Sandra McConathy

On the right track, just a bit too easy. I like a puzzle that doesn't give its secrets in one
google. This one took two. Dave did good on his first outing :)

Mike Swierczewski

Handwritten stuff always adds more mystery and more clues. And, as in #224, lots of
leads to chase. I never got this one, though!

Milene Rawlinson

Using the clues around the side of the photo to discover the photo wasn't taken during
the Long Winter in the midwest, described by Laura Ingalls Wilder, but in the Pacific

Evan Hindman

I love the old photo and trying to pinpoint the location by all the visual clues.

Nicole Blank

Because although the answer was relatively easy to find I enjoyed trying to locate the
exact spot shown on the letter on Google Maps and seeing how Seattle has drastically
changed since the photo was taken.
Quizmaster Judy Pfaff
and her daughter
visiting the statue of
Hachiko at the
Shibuya Train
Station, Tokyo.
If you have a picture you'd like us to feature a picture in a future quiz, please
email it to us at If we use it, you will receive a free analysis of
your picture. You will also receive a free
Forensic Genealogy CD or a 10%
discount towards the purchase of the
Forensic Genealogy book.
If you enjoy our quizzes, don't forget to order our books!
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Seventh Occasional Forensic Genealogy Photo Quiz Survey
March 7, 2010
I occasionally see a non-USA one that I can make a stab at! No improvement is really
needed. I do need mental stimulation as I grow older.                   
Richard Wakeham

Fun and challenging. I appreciate all your hard work on these quizzes Colleen. I look
forward to them all week.                                                               
Betty Chambers

I look forward to Sunday mornings and seeing what has been posted as a challange. It
tests one's over all knowledge and makes you use internet skills. I love that you time
the photos with either current events or holidays.  You probably spend way too much
time on these. No improvement necessary.                                                 
Jim Kiser

I so enjoy learning something new that exists in this vast world of ours that I didn't
have a clue about. I enjoy the search for the answers and that one final "a-ha!" moment
when you are certain you have stumbled upon the correct answer. Colleen, I could find
no fault whatsoever in the quizzes themselves, or the quiz master. You do an excellent
job of entertaining us weekly and your commitment and dedication is inspirational.
Thanks for all you do.  Thanks for providing us with a source of fun and education so
that we don't rust up and fall apart from unuse...                         
Karen Kay Bunting

[I like the] variety.                                                                           
Marilyn Hamill

I learn new things, most of which I've never heard of before. It's all about the hunt!  I
think you are doing an awesome job with the quizzes! Not sure how you come up with
so many oddball things to run on a continual basis.  I love them even though I don't
always get to surf in. Keep 'em coming!                                        
Debbie Sterbinsky

I like the hunt and satisfaction of finding out something new. I think I may have my
daughter-in-law hooked. Kate Waffle Pfaff.  I like them just the way they are. Thank
you, for hosting this great quiz each week.  Oh, I liked so many other quizzes too. It is
hard to pick just 3. Keep up the good mystery work.                                 
Judy Pfaff

Using a variety of search methods to come up with answers. The weekly posting
always gives interesting answers, webite links and insight into comments from
quizmasters and quizmaster general.  Technically: photo resolution [could be
improved]. It is sometimes difficult to make out details on older photographs with an
older computer. Interesting and wholesome internet hobby as compared to some of the
other venues in cyber space that are available with one word searches.     
Mike Dalton

No two are alike. Variety is the spice of life. [I'd like to] have more "Shorpy style"
photos. Hang in there! There are hundreds of old photos that will make interesting
Stan Read

I like the weekly challenge of the search--the harder the better.  I appreciate the time
you take to do this every week. If you are ever in the Atlanta area for one of your
seminars, I would appreciate a head up. I would love to meet you in person.
Daniel E. Jolley
I love the challenge of figuring the proper word combinations in searching to find the
answer. I use google images a lot but I try not to use tineye because that often makes it
too easy. I figure doing the quizzes helps keep my brain young (or at least a bit
younger).  Can't think of anything [you could improve]. I am always impressed at the
research you do before you post the answers. If I ever think of anything I will let you
know.  Long live Colleen!                                                            
Milene Rawlinson

