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1.  There is a camouflaged man standing in from of the tractor.
2.  See below for other works of art created by the Chinese artist Liu Bolin.
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Quiz #250 Results
Happy 250th Birthday
Forensic Genealogy Photo Quiz!
Comments from Our Readers
How Don Finally Solved the Puzzle
This pic scared the heck out of me when I saved it and enlarged it so I could see what
was unusual about it! Yikes - saw the ghost by the wheel right away and almost
screamed.  Here is a link to what I think is a similar pic from Gettysburg:  Not sure if
the image is fake or not, though, but it's the same general idea.  I didn't use TinEye but
I may now just to see where the pic came from.  Spooky!

Oh my - that is a real person that paints himself??  I was way off then, thought it was
definitely a ghostly image.  Oh well - at least I found the unusual part lol. Interesting
quiz - thanks!  Now you need to have a ghostly image quiz sometime. :)
Nicole Blank
Oh my heck,  I saw it immediately......there is a boy standing on the right side of the a almost shocked me when I realized what I was looking at.I
leaned closer to the computer screen to make sure of what I was looking at. Didn't
need a clue.......haha.....tell me about this picture.                                      
Edee Scott

I had seen this picture along with many others where he merges very well with his
background - from memory, a paling fence, a statue, a shopfront, a building facade.
It probably would have been sent to me by an guy in Lithuania who is an inveterate
'forwarder.' Although I knew the tractor picture and where he was standing, I at first
thought he was facing away from the viewer and about half the size he actually is!
Richard Wakeham
This is brilliant ! Would never have got it without TinyEye (never heard of TinyEye
before) Link to littleredbook/one billion invisible chinese. Happy 250th Colleen - You are
looking good on it!!!!!                                                                        
Alan Cullinan

Did not want to go the TinEye route, so I Googled "invisible man photo", and poof!
there he was, Liu Bolin. What an astonishing effect. I have mixed feelings about
discovering his motives. While it's helpful to know a bit about his life, I'd almost rather
leave his motives for speculation, to maintain the mystery. Strange and wonderful,
utterly cool. That's reason enough.                                                        
Peter Norton

Like you suggested, though I was tempted, I did NOT use Tineye. Took me a few
minutes to spot Liu. Then it was a simple matter to type in "bulldozer invisible".
Carl Blessing
I spent all evening (several hours) proving that I do not pay attention to tv
commercials.  I tried and tried to find one of the drug commercials where the
depressed person  fades into the background.  I couldn't remember what drug is
advertised.  Neither could the four people I called to ask.  Fortunately my daughter
happens to be in town, and when she came in (at 11PM) I showed her the picture and
she knew the artist who does this work.  She knew what magic words  to search and
up came his name.  It was a breeze from
Milene Rawlinson

As usual; I save the photo and then use photoshop to look at it in different lighting and
when I magnified it the person jumped right out at me.  The shoes gave it up right away.
No Tineye for me just Jimeye hiding in the background looking for more quizzes.
JimEye Kiser
Although it took awhile for me to see it, I finally saw the faint outline of a man standing
in front of the tire on this dozer. A little further research found him to be Liu Bolin, who
has the odd ability to paint himself into photos.                                     
Bill Utterback

At first I tried to decipher the lettering on the signs in the background, but when I
enlarged the pic to see the signs better, I suddenly spotted the invisible man in front of
the tire (Question 1). So then I googled "invisible people" and "transparent people" and
Finally, I looked at TinEye (a new resource for me, which might make many of your
contests nearly trivial unless you check them there beforehand).            
Collier Smith

