It's worth noting that Britain was approaching starvation during this period (more so
than during the war itself), with limited housing and disappearing jobs. Spare funds
would have been tough to find. The fact that so many were willing, is testament to the
high regard FDR enjoyed among the British Public.

On April 12, 1948, the statue was ceremonially unveiled by Eleanor Roosevelt and
dedicated by U.S.

After the terror attacks of 9/11 a book of condolence was opened in a marquee on
Grosvenor Square. It was pitched beside the statue of Franklin D. Roosevelt, still seen
as the most appropriate physical embodiment of close bonds between the two countries.

Ambassador Lewis W. Douglas in front of an audience including the Royal Family, the
Prime Minister Clement Attlee and the Leader of the Opposition Sir Winston Churchill.

Sculptor: Sir William Reid Dick (1878 - 1961)
Architect: B.W.L. Gallanaugh (1900 - 1957)

Cover Text

The cover text of the souvenir book picture above is thus:

"THIS SOUVENIR BOOK is given to you in grateful acknowledgement of your
donation of five shillings to the Franklin Roosevelt Memorial Fund. It has been
produced and distributed without cost to the Fund. It is hoped that as many persons as
possible will contribute five shillings in order that the memorial may be thoroughly
representative of the British people's wishes to commemorate Mr. Roosevelt"
The Embassy in Grosvenor Square: American Ambassadors
to the United Kingdom, 1938-2008
The Roosevelt Memorial was funded in 1946
entirely through the sale of a souvenir brochure to
the British public. This was the brain child of The
Pilgrims, a society dedicated to the enhancement of
friendship and understanding between Great Britain
and America. So enthusiastic was the public
response to the subscription that the total sum
required was reached and exceeded in a mere six
days from the day that British Prime Minister
announced the opening of the appeal on the radio.
More than 160,000 separate donations had been
received. A maximum donation of 5 shillings was
set, to allow a greater number to contribute. More
than 160,000 separate donations were received.
Quiz #478 Results
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Answers to Quiz #478- May 31, 2015
1.  Name three famous people in this picture.
2. What is the date and the occasion?
3. Where was this picture published?
Thanks to Quizmaster Debbie Johnson for submitting this picture.
1.  The unveiling of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial statue
in Grosvenor Square, London on April 12, 1948
2. (L to R):  Princess Elizabeth, Princess Margaret, Prince Michael,
the Duchess of Kent, Viscountess Greenwood, Queen Mary,
Viscount Greenwood, Eleanor Roosevelt, Clement Attlee,
Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother).
3.  The Queen Magazine 28 April 1948;
also in the Chicago Tribune 13 April 1948
Comments from Our Readers
The memorial was designed by Sir William Reid Dick, and was funded entirely by
the (British) public.

The photo itself was taken by Mary Evans, and published in Queen Magazine on
April 28, 1948 (Mary Evans was apparently a very well-known photographer in the
mid 20th century in the UK).

There is also a statue of Churchill in the U.S., just in front of the British Embassy in
Washington DC. He is standing, with a cane, with his hand in the "V" position. I've
always loved that statue.
Roger Lipsett
Googled Queens and flags and got nowhere. Noticed Mrs. Roosevelt with no
husband and tried Franklin Roosevelt funural. Got loads of pictures and two statues
like in picture. When I tried Roosevelt Statue,google added London. I accepted the
search and got the picture and the information.
Arthur Hartwell
Yeah I recognized Queen Elizabeth (the current) and Eleanor Roosevelt (in black) ...
finding the picture after that was pretty easy ... but before I even found it, I had a
thought that it was some dedication.  Fun and interesting puzzle!!
Elaine C. Hebert
I'm working late and just pressed send on my email to you as yours came in.  I
don't think Edward [VIII] could possibly be there.  In 1948 he had already been
king, and had abdicated in 1936. He was no longer welcome at royal occasions
after that. If the person you have spotted has a naval hat, it's King George VI,
Edward's younger brother. He was never meant to be king and that job was very
difficult, given his stutter (recent movie, The King's Speech).  The long version of
the Pathe video has him giving a speech at this ceremony and not doing too badly.  
If you've seen the movie, you'll know that the person who helped him achieve his
limited fluency was an Australian ... :-)

PS Colleen, I forgot to mention:  You've probably sussed this out yourself, but the
US has sold the building at Grosvenor Square to a Qatari investment group.  The
Embassy is going to Wandsworth.  And where is that?  Across the river right next
to Battersea.  I wonder if the ambassador will pop over next month for the Sumo
Megan Neilsen
N. B. You are right.  It's George VI, not Edward VIII.  I bet Eddie was watching
the whole thing on TV and regretting the day he laid eyes on Wallis.

