Because it was so much fun learning about this story as it unfolded. Amazing that the
British tricked Hitler w/ a dead body!

Debbie Ciccarelli

This one took me some time to solve since "The Man Who Never Was" did not readily
pop up in my mind right away...

Alex Sissoev

Awesome twist of events!

Debbie Sterbinksy

The idea of using something other than force of arms to defeat an enemy is very
appealing to me. The image of the people dreaming up and perpetrating this hoax while
trying to maintain military aplomb is delightful.

Peter Norton

Liked the story and was pointed to the film "Man Who Never Was". I also really liked
the film.

Arthur Hartwell

I love the story behind this - unbelievable that we would use such elaborate schemes to
trick the enemy.

Deborah Lee Stewart

Decoy - fascinating story. Loved the research and was thrilled to solve it.

Margie O'Donnell
eastern half of the village remains in India while the western half is in Pakistan.

Each evening there is a very energetic and thrilling parade at the Wagah border
by the Border Security Force (B.S.F) of India and the Pakistan Rangers soldiers.
It may appear slightly aggressive and even hostile to foreigners. Troops of each
country put on quite an entertaining show in their uniforms with their colorful
turbans. Border officials from the two countries sometimes walk over to the
offices on the other side for day to day affairs. The happenings at this border
post have been a barometer of the India-Pakistan relations over the years.
If you enjoy our quizzes, don't forget to order our books!
!-- Start Quantcast tag -->
Survey #8 Results
The scene shows the
ceremony of beating
retreat, the daily
ceremonial closing of the
Wagah border between
Pakistan and India, near
Amsitar. The village of
Wagah straddles the
controversial Radcliffe
Line, the border created
bewteen the two countried
upon Pakistani
independence from India
in 1947. Today, the
You may not have heard of Liu Bolin, and
you probably haven’t seen him either. But
it’s possible he’s standing right next to
you.  Known as The Invisible Man, Liu
takes a unique and creative approach to
performance art by camouflaging himself
against different city locations, from China
to the UK. Each of his photographic
artworks takes up to 10 hours to complete,
with an assistant helping to paint him into
the background. Can you spot him here?
Poveglia is a small island situated in the Venetian Lagoon between the cities of
Venice and Lido. In 1576 as the Bubonic Plague raged in Venice, Poveglia
became a dumping ground for thousands of dead and nearly-dead plague victims.
Those showing the slightest symptoms of the plague, including women and
babies, were dragged screaming from their homes, brought to the island, and
thrown into the pits of rotting corpses, where they were left to die in agony. As
many as 160,000 victims were disposed of on the island during the Black Death.

In 1922, the island became the home of an insane asylum, run by a demented
doctor who experimented on his patients hoping to find the source of their
insanity. Both patients and doctor reported seeing ghosts of plague victims and
hearing their whispers.  The doctor himself went mad, throwing himself from the
asylum's bell tower.  He did not die immediately; legend says a mist arose,
entered his body, and choked him to death. It is rumored that he is bricked up in
the bell tower, and that on a still night the bell can be heard tolling across the

The island is now uninhabited and off limits to tourists. A few brave souls have
dodged the police patrol that guards the island, but all have sworn never to
Bookmark and Share
I enjoyed being able to relate a first-hand experience — travel to Venice, in this case —
to solving a quiz. Not that I had seen Poveglia, but that I could make an educated guess
as to its location because of what looked like its Venetian-style canal.       
Peter Norton

I like maps. Geography was my worst subject in school but now i love it. this gave me
something to start on and something to learn.                                    
Debbie Johnson

I like the quizzes that require looking at maps.                                      
Tish Olshefski

Frankly just had the coolest story (to me). I didn't actually solve this one but I enjoyed
reading the results.                                                                                  
Teresa Yu

I have to admit - I love the creepy factor - plague victims, mental hospital, evil doctors,
ghosts - more, more! ;)                                                                           
Beth Long

I may use information about the island later.                                    
Janice M. Sellers