Learning about something I didn't know existed, which makes the recent quizzes I can
answer off the top of my head (Nos. 237, 240, 243, 246) so disappointing.  It would
be nice to occasionally see an actual mystery that we could collaborate on, but that may
not be possible.                                                                                     
Ben Truwe

They get me to use my noggin.  Keep up the good work!                      
Dennis Brann

I like solving puzzles by figuring out what I need to know and then finding it.  I love
them just as they are. Some are hard, some are easy. When I have spare time I like to
have one to work on.  I know this must be horribly time consuming for you, but I
sincerely appreciate the work you put into it and the joy that comes from your efforts.
Sandra McConathy
[I like the} The learning that goes with the investigating! [I like to have] some with
seemingly contradictory clues or ones which are almost guaranteed to send you on a
wild goose chase. These are tough to find though. Keep up the good work! Your
quizzes brighten up the beginning of every week for me even though I only solve 2/3 of
Mike Swierczewski

They are like a treasure hunt and I always learn something. My son says they should
come out daily...I agree with him.                                                          
Mary South

I enjoy the challenge of using clues in a photo to learn of the time, place and situation
shown. The task, often, does not stop once the questions presented, are answered. I
like researching beyond and discovering if I have a personal connection to the scenes
or events. I enjoy reading the solution approaches and thoughts of others. It may not
necessarily be an "improvement" but the photos selected as my favorites tell the type of
photo I would enjoy seeing more. I guess I like grander scenes ,old or modern, that
lead me to research historical events, many of which, I lack familiarity.

Thank you for presenting more scenes from different parts of the world. I have found,
during the last 3 weeks, less time on the internet and have not submitted answers to the
quizzes. This does not reflect a waning interest and I look forward to future photos.
Thanks for the work you do in offering these challenges. I often think that teachers
could use some of the quizzes as effective class learning experiences.        
Don Draper

They are fun, interesting and challenging.                                          
Wayne Douglas

Great break from day to day activities, of course, but the big thing is you always learn
something interesting.  Thanks for keeping at this. The one puzzle I suggested took a lot of
work - I can't imagine how much time you must spend to keep us all

I love the older photos that are full of lots of details. The ones with character.   As a
true fan of the site, I truly enjoy the weekly quizzes. I don't always get a chance to
solve each one, but a fun thing to try!                                                
Evan Hindman

Besides the fact that I really enjoy doing research, the puzzles allow me to do some
research on a topic or area of interest that I probably would not do research on, if it
wasn't for the personal reward of solving the puzzle. I like the fact that you may be
able to learn a little bit about some extremely esoteric areas of knowledge. Nothing !
Luv 'em!, Leave them just the way they are ! Keep them coming, Colleen !. . .The
quizzes give me an opportunity to spend a few hours alone, and take a time out from
my busy schedule.                                                           
Robert W. Steinmann Jr

I guess again the difficulty and the challenge in finding the answers - and the
knowledge gained as well en route to finding the answers. I would just like more related
to maps and geography, but other than that the quizzes are great. :)  Love the quizzes -
so glad I found this site by reading GAMES magazine!                            
Nicole Blank

Love to learn trivia and odd bits about people, places, and events. Make them harder.
Why can't we have a new photo in the same week we vote on past quizzes? It's hard to
go two weeks without a fix.                                                              
Diane Burkett

The variety of things I learn about as I research the answers to the quizzes.  Keep the
quizzes coming.                                                                                    
Nancy Lear

[My third favorite photoquiz] is all the rest! Even those I don't answer (often because
of lack of time) are interesting in one way or another. The great variety of topics and
the often clever and amusing answers given by those who participate. We learn so
much from each other. [You could use] a little more proofreading before sending out
the answers would be nice. You might try reading your responses out loud before
hitting 'send'. Sometimes the ear catches errors the eye overlooks. For example, the last
sentence in your note to us this week has 'from' instead of 'to'. I'm especially
appreciative of your personal comments when either one of us enters the week's
contest. Both of us eagerly check your site each Sunday morning (even if we didn't
send in a response) to see what the new challenge might be.                 
Venita Wilson

Thanks for all your efforts every week with the quiz. It helps keep the brain matter
Jocelyn Thayer

It never ceases to amaze me how little i know. The quizzes give me a chance to remedy
that, if only a little... but every little bit helps! I'll have so many interesting nuggets to
share when i kick back and settle down someday in an "old folks home"! Thank you
for all you do! You may be the single biggest influence preventing my brain from
atrophying... [something's gotta counteract all the junk novels i read for amusement!]
Karen Petrus
What Do You Like Most about Our Photoquizzes?
What Do You Think Could Be Improved?
Quiz #224
Off to KMart!
September 13, 2009
Submitted by Peter Amsden
Sandra McConathy

There was just the right amount of sleuthing involved.

