Quiz #486 Results
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Answer to Quiz #486- July 26, 2015
1.  Who once owned this?
2. How much did it sell for and when?
3. Name two other pieces that were for sale.
1.  Adolph Hitler
2. Lot 463 and sold for $3250 at an auction in Sept 2012
at Alexander Historical Auctions in Stamford, CT
3.  See below for other items.
Comments from Our Readers
I found a web, it is call "History in an Hour"
Gus Marsh
I don't know how to feel about these things.  Would I want to own a teapot that
was once owned by Adolph Hitler?  I think it would scare me a little, actually. -
Q. Gen.
Hi Colleen - my thoughts exactly.  I was actually surprised how many pictures I
was able to find of service from the Nazis.  It's very pretty but I think I would
pass.  Take care,
Jillian Dart
I know how I feel about these things.  I have no desire to own a teapot or anything
else that was owned by Hitler.  Keep it for history, but hidden.
Janice M Sellers
Wonder what happens if you rub it?? Do you get a Hitler genie??
Timmy Fitzpatrick
The Hitler teapot totally creeps me out, as does the prices that AH relics get. Who?
What? Why?

While researching, I stumbled across the artwork by alleged Nazi-sympathizer
Charles Krafft. Proof that beauty isn't the only thing in the eye of the beholder.
Tynan Peterson
I found something else interesting regarding Hitler and a teapot. Although not the
one from the quiz.

Apparently, the last time this brass teapot was seen was in the hands of Adolph
Hitler.  Legend has it that it dates back to the time of the Crucifixion and was
referred to as "a grail" in the works of Christien De Troyes.

I find it interesting that Hitler seemed to be into alchemy and the "Quest for the Holy
Grail" and the "Arma Christi".  It is quite ironic to think that Hitler seemed to be in
search of enlightenment and magical powers when he, in fact, was the darkest of
the dark. Obviously, he never found it! ;)
Cindy Costigan
Monogram on side of teapot said Adolf Hitler. Q1 easy, Q2 and Q3 much more
difficult. Any time Hitler was mentioned, up comes the Switzerland sale of stuff
with his picture. Queen Anne style was mentioned in one of my searches. Finally
looked for Hitler's Queen Anne Silver got the picture and the answers. Interesting
the hatred Hitler's name brings forth. The many people against buying/selling and
owning his things.
Arthur Hartwell
OK, next week I want to see a happy quiz, where exorbitant prices aren't paid for
gruesome memories. How about those funds going straight to charity?  How about
those buyers go and find some altruism, skip the memorabilia and give their available
funds to people/animals in dire need of assistance.
Beth Long
Kind of an odd thought that a ritual as soothing as tea could have had conversations
at the same time about war and genocide while they sipped and nibbled away as
though it was a normal thing….
Eloise Hardman
Thanks for the email Colleen.  I wouldn’t want memorabilia of AH regardless of the
value.  I prefer to be surrounded by things associated with good memories...  Will
look to see if my answers are correct and see if I can solve the next puzzle.

Thanks again for putting them on the net.
Maggie Gould
That's given me an interesting idea for a spy novel - a teapot that remembers
everything that is discussed over it.  Makes you want to switch to coffee. - Q. Gen.
The story could really develop as the pot passes thru generations or even different
families. Sorta like the sequel  to Pearl Bucks "The Good Earth".
Jim Kiser

How Malissa Solved the Puzzle
So this one was great because I saw the A H on the pot and knew it
was Hitler but I googled “Hitler Teapot” and forgot about the JC
Penney debacle! Haha

So I typed in, “Teapot with monogram A H and Nazi emblem”.  
Found it on and it sold at sworders on 04/20/10…then
I made sure that was last auction by looking at other sites in search
results and it was not.  Found it auctioned at www.alexautographs.
com on 09/27/2012.  Searched archives on this site and it sold on
09/27/2012 sale 48 Lot 463.

Malissa Smith
Otto Skorzeny’s Arabic Teapot – He
was a Nazi officer and Hitler’s chief.  He
rescued Mussolini, he put his English
speaking soldiers in American uniforms to
trick the American forces in the Bulge.  
This makes me think of the Trojan Horse
from the tale of the Trojan War!  After
the war Skorzeny headed the organization
that helped hundreds of ex-SS officers
flee Germany.. Somehow his was
charged after the war but was acquitted.  
He died in Madrid Spain in 1975.

Ida's Solution
Well, for question 1 I don't think anybody needed any searches. The
swastika and the initials pretty much gave it away (just like my phone
number did when my husband was wondering who had sent that
birthday present). However, this was no easy quiz, and knowing who
it had belonged was only the first part of the quest.

Thanks to JCPenney, the searching was saturated with pretty teapots
that had a long black line in the middle. And all because it occurred to
someone that such a design reminded him of AH's face and mustache
(with a lot of imagination and I assume some LSD help), so the
narrowing became a hard task.

