Dead Horse Update

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Picture from the
Sheboygan Press.
Karen Kay Bunting

By far, #130 Cheesy Poetry has been my favorite photoquiz.  It was my very first time
"surfing in" to the quiz, and I found it such an interesting story.  I was so glad to find
out that the little child had survived only then to find out later that he had still met an
early death in a terrible accident of another sort.  I don't know why, but it always grips
my heart to hear of the death of children.  I guess the intrigue of finding out who the
children in the picture were got me interested in this quiz and subsequently I have been
doing them ever since.  I love the weekly challenge.

I enjoy the thrill of the quest for truth.  It is the perpetual student in me that enjoys
learning about something new as well as the chase to detect the treasure of knowledge
that awaits.  It is great fun just to see if you are going to be able to break the code and
come up with the answer.  I like the sense of accomplishment when I have been able to
do so.  In fact, it really bugs me until I get it solved!  I just have a hard time
concentrating on anything else until I get the solution to whatever problem I am
working on.  Crazy, huh?  I guess we are all wired differently.  That is just the way
that I am-- a problem solver-- I find it spills over into other aspects of my life as well,
as I love to help others solve their problems too.

Sheri Fenley

Not only was there a photo, but a real sleuthing expedition.  I love the thrill of the hunt!
The photoquizzes are not only fun but they help sharpen my research skills.  Some of
them I really have to think outside the box and use some creative methods of

Diane Burkett

This quiz presented many solving problems and required that notes not be taken as
truth. I like finding the hidden clues.
Don Draper

This photo brought back memories of my childhood when I saw a House of David
team play in Labatt Park, London (early 1950's). It was very apparent, however that
this image went back to a time period, well before my time. On various web-sites, there
was so much fascinating information that broadened my knowledge of the ball team
and their umbrella, very innovative, religious organization in Michigan. It was exciting
to go from a little bit of knowledge to a wealth of discovery. All the photos are
interesting and challenging. The ones that have people accompanied by some clue in the
form of a landmark or words are most satisfying to me.

[The quizzes] are fun and make me think. They invite us to explore many avenues of
the internet that I would, otherwise, not even think of visiting. I very much enjoy
searching for information and especially discovering what the photo represents. The
"Eureka" feeling is so good. It's also fun to share the photos with my wife and other
family members. Whenever I see an old photograph (magazines, library,personal
collection, etc.) I wonder what it was like to live at that place and in that time period.

Mary Osmar

I submitted this quiz because I had so much fun picking the picture apart.  I thought
the "crew" would enjoy it. There is such a feeling of accomplishment when I solve a
puzzle.  I like them to be hard, without being completely frustrating.

Jim Kiser

I learned a lot about these guys and enjoyed the inventiveness of the group. [I like}
having to deduce and actually think.

Dennis Brann

166...because I knew the answer without any research. [The quizzes make] me use my
aging brain.
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Tied for Third Place
Beverly Johns

I think the contrast of the two ladies in white and all dressed up being stared at by the
women in dark coats gives a fascinating contrast. [I like] Looking for details to uncover
who, what or where it was taken.

Carolyn Cornelius

My favorite photo is the Weegee classic in quiz 169. I have learned a lot of fascinating
information from the web searches that start with these quizzes. I also like the
wonderful notes from Colleen and the comments from other quizmasters. These give
the photoquizzes a feeling of a friendly, stress-free "family" competition that I enjoy. Of
course I never met a game, quiz, or puzzle I didn't like.
Rex Cornelius

168, though I don't like to pick favorites. I liked the preliminary work needed to begin
searching on the obscured part of the text - multiple steps and strategies required.

I manage and teach electronic resources (i.e. computer reference) for a library. The
quizzes are recreation for me but give me a valuable test of my skills, lots of exercise,
and a feeling of accomplishment. I really appreciate the variety of subjects and
strategies needed to solve them. I appreciate how hard it is to find photos and questions
that are not too easy or too hard. Lastly, I'm in awe of the full magazine article quality
write-up we get on the results page. Many many thanks for all the above.

