Boating on the Thames
Submitted by Mike Dalton

Direction of photographer with respect to Romney Lock.
Windsor Bridge is seen to the left crossing the Thames.
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Quiz #390 Results
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Answer to Quiz #390 - March 10, 2013
1. What is the name of this river?
2.  There is a well-known bridge behind and to the left of the photographer.
What is its name?
3. In what decade was this photo taken?
Thanks to Peter Amsden for submitting the this quiz.
If you want to know the name of the river, click here.
Congratulations to Our Winners

Margaret Paxton                Marcelle Comeau
Grace Hertz                Mary Turner
Mike Dalton                Talea Jurrens
Comments from Our Readers
(Just one this week)
My best guess is at Windsor. I found an old postcard photo of one of the Salter Boats
("Alaska"?) on the River Thames at Windsor and the surroundings look the same -
building on left, Toomer Coal on right. But I cannot verify further and I've lost the
links (trapped in my "dead as a nit" brand new computer)!
Marcelle Comeau
How Grace and Mary Solved the Puzzle
This has been fun to try to solve. My sister, Mary Turner and I have
been working on it together. She and her husband hope to head to the
Thames River for a ride on one of the boats on the river sometime.

The photo is on the Thames River with the Windsor Bridge that goes
to Windsor Castle. We believe that the photo was taken about

We found these photos that show the building that is in the right rear
of the photo - photos were taken later but it is still the same building.

We both knew that it was the Thames River and started hunting on
Google for subjects like excursion boats + Thames River + eventually
Windsor Bridge. One thing led to another. It was fun to try to
determine the decade in which the photo was taken, too. My! My!
Have fashions changed in the 100 years or so since the photo was
taken! What do people wear on boats now?????????

Grace Hertz and Mary Turner
Clues from the Picture
Small Sign
"To the Lock..."
Civil Ensign of the United Kingdom
Train Station
Structure in Background
1.  The River Thames
2.  Windsor Bridge
3.  Probably the 1910's
The flag on the boat is the Civil Ensign of the United Kingdom, indicating that the river
is probably the River Thames. By Googling various combination of keywords such as
"boating" and "River Thames", you will arrive at the website where
you can find several picture similar to this week's quiz photo.
Another Great Solution from Collier
These answeres are mostly conjecture, and have a high probability of
being all wet.

We have a clue in the flag indicating the licale is probably the British
Empire. English signage in the background narrows it to an English-
speaking region. Next, the fondness of the English for "mucking
about in boats" is well-known, and one of the most famous and
long-standing places for this activity is at the Henley Regatta. No
evidence here of the Regatta, per se, but the width of the river more
or less matches that at Henley. Also there is a lock at Henley, and in
the background of the photo is a tiny sign saying "To the Lock__";
The building with the sign "Toomer___" is a puzzle; I couldn't find
anything to match it to in the Henley area (or anywhere else for that
matter). The clothing and hats are the best clues I could find for
guessing the decade.

Collier Smith
Romney Locks with island in the middle of the Thames River
Windsor and Eaton Riverside train station and Windsor docks
("Toomers" was the name of a coal company, not the station).
Fashion Analysis Indicates 1910's
Submitted by Marilyn Hamill
View of Windsor Bridge from island in river (left) and from dock (right)
Salters Steamer Excursions at Windsor docks
with Windsor Castle in the background