Le Napolitain
Bronze original
Tirage limité à 12
(1/8 et Epreuve d'Artiste 1/4)
29 x 25 x 20
Quiz No 492 Results
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Quiz #492- September 27, 2015
1.  What is the name of this creation?  Who created it?
2.  Where was it put on display?  For what occasion?
3.  What is your favorite piece by this artist?
1.  Le Destin du Voyageur.  Bruno Catalano
2. Place Villeneuve-Bargemon Marseille
To celebrate the city's position as the European Capital of Culture
September 5 - 28, 2013
3. See below
Comments from Our Readers
I wasn't aware of Bruno Catalano until this quiz, so I don't really have a favorite
yet. His sculptures certainly are striking.
Jim Colvin
The quiz photo was similar to another named

however the man was wearing a different coat.  I
was not able to find a name for the
sculpture in the quiz.

P.S. I can relate to the Travelers. I have felt like this
myself after flying to Asia and standing in the queue
for emigration and customs!
Tom Collins
I’m surprised that none of the pictures I saw showed someone moving their arms
back and forth in the empty space.  That is the first thing I would do to look for
something mysterious holding up the top half of the statue.  The point of contact
between the top and the bottom is so small, it just doesn’t look like it could possibly
do the trick.
Carol Farrant
I really like Catalano's work. It is different and thought-provoking to say the least. I
love how despite all the holes, these figures remain steadfastly balanced, almost
seeming to become a part of nature itself. And we know that nature is all about
Cynthia Costigan
This quiz wasn't difficult at all.  I didn't know the sculptor off the top of my head,
but googled <sculpture man carrying case> and got there right away.
Megan Neilsen

Congratulations to Our Winners!

argaret Paxton                Megan Neilsen
Judy Pfaff                Beth Long
Rebecca Bare                Cindy Costigan
Carol Farrant                Jim Colvin
Maggie Gould                Tynan Peterson
Gus Marsh                Janice Sellers
Jim Colvin

Grace Hertz and Mary Turner
The Fabulous Fletchers!
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Our Reader's Favorites
He's not famous... he's a real no body!
Bizarre statues depicting 'invisible' men that play tricks on the eye
Sculptures pictured here are the work of French artist Bruno Catalano
The 53-year-old says the invisible bodies represent a world citizen

by Leon Watson
A lady with a blue top and ponytauk pulling her piece of luggage
behind her.  

bronze art sculpture / DE MEDICIS GALLERY

These are great fun to look at and think about how dragging
your luggage is not the
fun part of a vacation.  I would like my
belongings to suddenly be there when I
get to my destination
and get back home in the same way.  I would feel very
to take my journeys without dragging my luggage.
Judy Pfaff
I found a favorite piece that I love; it's a golden girl in a tank
top, etc. but how can I find out the name of the piece?  It's not
on his website (there are tons of stuff not on there) and I can't
find any kind of "catalog" or listing of his work.

My beautiful golden girl is here:

I found that one on Pinterest which I don't use but signed up
just to get this photo and info. on it when I saw it.  I searched
on Bruno Catalano.

Here is one that looks like maybe Atlas holding the globe?  No
suitcase this time - I love it!

And one of Anubis - I think he is carrying his embalming
equipment in his suitcase.

Seriously, the guy is all over the place - he should have a book.
Beth Long
My favorite one is the one for this puzzle. His eyes carry hope
and he has a confident smile.
Rebecca Bare
Actually I tend to like "Le Destin du Voyageur" as I like the face
of the man; he looks very sympathetic.
Cindy Costigan
I dont seem to be having any luck finding the name of this
individual piece.  When I first looked at the picture, I stopped in
my tracks.  He looks a bit like my dad did at one time in his life.  
Regardless of what his real name is, Im calling him Harvey, my
dads name.  I like this one the best.
Carol Farrant
My favorite piece which I found on the sculptor's website is
titled "Fragment" and is a series of 3 objects, starting with a
complete person and ending with just his shoes.
Ellen Welker
Maggie Gould
Prince du dsert
Janice Sellers
Here is my favorite photo.  The man by the water
Gus Marsh
I like the woman in "Historie d"A".