Mike Swierczewski

Plenty of stuff to lead one astray. Old looking ruins made it seem mediterranean.
Difficult, yet having lots of things to look up.

Betty Chambers

I like the "where is" this type of quizzes.

Dennis Brann

It was a lot of fun digging to get the answer to this one.

Karen Kay Bunting

I just had so much fun trying to figure out when that store closed. This quiz also made
me want to go to Oban, Scotland. McCaig's tower just added to the interest.

Don Draper

It is such a clear image with multiple signages that can be searched online. The question
probing the “latest date” for the photo really makes us think, using the clues that are
given. Although it’s a modern photo, researching the origins of the structure on the hill
and also the hotel take us back to another time period. It looks like a place I would like
to visit!

David Doucette

Picture was straight-forward but the questions were what made it interesting. It also
started some very interesting discussions...and quiz solving strategies.
This picture of George St. or Queen's Park Place
in Oban, Scotland was taken by Peter Amsden on
October 7, 2008 at 3 pm.

We expected our readers to date the photo by the
presence of the Woolworths in Oban, which closed
December 28, 2008.  The last Woolworths in
Scotland closed on January 5, 2009.

The two best answers we've received were
submitted to this quiz by Rena Morse and Dave
Doucette, neither of whom used the Woolworths
as "the" clue to solving the puzzle.

Rena correctly bracketed the date of the photo as
late September-late October 2008 by the dates of
photos she found of Oban showing the scaffolding
Dave Doucette proved
there is no such things as
on the facade of the Argyll Mansions/Chalmers Tweed House to the far left, and
by noticing the leaves on the trees were just beginning to turn colors.

Dave took the high tech approach by using a program that can read digital time
stamps on photos called ACDSee.  Dave pointed out that you can also get this
information from Windows XP by right-clicking on the file and choosing
Quiz #226
Tall Stories
September 27, 2009
Second Place
Suggested by long-time Quizmaster Jim Kiser.
This photo was taken in 1930-1931 by Lewis
Hine.  It was taken from the Empire State
Building facing northeast, with a view of the
Chrysler Building in the background.  The
bonus photo asked our readers to identify the
building marked with an X as the New York
Public Library, coincidentally the place where
these photos are currently archived.
Betty Chambers

I was stumped by trying to figure out how far away the identifying buildings were.

Don Draper

This puzzle was fun to solve because of the different methods I had to use to solve all
the questions asked.

Daniel E. Jolley

This puzzle was fun to solve because of the different methods I had to use to solve all
the questions asked.

Jocelyn Thayer

Familiar territory - & interesting history (I worked several blocks away).
Quiz #232
Man's Best Friend
November 8. 2009
Submitted by Quizmaster Blair Chambers.
This is the statue of Hachiko, located at the Shibuya Station in Tokyo, Japan.  
Hachiko's legendary faithfulness of waiting at the train station for his master to
come homelong after his master was dead became a national symbol of loyalty.
Karen Kay Bunting

I am a dog lover and this was such a touching story of loyalty from man's best friend.

Gary Sterne

I love all kinds of animals and have always had dogs and cats. This is such a heart
warming story.

Judy Pfaff

I recognized the dog and actually found it in my travel photos. What loyalty and
recognized by the people of that community!

Betty Chambers

Learned a lovely story.

Nancy Lear

Hachiko, Man's Best Friend. This quiz made me cry. I miss my best friend "Kookie"
who used to wait for me at the foot of our dirt road. I lived 3 miles down a rural road
and my neightbor told me he always knew when I was coming home because Kookie
could hear my car and "hightail it" from where ever he was to meet me.