Interesting story to the island. Very creepy!                                         
Evan Hindman
This is a picture of Sandy McGinnis' great
grandparents Charles Edwards and Ellen L.
Colver riding a social bicycle down Fifth St
in Los Angeles. The California State
Normal School is in the background.  The
couple is riding southwest, with Pershing
Square on the left about two blocks behind
them. The school was later part of UCLA,
and is now the site of the LA Public
Library, next door to the Biltmore Hotel  
This picture was taken in St. Joseph, MO,
on the n.e. cor. 5th & Messanie Sts.  This
was the address of J. D. McNeely, who,
according to the 1868-1869 directory of
Doniphan Co., KS was a "dealer in staple
& fancy groceries, wines, liquors, teas &
bourbon whisky". The bakers were
members of the Bakery & Confectionery
Workers Inter'l Union of America.
July 11, 2010
Quiz #264
Above It All
July 25, 2010
Quiz #265
This colorful scene depicts
Edward VI, son of Henry VIII,
listening to a sermon by Hugh
Latimer at St. Paul's Cross,
London on January 29, 1548.
St Paul's Cross (alternative
spellings - "Powles Crosse")
was a preaching cross and open
air pulpit in the grounds of Old
St Paul's Cathedral, City of

Hugh Latimer was a leader of
the  Reformation in England
through his vigorous
preaching. He weathered the
changes in religious affiliation
of the English court, although
he incurred suspicion of heresy
Black Widow
September 5, 2010
Quiz #271
A bronze statute of Clinton was erected at center of
town at road cross in front of the Garda (police
station) in honor of US President Bill Clinton' on
occasion of the round of golf he played at Old
Ballybunion Golf Course in September, 1998 with
the Ballybunion Golf Club Manager and one or two
others. His first shot hooked over the adjacent
Killeheny Burial Ground. He posed for photos in the
Golf Club Bar and on the golf course.

Quizmaster Mike Dalton took this photograph of
Clinton's statue with a digital point and shoot
Olympus camera zoom able to 10X, standing across
the road. Mike commented that Tiger Wood had
also played the Old Ballybunion Golf Course.
This rendition of the Great
Seal of the United States
concealed a listening device
invented by the same Leon
Theremin who invented the
theremin musical instrument.  
This quiz was the first of a
series on the theme of
espionage, inspired by my
recent visit to The
International Spy Museum in
Washington DC.

In 1946, Soviet school children
presented a two-foot wooden
replica of the Great Seal of the
United States to Ambassador
Averell Harriman, that he
hung in his office in Moscow's
Just after 9 am on 9 January 1889, Louisa Collins became the first woman to be
executed at Darlinghurst Gaol, and the last woman to be hung in New South
Wales, Australia.  She had been tried and convicted for the murder of her
second husband Michael Collins, who died from arsenic poisoning 8 July 1888.

Louisa Collins was tried four times. The first two times, she was tried for the
murders of both her first husband, Charles Andrews who died 2 February 1888,
and her second husband Collins. However, the jury did not reach a verdict.  She
was tried a third time just for the murder of Andrews, and again the jury failed
to reach a verdict. Only during the fourth trial was she finally found guilty, and
sentenced to death by hanging 8 December 1888. She was suspected of poisoning
her 4 1/2-month-old son John Collins, but as no arsenic was found in his
remains, it was ruled that he died of natural causes.
Eighth Occasional Forensic Genealogy Photo Quiz Survey
November 21, 2010
October 31, 2010
Quiz #279
Glenwyr Michael (or at least his
corpse) became famous not only
for his role as an Ally decoy in
WWII, he has just added to those
credentials by having his pictures
selected as The Favorite by our
readers. We asked everyone for
the name of the person whose
corpse it was, what important
role he played in the War, and to
name one item he carried in his

Glenwyr Michael was an itinerant
Welshman who died as a result of
ingesting rat poison in an
abandoned building in January
1943. Coincidentally, British
intelligence was searching for a
corpse matching Glenwyr's
description to use as part of
Operation Mincemeat. British
intelligence hoped to deceive the
Nazis into believing that the Allies
were going to invade Greece and Sardinia, luring them away from Sicily, the real
point of invasion.

