marker
just to the north along the route.  Compared to the distance between the 22 mile and the
23 mile markers, James was 1/4 mile south of the 22 mile marker.  Therefore, James
had run 22 1/4 mile of the race when the photo was taken.  Since the race is 26.2 miles
long, and he finished it in 3 1/2 hours, his average speed was 7.49 miles/hour.  Since
the race started at 8 am, using his average speed, he would have been at his 22.25 mile
location at 22.25/7.49 = 2.97 hrs after the start of the race, or at
10:58 am.
About James Hensley
James turned 23 yrs old, he committed himself to getting back in shape. James joined
Weight Watchers and set a goal to run a marathon.

The 2008 Chicago Marathon is James's first marathon. He ran an average of 8 minute
miles finishing the race in three and half hours. Not too bad for his first try.  James's
next goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon. To do so, James needs to complete a
qualifying marathon in three hours and ten minutes, or less.

James chose to run for the American Cancer Society in honor of his grandfather, Jim
Hensley, who is battling multiple myeloma.
James Hensley and his grandfather