Karen Petrus

Who doesn't like a loyal dog story???
Quiz #241
January 9, 2010
This piece is unusual because it is nearly the same rightside up as it is upside
down  It was written so that two musicians could sit facing each other and play
from the same sheet of music.  Widely believed to have been written by
Wolfgang Mozart, some scholars believe it could have been written by his father
Leopold Mozart or by Joseph Hayden.  Composed in 1787 or perhaps as late as
1850.  To hear a rendition of the piece, click
Judy Pfaff

I liked the symmetry of the music sheet. It was a fascinating story to think that music
could be composed in this manner and performed.

Milene Rawlinson

It was interesting to learn about table music and to contemplate the genius it would take
to write music like that. Also finding the blurb which says they can only speculate on
the composer but they don't know for sure.

Jim Kiser

Although I did not submit an entry; I had solved the puzzle just using logic and the way
the music could be read upside down. I did not get around to sending in my solution.

Mike Dalton

Favorite for its difficulty.

Mary South

I have a large collection of sheet music but I had never heard of this.

Robert W. Steinmann Jr.

The best one of this bunch because it challenged me the most, and I learned a whole lot.

Venita Wilson

This quiz consumed the most hours as I searched the internet for possible composers.
Third Place
Bonus Photo
At the Races
August 16, 2009
Submitted by Peter Ansden
This photo was taken at the Shanghai Race Track 5 May 1903.  The banner in
front of the tent to the left reads "Shanghai Race Club Tent Cash Sweeps",
giving the location of the photo.  The date was more difficult.  Peter Amsden, the
submitter of the photo, obtained it by emailing the Hong Kong Race Track,
where the Cathay Pacific Cup is now held.  They informed him that the race
referred to on the sign was actually the Cathay Cup, held in Shanghai around
the turn of the 20th century, and sent him a clipping from the China Times from
6 May 1903, indicating the winners of the race from the day before.  The names
of these winners are among the names of the horses posted on the sign below
the name of the race.

The only two Quizmasters to submit the correct answer were Marilyn Hamill and
Diane Burkett.  Both of them got the location correct.  Marilyn determined the
date by researching the history of the Shanghai Race Track.  Diane figured out
the date by noticing there was a horse named "King Edward", and by
researching the styles of dress of the time.  When told she could not find the
answer on the internet, instead of emailing the Shanghai Racetrack, she emailed
Peter Amsden.
Stan Read

I spent a lot of time on it, but couldn't find where it was. Close but no cigar!

Mike Dalton

Favorite for its difficulty.

Don Draper

If the words on the side of the tent were easier to read it would have been more
solvable for me. I really was unsuccessful in answering the questions. I did have fun
visiting equine sites that showed track records of various horses. I should have been
more astute in using the clothing, especially the few women shown, to at least get the
timing of the photo.

Marilyn Hamill

Because it was challenging.

Diane Burkett

It was so frustrating and I never quite got the correct date.
More Honorable Mentions
Quiz #221
Help from My
August 16, 2009


Submitted by Stan Read
Daniel E. Jolley

It was interesting identifying the two individuals wrapped in the
blanket and learning where there are today.

Dennis Brann

Brings me back to a time of peace, love and fun! least what I
remember about it (just kidding).

Sandra McConathy

I like this one because the subject matter spoke to me. Those are
my contemporaries so it was nice to learn more about that event.
More Favorites
Quiz #233
Salt Talks
November 15, 2009
Quiz #242
Snow Job
January 24, 2010
Venita Wilson

I enjoyed the remarkable tale of the golden tapestry woven with
actual spider silk. Such patience, such workmanship, such
boggles the mind!

Karen Petrus

I'm a "textile junky"... this piece of silk was phenomenal -- checked
it out myself on a trip to NYC last October.
Quiz #247
February 28, 2010
Quiz #229
October 18, 2009

1901 Pan Am
Exhibition where
President McKinley
was shot
Don Draper

It also is a very clear image but was still, for me, tricky to solve.
Researching the evolution of the USA flag helped to identify the
time period. When I did identify the situation and place it was most
interesting to learn about the assassination of Pres. McKinley and
the Pan American Exhibition of 1901. I have been to Buffalo a
number of times but did not know of these parts of its history. I felt
so sorry for the people who lived in this city then, as they would
feel so proud of hosting many visitors and then having the country’
s leader murdered in their “backyard”.

Ben Truwe

Because it was my first.