Operation Mincemeat was accomplished by persuading the Germans that they
had, by accident, intercepted "top secret" documents giving details of Allied war
plans. Using the name Capt (acting Major) William "Bill" Martin for the decoy,
the documents were attached to Glenwyr's corpse and deliberately left to wash
up on a beach in Punta Umbría in Spain. The Nazis intercepted the fake
documents via a Spanish sympathizer in the area, and believing the information
was authentic, diverted troop away from Sicily. The Ally invasion was successful
thanks to The Man Who Never Was.
Tied for Second Place
Isle of Fright
August 22, 2010
Quiz #269
I just like the way this one made the story come alive. Seems I've always heard of it,
but seeing all the actual events made it real.                                    
Debbie Sterbinsky

Who doesn't like to read about a good hanging, especially of a woman who was
administering poison and was caught/convicted in that day and age and actually held
Beth Long

I liked reading the old newspaper articles.                                           
Marilyn Hamill

Black Widow about the unfortunate historical role that Louisa Collins will forever be
remembered for, it was fun doing alot of historical research with Australian newspaper
Robert W. Steinmann Jr.

I think the second husband might have deserved it!                             
Jocelyn Thayer

Because she certainly was an interesting person.                              
Janice M. Sellars
Tied for Third Place
February 28, 2010
Quiz #247
Its amazing to me that years after the British left such silly ceremonies would persist.
John Chulick
Again, something to start with and something to learn. what an interesting something to
learn! who knew all this stuff goes on in the world without little old me???!
Debbie Johnson
Because it illustrates the outrageousness of two countries.                            
Jim Kiser

I find it interesting that humans will carry on strange traditions...
Deborah Lee Stewart
Submitted by long-time Quizmaster Debbie Sterbinsky.
Submitted by Dr. Anthony Smart.
Many thanks to Jani Sue Rigel, a brand new Quizmaster.
We asked our Quizmasters to
identify the location of this
scene, tell us the time of day it
occurred, and to estimate the
year. There are many clues
that indicate the picture was
taken at the intersection of
Main and Jefferson Sts., Weir,
KS, about 12:00 noon on Labor
Day, 1908. The location can be
derived from the names on the
buildings, and the street sign
at the bottom of the picture for
Jefferson Ave. The time of day
can be deduced from the
lengths of the shadows.  The year and date can be found from the style of dress,
the numbers of stars on the flags, and the note "Labor Day" at the bottom right.

Weir is a city in Cherokee County, Kansas, United States. The population was
780 at the 2000 census. The community is named after landowner T. M. Weir,
who donated forty acres as a townsite.
Even though I got the answer wrong, I enjoyed doing the research for it (again in
maps) and it took a few nights of work before I could offer up my answer.
Nicole Blank
Taught me how to tell time of day in a photo.                                         
Molly Collins

I like big panoramic landscape photos that require me to pick out and highlight small
clues in a large photo to "get to the big picture".                
Richard W. Steinmann, Jr.

Shadows and time- it was my first one.                                          
Margie O'Donnell

This quiz was my husband's favorite because he participated in it with me. It was when
he realized just how much fun the quizzes can be and allowed him to use his skills of
Talea Jurrens
Thanks to Ronan Fitzpatrick, Fitzpatrick Clan Historian
at intervals.  He spent some time in the Tower of London, where he was
incarcerated during the last few months before the accession of the boy king
Edward VI in January 1547.

During the reign of Edward VI Latimer preached the Gospel in many places.
Frequently his voice was heard at St. Paul's Cross. In 1548 Latimer commenced
a series of sermons from the pulpit at St. Paul's raising his voice in protest at
the injustice of the wealthy toward the poor.

Because of his great contribution, under God's blessing, in the spread and
establishment of the Reformation, Latimer was a marked man when the
Catholic Mary Tudor ascended the throne. In September 1553 he was arrested on
charges of treason; taken to Oxford for trial, he was burned there with the
Reformer Nicholas Ridley on October 16, 1555. At the stake Latimer
immortalized himself by exhorting Ridley with the words: "...we shall this day
light such a candle, by God's grace, in England as I trust shall never be put out."
This was the most colorful photo. Edward VI was not around for long.       Stan Read

Because it was the hardest and I can't believe I figured it out at the final hour. I couldn't
find anything in the photo to search on. I had to use all my brain cells on that one!
Debbie Ciccarelli
Extremely difficult for me to solve but one of the most rewarding when I finally got (at
least part of) the answer right.                                                               
Nicole Blank

I just liked the photo.                                                                               
Teresa Yu

Edward VI and Hugh Latimer. I really struggled with this one, and wound up reading a
lot of English history, which I have always loved.                                   
Peter Norton
Hello? Hello?
October 9, 2010
Quiz #276
Spaso House (Ambassador's residence). During George F. Kennan's
ambassadorship in 1952, a secret technical surveillance countermeasures
(TSCM) inspection discovered that the seal contained a microphone and a
resonant cavity which could be stimulated from an outside radio signal.