No I had not heard that they were moving the embassy.  Maybe it's the other way
around.  Instead of moving the embassy and being able to see the Sumo Run,
maybe they wanted a better view of the Sumo Run and so they moved the
embassy.  - Q. Gen.
I had no idea where the photo was published.  In fact I had to hunt to find who the
statue was until It twigged with me that in the photo was Eleanor R.  Yes, I can
imagine the security that would be surrounding such high profile people now.  Just
finished watching the Passionate Eye about Prince Harry.  What a special character
he is! Edward VIII  was another story !   It is a very interesting family.
Winnifred Evans
About one month ago, I was looking at the Ken Burns Roosevelt on PBS. I did see
Eleanor on the film. When I saw your photo, I when to Google, and found this:
Gus Marsh
I found part of the same photograph on a webpage that talked about the memorial.
And, then, somewhere it mentioned the 3 queens being in attendance and I verified
the 3 queens with your photograph and other photographs I found of them. Took
about 2 1/2 hours to figure this one out. I have a love/hate relationship with the
photographs. I love to find the answers to the questions, but hate it when I think I
know it and can't find what I'm looking for to verify. That's what this is all about,
Darlene Anderson
There is a video of the unveiling on the web from Pathe.  I also found a memoir
from a Charles Cutting, "1947 Europe from a Duffel Bag", which described the
unveiling -
Margaret Paxton
Method: I spun my wheels for a time looking for statues in US and London of
British king or statesmen being unveiled with Eleanor and the princesses in
attendance (whom I recognized). Then looking at the statue, I noticed the cane, and
thought FDR. That was the key.
Collier Smith
I recognized 6 of the people in the picture without resorting to research: The
Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret, Queen Mary (the Queen Mother at the time),
Eleanor Roosevelt, Clement Attlee and Queen Elizabeth (then Princess Elizabeth's

I found the picture on Amazon,com in a listing for a book "The Embassy in
Grosvenor Square London: Ambassadors to the UK 1938-2008", by Alison R. Holne
and J. Simon Rofe. Dec. 3, 2012. The photo was on the front cover. By looking
inside the book, I found the description and a list of the people pictured.
Ellen Welker

Congratulations to Our Winners!

Megan Neilsen                Arthur Hartwell
Elaine C. Hebert                Felicia Rodrigues
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Janice M. Sellers                Jon Edens
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Cindy Costigan                Rebecca Bare
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Darlene Anderson

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Britain Honors a Lost Friend
See the Pathe newsreel of the unveiling of the FDR Memorial at:
Leading scholars
explore the role played
by the American
Embassy in London and
the US Ambassador to
the Court of St James's,
not only in bilateral
UK-US relations, but
also in wider
international issues over
the years the Embassy
has been in Grosvenor
Square. This volume
covers the period from
1938 to 2008,
effectively the lifespan
of what has often been
termed "the special
relationship," from its
birth in the Second
World War, through the
challenges of the Cold
War to the present day.

Debates about the "specialness" of the relationship in the post-war
context are key, as are discussions about the impact of the
development and demise of the "Cold War," the ongoing impact of
European integration, the influence of nuclear weapons and NATO,
and wider economic, cultural, demographic and environmental
forces that have shaped the transatlantic relationship to arguably
form the basis of a new model of "transatlantic diplomacy."
Britain's Memorial to Franklin Roosevelt

On the front (south facing) of the plinth:
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
1882 -1945

On the base of the statue:
W-Reid Dick, 1947

The statue’s pillar is at the centre of a
raised platform with a low stand at each
corner. On the top of each a date is
carved, clockwise from south-west corner:


These are the dates of the
four Presidential elections that he won.

On either side of this platform there is a
paved area with seating and a fountain at
the centre. Carved into the walls of these
area are the phrases:

Freedom from want.
Freedom from fear.
Freedom of speech.
Freedom to worship.
The Chicago Tribune
Grosvenor Square, London.

