Sydney Weather Report
Compliments of Judy Pfaff
Milson's Ferry
Quiz No. 473
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Answer to Quiz #473- April 27, 2015
1. What are these people doing?
2. What would you be standing under if you were a couple of blocks
to the right of the photographer?
3. What was the weather like there last week?
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1.  They are boarding the ferry at Luna Park, Milson's Point in Sydney Harbor.
2.  The Sydney Harbor Bridge.
3.  During the week before the quiz, Sydney experienced the heaviest rainfall
in a century, with 12" during a 24 hour period.

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Cindy Costigan                Barbara Battles
Loren Goethals                Ellen Welker
Judy Pfaff               Gregory Cope
Ida Sanchez                Arthur Hartwell
Rebecca Bare                Margaret Paxton
Tony Knapp                Roger Lipsett
Tynan Peterson                Megan Neilsen

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Comments from Our Readers
It’s odd that you had so few responses.  I started looking for amusement parks
with clown faces at their entrances and found it right off.  I was amazed at the
weather in Sydney.  I hadn’t heard any reports of the storms there last week.  
Margaret Paxton
[How was the weather last week?] Bloody aweful!

You made this very tricky, Colleen, but I'm not sure that it was intentional.
Although I'm a Sydneysider, this is a place I haven't been to in years, so I checked
it out on Google streetview (which is presumably what a non-local would do).  
Latest available pic of the wharf is Apr 2010

And in May 2010 they commenced a complete rebuild
( Luckily that site has
a picture of the present wharf, but you can't look around to get the
orientation to the Luna Park gate.

Thanks for your talks at the Congress, and at Botany Bay FHS. I hope you enjoyed
the harbour ferries and the rest of your OZ/NZ trip.

Take care,

PS The weather is almost good again after the succession of East Coast lows
(=subtropical cyclones). It wasn' Katrina, but there sure was a mess. You got out
in time!
Megan Neilsen
Yes, I Googled something along the lines of "Amusement Park with Face" also and
found it fairly quickly.  

Funny sometimes how a slight change in plans, at the last minute, can change the
game entirely and in some cases forever. Hope you enjoyed your trip and glad you
didn't have any issues getting back!
Cindy Costigan
Picture showed entrance to an amusement park. Om googling "amusement park
entances" a similar image for Luna Park in Melbourne came up. Googled "Luna
Park" and found image for Luna Park entrance in Sydney. Went to a site which
described what to see on the ferry tours. This gave me answers 1 & 2. Googling
"last weeks weather in Sydney" gave answer to 3.
Tony Knapp
Glad you made it out early.  I saw the Water Diviner today -- enjoyed greatly.  Low
and behold, in the middle of it, we had an earthquake -- 4.2.  I felt my chair shaking
for a few seconds.  No one else around me said anything.  No one came running.  I
decided to finish the film.  It was almost like it was part of the war scenes.  Some
theaters seem to shake when other movies are in other sections of the building.  
Well, I can add it to my list of earthquake experiences.  And, I wasn't hallucinating!

I thought it was a very easy quiz too.  The hardest part was turning Google Earth
around to the front of the clown face. It just didn't want to turn the way I wanted it
too.  Harbor Bridge was easy because of "under" in the question.  I just was unsure
of the boat and guessed as it did look like the people were boarding a cruiser.

Keep the quizzes coming.  I sure enjoy them.
Judy Pfaff
Started by searching for yellow ramp images. Nothing on a boat. The face had to be
an amusement park so tried Amusement Park. Mostly got the pictures of rides.
Amusement Park Face gave me pictures of the Luna Park in Sydney Harbor.
Google maps indicated the warfs and bridge. It is a great amusement park entrance.

I looked up your schedule. You spent a busy April in Australia.  I gather this is one
of  your pictures.
Arthur Hartwell
The weather is wet with rain.  The small roof of the ferry stop is wet as is the
concrete on the ferry wharf. Looking at the people catching the ferry even though
they have no umbrellas, the hair on the first person looks wet and the woman
appears to be holding the front of her hair/head.

Sydney has had a lot of rain lately.
Greg Cope
Luna Park Sydney
Luna Park Sydney (originally Luna Park Milsons Point, also known as Sydney's Luna
Park) is an amusement park located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Luna Park
is located at Milsons Point, on the northern shore of Sydney Harbour.

The park was constructed at the foot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge during 1935, and
ran for nine-month seasons until 1972, when it was opened year-round. Luna Park was
closed in mid-1979, immediately following the Ghost Train fire, which killed six
children and one adult. Most of the park was demolished, and a new amusement park
was constructed; this originally operated under the name of Harbourside Amusement
Park before resuming the Luna Park name. The park was closed again in 1988 as an
independent engineering inspection determined that several rides needed urgent repair.
The owners failed to repair and reopen the park before a New South Wales government
deadline, and ownership was passed to a new body. Reopening in 1995, Luna Park
closed again after thirteen months because of the Big Dipper rollercoaster: noise
pollution complaints from residents on the clifftop above the park caused the ride's
operating hours to be heavily restricted, and the resultant drop in attendance made the
park unprofitable. After another redevelopment, Luna Park reopened in 2004 and has
continued operating since.