The inventor the bug was the Soviet scientist, Leon Theremin, while living in
Depression-era America, became the toast of New York society for the music he
created with the musical instrument he created called the theremin.  Meanwhile,
he was passing data on U.S. industrial technology to the Soviet apparat.
Following his sudden disappearance from New York in 1938, Theremin was exiled
to a Siberian labor camp and subsequently vanished into the top-secret Soviet
intelligence machine, presumed dead for nearly thirty years. Using the same
technology that lay behind the theremin, he designed bugging devices that
eavesdropped on U.S. diplomatic offices and stood at the center of a pivotal cold
war confrontation. Throughout his life, Theremin developed many other
electronic wonders, including one of the earliest televisions and multimedia
devices that anticipated performance art and virtual reality by decades.
I learned all about the Theremin musical instrument, which explained a lot of weird
        John Chulick

This was the most interesting photo. Leon Theremin was a most talented man.
Stan Read
The outrageous bugging by the Russians and the tie to the Theremin instrument.
Coincidentally my husband and I played a Theremin at a local museum just the week
before. Cool! Also, the quiz gave my husband an excuse to watch the original movie of
"The Thing" again. It's a favorite of his.                                        
Susan E. Skidmore

I liked this quiz because it was the most challenging quiz that I have done. It gave me a
real sense of accomplishment when I solved it. I learned a lot of interesting facts when
I solved it.                                                                                   
Sharon Cleveland

Dealing with a familiar person (to me) but in a new light.                        
Carl Blessing
Honorable Mentions
April 1, 2010
Quiz #250
This was the most unique photo. Lin Bolin is China's Invisible Man.             Stan Read

Finding the hidden man was the easy part. I had to have help in finding more of the
same sort of picture.                                                                    
Milene Rawlinson

I just didn't see this although I kept thinking there was just something odd about the
picture. Didn't have a clue where to look for the answer.                    
Betty Chambers

Looking for the "invisible" man.                                                            
Carl Blessing
June 20, 2010
Quiz #261
This week’s quiz picture was a picture
submitted by Daniel Jolley from a
collection that his grand uncle Ross Belford
Jolley (1906-1946) acquired during his
uncle's U. S. Navy career from September
1923 to October 1945.  It is a scene of
Norfolk, VA probably during the 1920s or
1930s. Our readers did an excellent job in
identifying the name of the street where
the boats were docked, and the Johnny Reb
Monument and the McArthur Memorial.
This was like an old photo that might have been found in somebody's attic. It has lots
to clues to help identify the locale. By researching some of the names on buildings it
was interesting to discover information about the business people of that era. I enjoyed
using Google Earth to compare the harbour area as it is today.                  
Don Draper

I like big panoramic landscape photos that require me to pick out and highlight small
clues in a large photo to "get to the big picture".                  
Robert W. Steinmann Jr.

I like the geographical quizzes best.                                                 
Betty Chambers

Because it was the first one I did -- no other reason.                            
Tish Olshefski
Submitted by Daniel E. Jolley
June 27, 2010
Quiz #262
Submitted by Sandy McGinnis.
Because it required a lot of research especially in my favorite research topic, maps. It
was also very difficult to solve, a plus in my book.                                  
Nicole Blank

City Directories gave me the location and I was one of few who got credit for the
building behind the man. I also liked the picture and biking.                 
Arthur Hartwell

Like the geographical quizzes best.                                                   
Betty Chambers

This quiz is a favorite because I was able to pinpoint the actual street location where the
couple were riding. It was a feather in my cap and a lot of fun to explore. I loved the
Talea Jurrens
Dough Boys
July 4, 2010
Quiz #263
Probably submitted by Linda Williams.
Talea Jurrens did a spectacular job in anaylzing this photo. Although I had
assumed that the "88" visible on the banner indicates the local union number,
Talea's research shows that there it is probably the year the photo was taken.  