Richard Murray

Challenging; enough clues to get a start even if you have no prior knowledge of the
subject; "Google-able" but not so easy that hundreds of links pop up with the right
answer; historically "interesting". I learn something every week almost.

Audrey Speelman

I am a bit of a newbie, but I really liked the contest for #168.  It was one in which
simply "Googling" wasn't enough:  you actually had to try and figure out clues.  I like
the contests where you have to "put things together".

[I like] trying to see how things add up:  looking for subtle hints and clues, and piecing
stuff together.  Having to think outside the box if necessary.

Rhonda Hensley

168, because it took so much digging and detective work. I felt like I could get enough
hints from the picture to get started and I learned a lot while doing it. [I like] feeling
challenged at solving a puzzle and learning about the topic in the photo while doing it.

John Chulick

It required both historical and geographic analysis.  I tend to like the quizzes with
photos more than 50 years old.  Close runners up were #145 and #166.

Dave Doucette

There were three in a row that I enjoyed very much - 167 - 168- 169.  Of those I
would say 168 was my favorite.  I enjoy the unobvious ones...probably the harder ones
for you to come up with...that end up with the interesting history of something I knew
nothing about.
Quiz #168
Crossing the Bridge
July 20, 2008
Submitted by Lisa Hutton
The House of David Baseball Team was first in a lot of areas, including:
first to preserve jellies in jars, first to give women universal suffrage and the
right to hold office, hired Jackie Mitchell, first woman to sign a professional
baseball contract (1933), first to break the color barrier in baseball, invented the
sugar cone, later introduced at the 1904 St. Louis's Worlds Fair, worked with
NASA on astronaut food.
Photo taken May 1892, near the Trent St. Footbridge in Nottingham, England.

The posters on the wall advertise a match between Lord Sheffield's XI and The
Rest on May 16.  The match was a draw because it rained.

This photo has been the subject of much additional research by our
Quizmasters.  See
Note from Bob McKenna
Being a long time fan of Forensic Genealogy, I
would like to say that the quizzes remain
insightful and as exciting as ever. A highlight of
my week is on Sunday is when a new challenge
is presented.
Picking through the quiz subjects for the Latest
Best Quiz Offerings presented a difficult a
choice among the thirty offerings. My selection
method was to first choose seven best in my
opinion and eliminate further by using that
manageable list. The quizzes chosen include
both those that I solved or was unable to solve.
I did exclude any quizzes that I had submitted
for posting.

First Cut
No. 132, Kiss of Life
No. 143, Taking the Fifth.
No. 149, Water Babies
No. 153, Lying with Wolves
No. 154, Impact Statement
No. 168, Crossing the Bridge
No. 171, What’s Bugging Me?
Second Cut
No. 132, Kiss of Life
No. 154, Impact Statement
No. 171, What’s Bugging Me?
Third Cut
No. 132, Kiss of Life
No. 154, Impact Statement
Final Selection
No. 132, Kiss of Life

This is probably a sentimental selection, but the
happy results of the sad story attracted me to
this selection.  The idea that the death mask of
this unknown Parisian Girl continues her unique
fame as the most kissed girl in the world played
on my imagination…
Please keep up the posting those weekly
quizzes. They sometime frustrate the hell out of
us, but also flatter our egos when we get one

Robert Edward McKenna
Judy Pfaff

153, exposes someone who was not truthful and caused harm to the publisher.  If the
author had written it as fiction and admitted that it was imaginative, it would be
tolerable.  She gained sympathy and money over a made up story.  I like having to think
about the photograph and discover clues that help me find the answer.  It is the mental
challenge that I definitely enjoy.

Eric Goforth

Interesting subject and challenging but solvable. Challenging thought process and
Interesting subject matter.
Can I only vote once? Here are my choices
begnning with the most favorite:

123, WOW! Because it was mine

132, The Kiss of Life. I just love this face.

143, Taking the Fifth. I had a lot of fun finding
this one.