Luna Park is one of two amusement parks in the world that are protected by
government legislation; several of the buildings on the site are also listed on the Register
of the National Estate and the NSW State Heritage Register. The park has been utilised
as a filming location for several movies and television shows.

The Face

Based on the enormous smiling faces at
Luna Park, Melbourne, Australia and
Steeplechase Park in the United States,
Luna Park's 9-metre-wide (30 ft) smiling
face, as well as its flanking towers, have
presided over the main entrance for
almost all of the park's existence. There
have been eight distinct faces, installed in
1935, 1938, 1939, 1946, 1950, 1973,
1982, and 1994. The seventh Face was donated to the Powerhouse Museum in May
1994. The eighth and current Face, completed in 1994 and carved from polyurethane,
is based on Arthur Barton's 1950 "Old King Cole" version.


Stretching from the Face to Coney Island, the Midway has always been the main
thoroughfare of Luna Park. The Midway, as it has always done, allows access
throughout the main section of the park. It is the focus of many activities and
amusements, and provides access to the Crystal Palace, Big Top, and Coney Island,
along with the majority of Luna Park's permanent rides.

Crystal Palace

Beginning life in 1935 as a dodgem hall and office space, the Crystal Palace has seen
many uses over the park's history, including as a dance hall, a BMX track, a games
arcade, and a restaurant and bar.

Since the 2004 reopening, Crystal Palace has been host to four of the seven rooms used
by Luna Park's functions business. The main room stretches across the entire lower
floor of Crystal Palace, and is often used for wedding receptions and other large social
functions. The Midway-facing exterior of the building is host to numerous sideshow
games, such as the Laughing Clowns, Crazy Crooners, and Goin Fishin'.
Big Top

Constructed during the 2003
redevelopment on the site of the Ghost
Train, the Big Top (originally to be named
the Luna Circus) is a fully licensed,
multi-purpose venue capable of seating
2,000 people (this capacity can increase to
3,000 for standing-only concerts). The
modular design of the stage and seating
allows the entire venue to be easily
reconfigured for different event types, and
the concrete
building is heavily soundproofed to cut down on noise pollution. Examples of events
run in the Big Top include concerts (including shows from Kylie Minogue's Anti Tour
and the annual Come Together Music Festival), award shows and presentations (like
the inaugural MTV Australia Video Music Awards or the live finals for the 2005-2008
seasons of Australia's Next Top Model), sporting tournaments (like the Australia Mixed
Martial Arts Cage Fighting Championship and the 2013 Sydney Darts Masters), trade
shows, and other large events.

Coney Island
First constructed in 1935, Coney Island -
Funnyland is the only operating example
of a 1930s funhouse left in the world.
Although some changes have been made
over the years, the layout is almost
identical to when Luna Park opened in
1935. The design was based on funhouses
in Europe and the United States, and
contains rotating barrels, moving
platforms, large slides, and arcade games.
Today's Coney Island is also host to the restored artworks of Arthur Barton, along with
photographs and memorabilia spanning Luna Park's 70-year history. The slides and
amusements are the same ones first used in 1935, but modified to meet modern safety
standards. The amusements were saved from the 1981 demolition by the 'Friends of
Luna Park' action group, who purchased them for $9,200, on the condition that they
remain in the heritage-listed building.

Maloney's Corner

Named after Tony Maloney, a long-time Luna Park employee, Maloney's Corner was
built on land purchased from the New South Wales government and the State Rail
Authority during the 1994 development, so that supports for the Big Dipper could be
built.[citation needed] During the 2003 redevelopment, this area was paved over and the
Kids Rides, Ranger, and Spider were relocated here from the Midway, to provide room
for other developments.[citation needed] In addition, temporary rides hired by Luna
Park for use during peak periods (such as school holidays) are set up in this area.