One intriguing aspect of the picture is that there is only one woman in the
group. As Talea pointed out, it would be an interesting challenge to try to
identify her!
This is my number one favorite because I discovered the only female baker in the
crowd. The photo tells a story about her. I could get a sense of her as a person who
lived and breathed in the past. I realized with this quiz, just how much I really like doing
this kind of work.                                                                              
Talea Jurrens

Pillsbury dough boys: antique photo, place, events. Aside from the interesting research:
was the timely meeting with someone who knew the same baker's family as I did,
during that quiz week.                                                                          
Mike Dalton

I think I like that one because it gave me a hard time, lol.                
Debbie Sterbinsky

I found a lot of interesting articles and objects and learned way too much about unions.
Marilyn Hamill
A Real Swinger
September 24, 2010
Quiz #274
Contributed by Mike Dalton.
Considering the recent news about Tiger Wood's infidelities, Mike points out
that Clinton now has two things in common with Wood.
Having to go to the specific coordinates and find out what was there.      Carl Blessing

A real swinger. This was the second photo quiz that I did. I saw the sign Garda and
realized that it was taken in Ireland. It gave me a chance to learn more about my
ancestral homeland.                                                                      
Sharon Cleveland

I had fun tracking down where the statue was located.                           
John Chulick

First quiz where I was able to get a 500kb picture so I could read the signs.
Arthur Hartwell
What do you like most about the quizzes?
The Quizmasters respond.
I like the variety of subjects but really the best thing is the detailed
discussion and analysis provided afterward. Just keep them coming.
John Chulick
Learning about all the interesting history or weird goings-on in other
places - and the topics that those things lead to (or that following a
clue leads to, but turns out not to help with the puzzle.) I think they
are perfect. some, I don't even know where to start. but I'm learning.
if I knew them all on sight - what fun would that be? I  hope you
never run out of pictures or interest. i look forward to this every
Debbie Johnson

Learning new things. If the photo has writing, don't make it so hard
to read it. It's frustrating when solving a quiz depends on being able
to enlarge writing that loses resolution.                  
Janice M. Sellers

N.B.  The photos I post are normally of high enough resolution to
be read.  However, if your monitor is not high resolution, the
writing might be illegible to you. - Q. Gen.

Variety. There seems to be no end of old photos available for good
quizzes.  Photos with a connection to sports have seldom been used.
Perhaps more sports photos would make popular quizzes. All of the
quizzes are interesting in their own way. That's why it's difficult to
pick out favorites. Variety really is the "spice of life".         
Stan Read

Learning about interesting people and events that I would otherwise
never learn about. [Something to be improved] Not having to wait
any longer than a week for the next quiz. The suspense drives me a
little nuts.                                                            
Debbie Ciccarelli

As I have said in the past, I love the mental challenge. I keep trying to
get friends to try the quizzes out and keep failing. Last night I got my
god-daughter interested and here is a survey this week, not a quiz. :-(

They are great as they are. BTW I have a perfect new quiz for you
which you can look for in the next day or so.
Milene Rawlinson
Like the research involved and learning new things when doing the
research. I am getting well-schooled in a variety of topics! Would
love if they were all at the difficulty level (or higher) of [my favorites
#262 (Bi-Bicycle), #264 (Weir), and #265 (Above It All)] quizzes.
Some quizzes resolve too quickly with one Google search; I love to
do extra work to find the answer.

Would love to have more quizzes related to maps/atlases, such as showing a
landmark, body of water, or even something as trivial as a bridge and then
making the quiz revolve around trying to ID the place where the picture was
taken (even the time of day quizzes are cool). I loved the Games Magazines
"Wish You Were Where?" contests and would love to try my hand at more of
those kinds of
Nicole Blank
Learn so much. I haven't done very many but I do look at many
things in different ways than I did before.                  
Tish Olshefski

I like the challenge and also all the new things I learn each week.
Thanks again:)                                               
Margaret Waterman

I like the quizzes because they are not like anything else. You must
use all sorts of research to figure them out. Word hints, the image
itself... then finding the link that leads to the answer. Some things I
already know, but I usually learn something from every quiz.      

I know it cannot be helped, but sometimes the images are too small to
see details. When enlarged they get pixelated. Larger images would be
great if possible. Otherwise... don't change a thing!