142, Loco Motive.  Pretty cool clues in this one,

147, Sanity Check. Very interesting especially
the way SS is now!

166, Batter Up! Because I never have heard of
[The House of David] before.

I love the hunt - not many things better than a
good search! It's like finding a good sale and
telling about it!

Debbie Sterbinsky

Misha Defonseca's is the subject of a bestseller and
film who was exposed as a fraud in February
2008.Her real name is Monique DeWael. Forensic
genealogist Sharon Sergeant exposed her with the
help of Colleen Fitzpatrick and Maureen Taylor

Submitted by Sharon Sergeant.
Quiz #153
Lying with Wolves
March 30, 2008
The death mask is that of an unknown
Parisian girl who drowned in the River Seine
in late 1800s. She came known as
L'Inconnue de la Seine. The mask later
became the face of the CPR Annie, making
her the most kissed girl in the world.
Quiz #132
The Kiss of Life
October 29, 2007
Comments from Debbie Sterbinsky
Chris Tennant

I am an instructor for the Red Cross teaching CPR/First Aid and it was awesome to
know whose face inspired the look of SPR/Annie. I retired from San Diego P.D. and I
was certified as a forensic investigator and this keeps me involved in the investigative
world still.

Marjorie Wilser

It made me think, interesting, evocative of many ramications of thought.  [I like the]
historical challenges (I prefer earlier rather than later photos).

Beth Long

Although I enjoy all the quizzes and reviewing them brought back great (and sometimes
frustrating!) memories, there really was no other choice for me than Quiz 132, Kiss of
Life.  This quiz had it all - unknown tragic death with many theories and stories
surrounding a beautiful girl; squeamish morgue, death mask and medical training
activities; and the posthumous gift of CPR as her destiny.  Still today no one truly
knows who she was, and that's what always keeps us wanting more, wanting to find
out who she really was and what happened to her, and hoping wherever she is, she
knows of all the people who have been saved by CPR and how her face has trained so
many rescue personnel.

Every quiz, be it easy or hard, always brings something new to the reader.  I especially
appreciate the detail of the quiz answers - each topic is so interesting! I thoroughly
enjoy learning about new subjects, and especially enjoy the "hard" quizzes!! I am very
grateful for Colleen's personal responses, the Quizmasters, and the dedication in putting
up a new quiz every week.  I look forward to every Sunday morning!
"The Critic" is probably Weegee's
most famous image, and certainly his
most widely published. The opening
night of the Metropolitan Opera in
1943 was advertised as a Diamond
Jubilee to celebrate the 60th
anniversary of the company.
Grace Hertz

There are so many interesting facets to this photo. What a challenge to the
photographer! In the right place at the right time! A unique photo!!!!!  [I like] looking
for hidden clues in the photographs! Always a great way to learn and have fun at the
same time!

Brian Kemp

I think quiz 142 was my favorite because of the interesting subject matter and the
multiple elements that had to be solved.  It also wasn't too easy or frustratingly difficult.
I enjoy the challenge of trying to use the elements present in the picture and wording to
help direct me to the answer. As a librarian, I enjoy a good challenge for Internet
searching without the subject being overly obtuse, such as the now defunct
1980's and reported to the curator of the Papua New Guinea Museum.  Recovery
teams eventually reached the wreckage in April 1982.  All crew and passengers
were eventually identified and their remains returned to their families.
Quiz #154
Impact Statement
April 6, 2008
B-24D-130-CO "Weezie" Serial
Number 42-41081, a model B-24
Liberator belonging to 90th bomb
group "The Jolly Rogers", the
crashed into Mount Thumb while
flying through clouds over New
Guinea on March 22, 1944.  All 22
aboard were killed.  The plane was
declared missing -- MACR 4090.  
The wreckage was finally
discovered by natives in the early
Submitted by Dale Niesen
Rex Cornelius

168, though I don't like to pick favorites. I liked the preliminary work needed to begin
searching on the obscured part of the text - multiple steps and strategies required.
Runners up for the same multiple step reason, 154 & 157.