-  Hair Raiser - A 50-metre (160 ft)
Larson International Super Shot drop
tower added to the park in 2013.
- Wild Mouse - A Wild Mouse roller
coaster, Luna Park's Wild Mouse was
first installed in 1962, and although it has
been disassembled and removed on
several occasions, it has always returned.
After the closure of Wonderland Sydney
in 2004, the
- Wild Mouse - became the
only permanent roller coaster in New
South Wales.
- Ferris Wheel - Standing 35 metres tall, the 24 gondola Ferris wheel was introduced
to the park during the 1982 Harbourside development.
Rotor - Luna Park's Rotor - was first installed in 1951. It was continually a popular
ride until its demolition at the end of 1986. A slightly smaller Rotor was constructed
during the 1995 redevelopment.
- Carousel - a carousel by John H. Rundle Ltd.
- Tango Train - A Music Express.
- Tumblebug - A 1988 HUSS Troika, the Tumblebug was installed in 1995.[61] The
ride, named after the Tumble Bug operated by Luna Park from 1935 to 1973, is the
only one of its type in Australia.
- Dodgem City - An eighteen car dodgem hall, Dodgem City is the latest in a series of
dodgem car tracks constructed in the park, beginning with the one inside Crystal Palace
in 1935.
Moon Ranger - The only HUSS Ranger in Australia.[62]
- Spider - A HUSS Breakdance installed during the 1995 redevelopment, the Spider
received its name from the park's 1938 ride.
- Kids' Rides - Luna Park is also host to four rides designed specifically for children.
These are:
Whirly Wheel - A miniature Ferris wheel.
Magic Castle
Space Shuttle
- A 'train' of cars propelled around a small track.
To get to Luna Park

Luna Park is located at Milsons Point,
under the northern end of the Sydney
Harbour Bridge. It’s super easy to get to
by train, ferry, bus or car. To plan your
trip and view public transport timetables

Service Update: From Monday 27th to
Friday 8th May there will be no Ferry
service to the Milsons Point wharf. To get
to Luna Park, you will need to catch a bus
service from McMahon's Point, a T1
North Shore and Northern line train to
Milsons Point Station, or walk from
Kirribilli Wharf on the F5 Neutral Bay
Ferry Loop.

How Ida and Roger Solved the Puzzle the Hard Way
Wow, this was tough!

This is the exit from the Sydney Harbour Ferry in Australia; they
are presumably getting off. The sun-shaped figure is the entrance
to Luna Park in Sydney, and two block to the right is the Sydney
Harbour Bridge. The temperature there two weeks ago today was
between about 60 and 73 F, with just under an inch of rain.

I should really have gotten this more quickly. I found the sign that
says Olympic Drive, and knew you had posted another shot from
Australia recently, but didn't put the two together. I spent lots of
time looking in Vancouver before, in some Google search,
stumbling across Luna Park in Coney Island. I wasted about 15
minutes there before deciding it was the wrong place.

But look at the image at
that is allegedly from there!

Once I found the right part of the world, the rest was pretty
easy. Nice quiz, not very many good visual clues to help you
narrow down a search, but just enough.

Roger Lipsett


I skipped the obvious and got all over complicated on this one.
The behavior of the people suggested they were trying to protect
themselves from a hail storm. But totally forgetting the Australian
theme, I tried to find a park in the LA area that ended in an A.
Tough luck.

After a day of having totally abandoned the project, I came back
and decided to expand my search to Florida. Well, it was south
and west instead of east where I should have looked for. But still,
that prompted me to keep expanding my horizons.

Then it hit me. I needed a totally new approach and forget hail
storms, since they were quite common all over the place during
this month, and focus instead on the park's entrance. So a simple
search of "face facade park" was all that was needed in the first
place. The images provided the name of the park. But not the

So by googling "Luna Park" I was suddenly in Coney Island.
Since I've been there several times and live only 3 miles from the
place, it seemed illogical that I did not remember that facade at
all. I went on street view to refresh my memory and everything
was just as I had left it.

So I went back to google and tried "luna park" again, and went to
the images. All of them had Australian urls. So searching for
"Luna Park Sydney" was the way to go. Maps, street views and
news about Sydney's weather provided for the rest of the

Ida Sanchez

Sunday (71, lo 60), Mon. and Tues (63, lo 57), Wed (64, lo 56),
Thurs. (70, lo 57), Friday (82, lo 60), Sat. (82, lo 57) -- all degrees.

Low pressure:

A slow-moving storm has hammered parts of eastern Australia's New
South Wales province with damaging winds and destructive flooding,
and some Sydney residents have been urged to evacuate.

The BBC reported that three people were found dead in the town of
Dungog. All three deaths were elderly people trapped in their homes
by quickly rising floodwaters. Homes were swept away as over 12
inches (312 millimeters) of rain in just 24 hours swamped the town
of about 2,100 residents 135 miles north of Sydney, according to the
Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM).

"To give you a sense of the size and scope, in Dungog, there's more
rain that has come down in the last 24 hours than they have seen in a
24-hour period for the past century", said
Mike Baird, NSW premier, in a separate BBC report. because of
dangerous surf and the winds are so strong sand is blowing inland.

State Emergency Services Deputy Commissioner Steve Pearce said at
least 20 people had already been rescued in the worst storms for
more than five years, and there were still numerous people caught in
dangerous situations on the state's central and north coasts.