I also would love to pick all the ART quizzes. I love art and the
stories behind them. I could not pick just one of those so I shall be
greedy and say I look forward to all your puzzles every week. I may
not have time to do them all, but I always check them out. It's fun
and interesting. Thank you Colleen and all your quiz-masters. Have a
wonderful Thanksgiving. P.S. Maybe you can check out the quiz I
sent you again. I have more hints if you need them.
Susan E. Skidmore
I find they are a real challenge and I am learning a lot of new
interesting facts. I have always been a trivia buff so this adding to my
stockpile trivia knowledge. It is also making me take a closer look at
photos I have around the house.

What can we do to improve the quizzes? Nothing that I can think of.
Sharon Cleveland
Expanding my world and learning about the new or about new things
on the old. Making me think (especially outside the box).
Carl Blessing
Again, I'm new and I like everything so far. The actual existence of
this quiz is what I like the best at the moment.  Take off the Hints
link. (I might regret this later).  Thank you!                  
Alex Sissoev

The older the photo the better. I like the photos with lots of store
Molly Collins

Overall: nice homework website where you do online sleuthing with
photo clues and search keywords to find the true answers. As to
rating websites: very user friendly, non commercial, creative and

Technical: I sometimes have had difficulty in not be able to see the
details in a photo; like signs in windows in back ground that would
give a big hint as to location. I guess it has to do with photo

This whole idea of weekly contest photos: establish timelines; sharpen
research skills - just like a professional csi investigator - to sort the
truth out of what really happened from what people say happened.
                                                                         Mike Dalton
                                                    (One of your favorite qms)

N.B.  I post the photos at the highest resolution I have available.  
It's also a question of the resolution of your monitor.  If you have
an older model, your monitor might be causing the problem.
                                                                                - Q. Gen.
The puzzle aspect of it - using clues to come up with the solution. I
don't know if it's really "improving" but I always love the historical
ones and the unusual ones and I don't like them too easy. I only try
tineye if I'm desperate. I think you put up a nice mix of different
"types" of quizzes.                                                         
Teresa Yu

Like the daily crossword puzzles; it is challenging for the "aging mind"
Keep your muscles exercised so they don't deteriorate. Keep on
Truckin. [No improvement] needed; all is good.                 
Jim Kiser

I like the hunt, love detective work! You are doing a great job! I like
the way you flipped the photo to keep Tin-eye from catching it!  Like
to keep updated on Benjaman Kyle! After reviewing these quizzes, I
realized how many of them I have missed. I'll try to do better from
now on!                                                           
Debbie Sterbinksy

I always find out something new, and they are always interesting.
Even if the photo is a subject I wouldn't normally seek out, I still
enjoy the research and fact finding hunt. It's the PBS channel of the
Internet! ;)

I would like to see more quizzes that don't necessarily have definite
answers like quiz #168, Crossing the Bridge. It makes the quiz last
longer! :) It opens up a lot of research opportunity and enjoyable
frustration to find out the most that we can before time is up!

I am very thankful for the hard work and effort put into creating the
quizzes as well as the answers.                                       
Beth Long

N. B.  You're welcome!  - Q. Gen.

The fact that I have to use my imagination just to figure out what
questions I should be asking to find my way into each picture,
recognizing that an element in it may be a clue if only I can come at it
the right way.

I'm still pondering [what you can do to improve them]. They're pretty
doggone satisfying as they are. I especially like, at least occasionally,
to start out in hopeless bafflement, no idea how to get my toe in the
door. Then again, it's fun sometimes to look at a photo and get an
immediate "Aha!"

Good grief, It's difficult to pick favorites. People ask me to pick a
favorite play that I've acted in, and generally the best I can answer is,
"Whichever one I'm working in at the moment." The same is true

If I have time to revisit this survey (doubtful, this week), I'll probably
come up with a completely different list.                      
Peter Norton

I can answer most, and I like the stories they tell. I also like Colleen's
relaxed way of grading. I started with No 158. I have been to Catalina
Island. When I was ready to answer, my computer's ethernet
connection died and I couldn't access the internet.
Arthur Hartwell
They make me research in places I'm not used to.     
Marilyn Hamill

It is quite satisfying to find the solutions to the questions asked. I like
it best when the photo or depiction triggers what I have called
peripheral searches. I am often motivated to branch out from the 3
"questions" and discover related information. I hope children in
school have similar learning experiences.