I manage and teach electronic resources (i.e. computer reference) for a library. The
quizzes are recreation for me but give me a valuable test of my skills, lots of exercise,
and a feeling of accomplishment. I really appreciate the variety of subjects and
strategies needed to solve them. I appreciate how hard it is to find photos and questions
that are not too easy or too hard. Lastly, I'm in awe of the full magazine article quality
write-up we get on the results page. Many many thanks for all the above.

Richard Wakeham

I liked using my aviation knowledge to help an American friend of long standing.
Quiz #130
Cheesy Poetry
October 14, 2007
The back of this photo describes the terrible tragedy of a
little boy who fell into a mill race and drowned. The
general story is true. Mary McLeod had two sons. One
of them fell into a mill race and died.  But the story was
much more complicated than that.

Our research showed that the little boy shown in the
picture did not fall into a mill race; he drowned when he
fell through the ice in a lake. However, he had a younger
brother (whom he never met) who fell into a mill race
several years earlier and escaped, only to fall into a pot
of lye later that year and burned to death.  in psite of the
short hair, the older child is probably their older sister,

Submitted by John Roberts

Hot Shot Eastbound at
the Iaeger Drive In
Iaeger, West Virginia, 1956
O. Winston Link

Submitted by Deb Pritchard.
Quiz #142
Loco Motive
January 6, 2008
Second Place
Submitted by Evan Hindman
Quiz #166
Batter Up!
July 6, 2008
Honorable Mentions
Quiz #169
July 27, 2008
Quiz #171
What's Bugging Me?
August 9, 2008
An exhibit about the
Megolaponera Foetens, or
the Stink Ant.  The
picture shows a fungus
growing out of the ant's
Lydia Sittman

I'm not sure if it's my favorite
but it's been the most disturbing.
#171. [I like] all the information
I learn from each photo.
More Favorites
Submitted by Stan Read.
Submitted by Stan Read
More Comments from Our Quizmasters
Quiz #129
Addie Card
October 7, 2007
Thanks to this
portrait by Lewis
Hine, Addie Card
became a symbol of
child labor reform.
Andy Hoh:
It was the first contest that I saw
and entered - the rest is history.  [I
like] the treasure hunt, mostly.  But
I also have a fascination for candid
pictures of people long ago - like
the people looking down on Los
Angeles from Inspiration Point.  
They're all dead now but a little
piece of them and their lives and
how they lived lives on.
Submitted by Mike Dalton.
Quiz #131
Fog Horn
October 21, 2007
Point Knox Lighthouse is
located in the southwest
corner of Angel Island in
San Francisco Bay. Its
bell helped ships navigate
waterway in and out of
Stan Read:

After groping around S.F. Bay in
a mental fog, I finally escaped
from Alcatraz Island and arrived
at Angel Island. Then the fog
cleared, and the correct answers
became apparent. [My favorite
part of the quizzes] is the history
behind each photo and the week
end reviews with personal
comments from the Quizmasters.

Mike Swierczewski:

The photo contained in itself all the information you needed to identify it.  There was
added difficulty because the building is no longer there and so, could not be seen in
satellite views.  Lots of ideas (like trying to orient a map so that the bridge appeared as
it does) were required.  I'd say this was pretty close to the perfect photo quiz!

{I like] learning about things I knew nothing about before I worked on them.  I even
have a favorite cheese poet now!  I've added him to my list of favorite things -- like my
favorite alcoholic clown movie.
Quiz #143
Taking the Fifth
January 13, 2008
Photo by Underwood and
Underwood of NY,
showing the Flatiron
Building in the background
at the intersection of Fifth
Avenue and Broadway.