I see the similarity between the works of Catalano and those of
Grace Hertz
Mary Turner
The Fabulous Fletcher Sisters
Ever feel like you've forgotten something? These people might.

The amazing sculptures pictured here look like they're missing vital organs. They are
work of French artist Bruno Catalano who says the invisible bodies represent a world

Mr Catalano, 53, is originally from Morocco but a lifetime of travel as a sailor has
inspired these quirky pieces of art, which often cause passers-by to do a double-take.

Now living in Marseille, France, Mr. Catalano and his daughter Emilie work to create
masterpieces like these.

Made out of bronze, Mr. Catalano starts the process by carving the characters from
clay - and will then spend a further 15 days working on them.  

Mr. Catalano said:  I have travelled a lot and left Morocco when I was 12 years old. I
felt that a part of me was gone and will never come back.  
From years of being a sailor, I was always leaving different countries and places each
time and it's a process that we all go through.

'I feel like this occurs several times during life and of course everyone has missing
pieces in his or her life that he wont find again.

'So the meaning can be different for everyone, but to me the sculptures represent a
world citizen.

'I get inspiration mainly from people around me - familly, friends, neighbours, even
colleagues or strangers. My other source of inspiration is the travel.'

Mr Catalano has been sculpting for 20 years and often works with others in an art
foundry when making big sculptures.

An exhibition will take place in Marseille in September, to celebrate its status as the
European Capital of Culture 2013 with ten life-size sculptures exhibited at the port of
Comments by Quizmaster Megan Neilsen
I rather like the seated man at
He's organised a bit differently from most of the other Voyageurs.  That said, I suspect
that many will vote for Le Grand Van Gogh. While the Voyageurs are typically lifesize
sculptures Van Gogh (and his twin at the waterfront) are much larger and their location
is both spectacular and evocative of the artist's message of the ever-incomplete
traveller.  I found an unusually beautiful photograph of this work at where it is used as the static visual
background to some haunting music.

All the Les Voyageurs works are arresting but the principle is clear once you realise that
the suitcases/bags are all accurately weighted to precisely balance the rest of the metal
to which they attach. Somewhere along the way I noted an online comment with the
complaint that the sculptures were all too similar in that they all carried bags.  I think
that person missed the physical necessity as well as the artistic point.

The only bit of the quiz that was slightly difficult was finding the name of the particular
bronze depicted.  Whereas the series name was evident at many sites, it took a while to
find the title Le Destin du Voyageur. It first showed up for me at  I subsequently
found that it (or an identical cast) had been exhibited previously during the winter of
2010-11 in the French alpine resort Megève. You can see the same man
here in the
snow with a board alongside that has the just-decipherable title Le Destin du Voyageur.
The text on the board can be clearly read
here, and from the grey paving of the wall
that appears in both shots we can see that this is indeed the board alongside the relevant
sculpture in the snow.

Two additional complications. There was a second exhibition of Catalano's work in
Megève, 10 December 2014 to 15 April 2015 and it was advertised with Le Destin du
Voyageur in its Marseille setting, see
here. I have been unable locate the quiz sculpture
there in situ - the only photo from that time span labelled Le Destin du Voyageur is of a
different work albeit a man in a leather jacket.  I wondered if it was a second version,
and on Catalano's own website there is indeed a
Le Destin du Voyageur 11. But this is
of a different figure again.  

Whatever the case for these later works, I am convinced that Le Destin du Voyageur is
the correct title for the quiz pic which BTW is the reverse of all other photos of the
same work (not that you don't know that already). Here are some of them:
The quiz sculpture can be seen in context in one of the scrolling pictures. The page also
gives links to press releases, videos, etc. Scroll down to
see another picture of the traveller in the snow at Megève.  There is more of the same
at Catalano's own site, viz:, and

At there is a video showing the setting up
of the Marseille exhibition. There is also an interview with the artist at

And of course at there is all sorts of good stuff provided you click
top left to find the path to it.

Finally, at there is an
interesting "tribute" to Catalano's work.

I'll leave it at that.  

Megan Neilsen