Nicole Blank

It took me the longest to get the answer - literally hours. I always
like a challenge and it was nice to learn some new U.S. trivia as well.
Quiz #231
Mars Attacks
November 1, 2009

Monument to the War of the Worlds
Woking, England
Quiz #246
Beside Myself
February 21, 2010

The Mutter Museum
Philadelphia, PA
Quiz #234
Quiz for Turkey Day
November 22, 2009

Lucy in the Field with Flowers
The Museum of Bad Art, Somerville, MA
The Chapel of Saint Kinga in
the Wieliczka Salt Mine
Honorable Mentions
Museum of Bad Art. For years I have frequented thrift shops marveling at all the
wonderful bad art.

Robert W. Steinmann Jr.

Loved it because of the comedy & shear zaniness of the whole concept of this esoteric
form of art!
Quiz #244
Who Dat!
February 7, 2010

Napoleon House
New Orleans, LA
Submitted by long time Quizmaster Dave Doucette.
This is a photograph of Cherry St., between First and Fifth Ave., Seattle, WA
showing the great snow of 1880. The best clues to solinv the puzzle were the
notes written around the edges of the photograph.
Richard Wakeham  -  I was correct!

Daniel E. Jolley  -  I liked this puzzle because of the many videos of the Wagah event
as well as learning a little India-Pakistan history.

Wayne Douglas

I liked this puzzle because of the many videos of the Wagah event as well as learning a
little India-Pakistan history.
Marilyn Hamill
A very interesting place.
Beating retreat, or
the ceremonial closing of
the Wagah border
between Pakistan and
India, near Amsitar.
Wayne Douglas

I was a pilot in the Air Forcs and flew the Pacific several times with
modern navigation. It makes me wonder who and how they
developed this type ov navigation

Dennis Brann

The whole subject was fascinating and I find it amazing that these
were used for so long and that they were acurate!
Ben Truwe

Because it was so difficult to solve and because I did it so brilliantly.

Evan Hindman

[I'm a] Huge fan of H. G. Wells!

Nicole Blank

(Mars Attacks) for the high degree of difficulty (for me) as well. I have to admit that
some of the quizzes were actually too difficult for me to complete, so even though I
liked the challenges it's no fun when you can't solve them at all so I didn't rate either of
those as my favorites (#235 and #239).
Mary South

It made me sad to think that a work of art that
someone poured their soul into was put in a dumpster.
I hope none of my paintings ever wind up in the trash.

Nancy Lear

My absolute favorite was the painting from the
Jim Kiser

It was fun reading about our town.

Mike Swierczewski

The simplicity and seeming lack of clues made this one irresistible. Haunting you until
you solved it. I felt satisfied after I got this one -- almost as satisfied as with the Angel
Island quiz a few years back.

Diane Burkett

'Cuz I love New Orleans, Napolean House and all the special food you can't get
anywhere else. Do you know most of the snow balls stands have already opened for
the season? What I wouldn't give for a spearmint snowball right now!
Debbie Sterbinsky

Can't believe I didn't get to surf in for this one. I knew it right away
when I looked back at the quizzes. The Mutter Museum is an
awesome place, everyone should get to see it once, but it takes a
long time to look at it all. I loved it! Oddly enough, I'm taking care
of my ill mother, who is an identical twin!

Jocelyn Thayer

Weird & fascinating place & concept

Karen Petrus

As creepy as it was, I rank it near the top because it teased me into
reading a lot of background articles -- which, after all, is what the
quizzes are for, right?
Quiz #227
Vive L'Amour
October 4, 2009

Willi Ronis' photo of the
couple on the Colonne de
Juillet, Paris

Submitted by Stan Read
Diane Burkett

Loved taking a rooftop tour of Paris. Probably the only way I'll ever
get there.

Mary South

J'aime tout au sujet de Paris!

Evan Hindman

Another great vintage photo, looking for clues of location.
Quiz #243
Stick on Course
October 4, 2009

Stick Chart of the Marshall Islands

Jim Kiser

I found it ingenious that the culture had
figured out wave formations and
recorded them by memory
Submitted by Marilyn Hamill
Submitted by Stan Read
Even More Favorites
Quiz #227
Vive L'Amour
October 4, 2009

Willi Ronis' photo of the
couple on the Colonne de
Juillet, Paris
Submitted by Stan Read
Submitted by Gerald Vanlandingham