Submitted by Carol Goodwin.
Debbie Sterbinsky:

I love the hunt - not many things
better than a good search! It's
like finding a good sale and telling
about it!
solution just from the picture itself. Consequently I spent many hours and called in
some help to solve it. [My favorite part of the quizzes is] just the challenge each photo

Mike Dalton

Well-- I missed the place by 2,523 miles. Recently flew through there on trip to Ireland.
Rocky music in budweiser dog  horse training ad in Peking Olympics  Tv spot. I
personally liked Stallone's Rambo First Blood better. I pay attention to the clues and the
full picture.  [I like] clues in the photos or in wording of the questions; stories behind
the  photos and links.
Quiz #151
Barrel of Fun
March 16, 2008
Annie Edson Taylor, a
schoolteacher from
Michigan aged 63, becomes
the first person to go over
Niagara Falls in a barrel.
Justin Campoli:

I like learning new things.  The
story behind the photograph is
always interesting.
Submitted by Stan Read.
Quiz #160
Rocky Road
May 25, 2008
View of Teresa Yu and her
daughter running up the
steps of the Philadelphia
Art Museum, a la Rocky
Margaret Waterman:

I had a difficult time
deciding but finally
chose #160 because I
found it the most
challenging. I did not see
the movie so I had to
figure out the solution
just from the
Submitted by Teresa Yu.
Quiz #167
All Wabashed Up
July 13, 2008
Wabash County
Wabash, IN, May
10, 1932 at the
unveiling of the
Lincoln Statue.
Carl Blessing:

So little to go on, yet
managing to get the
answer somehow. [I
like] finding out about
history through
Submitted by Teresa Yu.
Anna Farris

I chose #127.  The clock had
interesting history and the design  
reminded me of one of the designs above a
doorway on a building at LSU.  There are other
pictures that I liked very much but kept being
pulled back to the clock.

Bill Burrows
Quiz #122
Series & Series
August 19, 2007
The Milwaukee Braves
were leading the
Yankees 2-0 games in
the Series.
Venita Wilson:

Without a doubt, it was
#122 with Beaver and his
Dad. This was the first
quiz I read through
completely to discover
how others did their
research. I didn't start
trying to solve any until #s 131 and 132 and have had pretty good success on those I
do attempt. Thanks for everyone's input!  The wealth of information that other folks
find in relation to each week's quiz is always fascinating and often amusing. I never
click off this website without having learned something new.

Linda Williams

the Leave it to Beaver one... am a big fan of the show. [I like] how you can take
something that seem unimportant and learn something from it.
#135 - Perry Como has always been
one of my favorite singers.  I got
into ballet much later in life but
always liked Dame Margot.  Some
of the other photoquizes require
more research and are more puzzling, but the
subjects are not as interesting as this one.

Betty Chambers
#138. I just enjoyed playing with
this one in the streets of Chicago. [I
like] using my brain to figure out
how to get an answer. It's a
different way to think.

Fred Stuart
Quiz 141. It helped me connect
more with my great grandfather and
the sentiments of the people in his
era. He had the chance to talk to
Jefferson Davis and to pick his brain
before the war.

[I enjoy] the learning of some subject matter
from the photograph. Like the H of D Baseball
team and all the inventions this group. The
children that were exploited as photographed by
Lewis Wickes Hine. Nash and his capturing the
sentiments of the populace during the Civil War.

Carolyn Cornelius
I started with Quiz #149 so
my opinions are based only on
half the year. My favorite
photoquiz was
#161 of June 1
because it turned out to be so
devilishly clever. There were several red
herrings to begin with.   Even though I found
the street address of the school quickly I had to
figure out the Guatemala phone code  before I
could identify a city.  My favorite photo is the
Weegee classic in
Quiz 169.

Dan Schlesinger
The one picturing the
guards palace. [
Quiz #162].
I didn't get it correct but I
learned quite a bit in my
search. [I like] finding the
clues in the photographs to pursue.

Martha Lasser
My favorite (of the moment) is
the Paris steam engine that
crashed through the wall of the
station. [
Quiz #170]. It really
made me work -- but I enjoyed
it. [The quizzes] improve both
my Internet searching skills and
my review of the photos.
Quiz #123
Quiz #147
Quiz #149