Finally, something like "Hitler teapot auction -jc" and a lot of scrolling
down managed to show an image of this teapot. That led me to know
that it was for sale in Conneticut on September 2012, but not how
much it had actually gathered.

So, being much more specific this time, I searched for "hitler teapot
auction conneticut" and that took me to the catalog of such auction,
name of the piece, picture and opening bid. Still no final sale price

amp;pg=19). Searching for "ADOLF HITLER TEAPOT - Hammer Price: $3,250.00" did show the results of that
specific sale (48) and by matching the lot (463), got the answers for both questions 2 and 3.

Ida Sanchez

Carol's Solution
The obvious clues were the initials AH and the swastika on the side of
the pot.  I could guess it had belonged to Adolph Hitler, but was it a
teapot or a coffee pot?

Did Adolph Hitler drink tea or coffee?  I put the question to Google.  
He was a tea drinker.  Now I had my search terms.  And good grief
did I get a lot of hitsfor the teapot that JC Penneys once sold.  Boy,
was that a marketing mistake.  Feeling confident that there was no
connection between Hitler and Penneys, I moved on.

I do not know how I got there, but I found an article with a picture
of the teapot and the name of the auction house, Alexander Historical
Auctions, which was going to auction off the teapot.  They held a
two-day auction on September 27 & 28, 2012.  The article mentioned
a three-pronged fork and several pieces of Allach porcelain that were
also going up for auction.  The teapot went for $3,250 which was
more than the $1,500 estimate.  In all, the auction house web site
listed 22 items with Hitlers name attached, not all of which sold.  If
the teapot was subsequently sold again, I'm not aware of it.

I googled the address for the auction house.  It looks like a charming
little street along the shore of a creek, Back Creek, the type of place
for a lovely afternoon stroll.  Did the neighbors know what was going
on in that auction house?  Besides Nazi memorabilia, one could have
picked up items with the names of other charmers attached to them,
such as: John Dillinger, Alvin Karpis, Meyer Lansky, Charles
Manson, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and others.  Oh, yuk.  This
type of auction is simply not my cup of tea.

Carol Gene Farrat
A rare Adolf Hitler relic, a silver teapot from one of his formal services, maker-marked
by Bruckmann, .800, bearing a Greek key-bordered rim and embossed national eagle
and swastika emblem above his initials "A H". The teapot measures 7" tall and 8 1/2"
wide, from a collection of which part was sold at Sworders Auction, Sudbury,
England, April 20, 2010. Fine condition. Hitler was an avid tea drinker, and rarely if
ever drank coffee.
Alexander Historical Auctions

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Other Items Up for Auction
Sterling silver table dessert fork once owned by Adolf Hitler. The
delicate fork bears three tines, 5 3/4" long overall with a beaded
edge, very carefully and finely engraved "A H" at the end of the
handle and hallmarked "BSF 90" on verso. Very good. From a
complete collection of samples of all of Hitler's, Himmler's,
Braun's and Goring's silverware owned by a noted private
Gettysburg historical museum. Estimate $ 300-400
A rare piece of Allach porcelain dinnerware manufactured exclusively for Adolf Hitler in
the SS-operated Allach porcelain factory at the notorious concentration camp at
Dachau. This set measures 8" diameter, with a gold Nazi eagle on the side and an 3-D
acorn as the handle. Hallmarked on the bottom with the green Allach SS stamp. In fine
condition. Estimate $ 800-1,200.
An excessively rare relic, four very small
strands of Adolf Hitler's black hair,
removed from his personal
monogrammed hair brush which was
recovered by an American soldier at
Berchtesgaden. The hair brush was part
of a four-piece personal grooming set
looted by 1st Lt. D. C. Watts of the 506th
Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st
Airborne. According to Snyder's Treasure
Trove: The Looting of the Third Reich
(copies of relevant pages included), the 506th arrived at Hitler's retreat one day after it
was taken by the elements of the 7th Infantry. While surface looting was undertaken,
Watts found a way into the system of tunnels and bunkers beneath the Berghof, where
he apparently found this set. Sold with a color image of the complete set. De-accessed
from an East Coast museum. Estimate $ 1,000-1,500.
(1912 - 1945) German mistress and later
wife of Nazi fuhrer Adolf Hitler, she later
committed suicide with him in the
basement of the Chancellery. Rare A.L.S.
on the verso of a somewhat unsettling
postcard showing elves riding a caterpillar
towards a pair of anthropomorphic
mushrooms, 1p. 8vo., Munich, Dec. 18,
1937, to her sister Ilse Hochstetter in
Berlin. Braun is asking her sister to
purchase a pair of evening overshoes for
her and not spend more than 25 RM and
draws a side view of the shoe to illustrate
her request. Matted with a photo of Braun
and brass biographical plaque, ex: Don
Boyle. Estimate $ 1,000-1,500