Personalities arriving at unveiling of Roosevelt's memorial. Panning close up shot of Mr
Winston Churchill arriving. Panning shot of arrival of Britain's Prime Minster Clement
Attlee and Mrs Attlee. Mrs Eleanor Roosevelt, widow of Franklin Delano Roosevelt,
arriving. Guard of Honour. Close up shot of Mrs Roosevelt being greeted by officials.
Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent with children, Princes Edward and Michael and
Princess Alexandra. Towards and pan, Royal family walking past camera - King George
VI, Queen Elizabeth (later the Queen Mother), Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth
II), and Princess Margaret. Long shot of the statue with flag on. King walking onto dais
and shakes hands with Mrs Roosevelt.

Long shot of the ceremony - start of natural sound. Present join St. Paul's choir in
singing 'The Lord is my Shepherd.' Panning shot from statue along gathering. Crowd
watching. Royal family on dais singing. King delivers speech (natural sound). People
watching from roof. King speaking. People watching from windows. King finishes his
speech. He talks about greatness of President Roosevelt and his legacy.

Guard of Honour. King leading Mrs Roosevelt to statue for unveiling. King and Mrs
Roosevelt walk up steps to statue. Guard of Honour presenting arms. Big general view,
Mrs Roosevelt unveils statue. American National Anthem is played. General view of the
Ceremony. Close up shot of the statue, end of National Anthem. King lays wreath on
base of statue. Top view, King and Mrs Roosevelt walk back to dais.

Top view, members of cabinet watching. American Ambassador, Lewis Douglas,
speaking (natural sound). Side view of statue. American Ambassador speaking. He
thanks the King and Britain in the name of the people of America. Crowd watching
from roof. Ambassador ends speech. Choir singing battle hymn of the republic. Pan,
Archbishop of Canterbury Dr G. Fisher, walking up to statue. Royal family on dais
singing. Close up shot of the statue. Buglers playing Reveille. Crowd on roof. Buglers
playing reveille. Queen and Mrs Roosevelt looking at statue. Back view, royal family
looking at statue. Pan up statue. Side view , Royal Family looking at statue. Prince
Philip, Duke of Edinburgh looking at statue. Mr Churchill looking at statue. Angle shot
of statue.
1947 Europe from a Duffel Bag
by Charles Cutting

How Tony Solved the Puzzle
On looking at this picture the first person I noticed was Eleanor
Roosevelt, then Queen Elizabeth II on the far left [before she was
queen], the young woman behind her is probably her younger
sister, Margaret Rose. The woman at the far right is Elizabeth,
Queen Consort of England (1936 -1952), known as the Queen
Mother until her death in 2002. The man to her left is British Prime
Minister Clement Attlee. The next woman (from right to left) is
Eleanor Roosevelt who appears to be talking to Mary, the queen
consort of George V, who was Queen of England from 1910 to
1936, and grandmother to Queen Elizabeth II. [found info for the
queens by searching "queens of England" and went to and then to wikipedia]

2. On looking at the picture I concluded that it was probably for the
dedication of the statue in the background. Since there were
American flags and Eleanor Roosevelt was present, it seemed
logical that the statue was of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
The military in the far backgorund had British dress uniforms,
probably royal guards so it seemed logical that the place was
probably London.

Searched google images for "dedication of F D R monument
London", clicked on an image for what appeared to be a booklet
cover that brought me to the US Embassy in London website which
gave the date of the dedication as April 12, 1948.

3. This question was a little tricky. When i searched the images for
"FDR memorial dedication London" it didn't bring up the image. So
I searched the web using the same terms and went to a site for
British Pathe films where it called the occasion as the "unveiling" of
the FDR memorial in London. So I searched "unveiling of FDR
memorial London" in Google images and the first image was your
picture which was on The name to which the
image was attributed was "Mary Evans/National Magazines" which
I searched for on the web. One of the results was the qoute: "Note.
to. the. Cover. Front Cover: This image of the unveiling of the
Franklin Roosevelt Memorial from Mary Evans/National magazines,
first appeared in The ..." from a book:

"The Embassy in Grosvenor Square: American Ambassadors to the
United Kingdom ..." This brought me to google books where on
Page xii of the book it gave where the front cover image first
appeared: "The Queen Magazine" 28 April 1948.

Tony Knapp