I at first thought that these were reverse images (I might be calling them the wrong
thing, but what I mean is when the negative gets flipped and the photo is printed the
wrong way), and then when I clicked to enlarge the photo, I happened to see the shoes
and then the man became apparent.  This is the best of his series, in my opinion.  In the
others, the man/people are easier to spot. This is from a different series entitled "Hiding
in the City."
                                                                                  Karen Kay Bunting
Nice made in china zl50 wheel loader. But there is more to the picture than meets the
eye (hint tin eye) hidden, subliminal, invisible, camoflauged. My right brain saw the
heavy equipment photo; my left brain saw the man in front. What immediately clicked
in: Predator movie with Arnold Schartzeneger as the camoflauged alien soldier in the
jungle and First Blood movie with Sylvester Stallone camoflauged into a  forested river
bank. By using the words heavy equipment and camoflauged man, I found a contest
photo  Liu Bolin who paints himself into photos - - using real paint materials
and not computer assisted tools. By the way: hidden images or subliminal images are
widely used in advertising. What is not immediately seen by the conscious mind is
picked up by the subconscious mind.                                                     
Mike Dalton
Keeping it street ... Liu has said that
his art is influenced by his sense of not
fitting in with modern society.
1.  What is unusual about this picture?
2.  Send a link in to a picture with the same strange feature.

TinEye spoiler alert.  If you try to run this through TinEye,
you will find the answer.  I suggest you try to solve the puzzle without TinEye.
It will be more fun that way.
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Robert Edward McKenna, QPL
Painted patriotism ...
Liu sees his work as a
protest against the
Chinese government's
persecution of artists.
... and yet he can camouflage himself
against any background, no matter
how complicated.
You may not have heard of Liu Bolin, and
you probably haven’t seen him either. But
it’s possible he’s standing right next to
you.  Known as The Invisible Man, Liu
takes a unique and creative approach to
performance art, by camouflaging himself
against different city locations, from China
to the UK. Each of his photographic
artworks takes up to 10 hours to complete,
with an assistant helping to paint him into
the background. Can you spot him in the
following pictures?
Now you see him...

"..I met a man who wasn't there,
He wasn't there again today,
I wish, I wish he'd go away…"

Poem originally  from the play "The Psco-ed"
by Poet Hughes Means ca 1899.

What else can you say about this affar?
Just stare at the right hand tread,
If you can't see him standing there,
He may well have gone back to bed!

Robert Edward McKenna
Quiz Poet Laureate


In describing Liu, I drew a blank...

Colleen Fitzpatrick
Understudy to
Quiz Poet Laureate
Robert Edward McKenna
A ghost of himself...
More of Nothing
Answer to Quiz #250
April 1, 2010

Liu's artworks, collectively entitled
Hiding in the City, came into being
after his Beijing art studio was shut
down by the Chinese authorities in
2005. The government had stipulated
that it didn't want artists gathering and
working together.
Now you don't.
One moment there...
The next one gone...
Maybe never there at all?
It's April Fool's Day and so an appropriate time to submit my response to
this week's quiz. When I first looked at the photo nothing seemed irregular. I
wondered if the digger was in an odd place like a roof. I did a few brief
searches for Diggers and April Fool's Jokes. Nothing surfaced! About the
third time I opened the Quiz I noticed this pair of shoes at the bottom of the
right (as we see it) tire. A close look at that tire revealed next the head at the
top, and finally the entire, ghostly, outline of a human figure. The April 1
date of the quiz made me wonder if this represented a cartoon-like character
that had been flattened by the rolling machine - but the feet and head were
not on the wheel. It did have the appearance of an invisible man and
searches for "Invisible man digger" showed me the answer - that this was
the work of a Chinese artist, Liu Bolin. One site referred to his work as
"urban camoulflage art". There are quite a few sites that show other "self
paintings" by Liu Bolin. Two are listed below and the first one contains
comments by several people. Some believe the photo with the digger and Mr
Bolin is the hardest one to detect the man. I read that Mr Bolin's art concept
is somewhat of a political commentary. I really cannot see him getting rich
from his art.
“…my art is cultural. It
represents the diminishing
humanity in today’s
society. I use my art to be
retrospective on
culture…the environment
and fast economic

Liu Bolin

Read more:
A ghost.