My own preference is for actual old photos but I also like it when one
appears that shows a scene or situation from the past 20 years. I
once suggested that more photos from outside North America be
used and I believe you have done well in accomplishing that.

I have not completed answers for a number of the more recent
quizzes. This is not because of any lessening of interest. It reflects
more my decreased use of my computer during November - usually
my least favourite month of the year. This year in Southern Ontario
the weather has been wonderful. I have loved being outside and being
active instead of sitting at a desk. I do, however, look forward to
future quizzes.                                                
             Don Draper

All of these photos had enough clues to help you come to the correct
answer. I wish I had a good answer for [what you can do to improve
the quizzes] but I don't. I do think you do a good job. It gives me
great joy coming up with the right answer.                   
Donna Jolley

Love the old photos the best, but enjoy a quiz that has a great story.  
don't always figure the quiz out (or remember to submit my answer),
but enjoy trying each week.                                      
Evan Hindman

I enjoy learning about little snippets of history. It also forces me to
use my sleuthing skills! I like them just the way they are.
Deborah Lee Stewart
I look forward to the quiz every week! They give me something to do
and I ponder them during the week when I have some downtime,
which is not that often. I like to show my friends at work what I'm
working on for the week. Although some are interested and enjoy
giving input to me when a quiz comes out, they are hesitant to get
involved. Their loss!

Love 'Um, just as they are! Keep 'Em Coming! Recently, I especially
liked the fact that you stayed on a theme (espionage-based quizzes),
based on your recent trip to The International Spy Museum in
Washington, D.C..                                  
Robert W. Steinmann Jr.

Thinking and discovery. I have always liked research.  Have more.
Missed it this week.                                            
Margie O'Donnell

I enjoy the research and exploration of historical events. I like them
just the way they are. I look forward to the quizzes every week!!
Jocelyn Thayer
They challenge me to look at things a different way and really
Betty Chambers

What I like the best about the quizzes is that they present a puzzle to
solve as well as history to explore. Two of my favorite things! I like
the older photograph quizzes the best because they take me to a time
in the past and allow me to use my imagination to create a scenario
that might have been.

I think you are doing a really great job! I know that variety is
necessary to please everyone but it would be great if there were more
old photograph quizzes.                                            
Talea Jurrens
More Favorites
Riding Solo
April 18, 2010
Quiz #253
Submitted by Linda Williams
Comanche, the lone survivor of
Custer's Last Stand.  Personal war
horse of Capt. Myles Koegh.
I have a soft spot in my heart for horses and this one was so valiant
he deserves recognition.                                  
Margaret Waterman

Great story. I grow up near the Pine Ridge Reservation, so I was
somewhat familiar with the region's history.              
Evan Hindman

I got it wrong. I thought it was during the civil war. I should have
gotten it because we have been to Little Big Horn.
Margie O'Donnell
Mother Jones
September 12, 2010
Quiz #272
Submitted by Linda Williams
Mary Harris Jones aka Mother
Jones, at the White House with Mr.
and Mrs. Calvin Coolige and Teddy
Roosevelt Jr. 26 September 1924.
I just loved the story of Mother Jones and how far ahead of her times
this lady was.                                                
Margaret Waterman

I also enjoyed Quiz #272 because I always thought Mother Jones was
amazing. It was an easy quiz for me because I knew who she was,
but reading about her all over again was fun.
Susan E. Skidmore

Enjoyed tracking this woman down and finding out the real
Marilyn Hamill
Mother Jones
September 12, 2010
Quiz #272
Mary Harris Jones aka Mother
Jones, at the White House with Mr.
and Mrs. Calvin Coolige and Teddy
Roosevelt Jr. 26 September 1924.
I found this quiz fascinating reading, particularly the facts
surrounding his body after he was found. Really a fun quiz.
Margaret Waterman

It left me wondering whether he was truly responsible for all that had
been attributed to him or if he had become more of a legend.
Deborah Lee Stewart

There was so much to read about and I learned alot. There is nothing quite
like an old southwestern "Tony Hillerman or Nevada Barr-style mystery". I
love that kind of stuff! To me the Southwest is the most magical place in
the USA. I am also a sucker for anything having to do with old miners,
prospectors, trappers, and various mountain-men type characters, I guess
I was just born way too
W. Steinmann Jr.
Mary Harris Jones aka Mother
Jones, at the White House with Mr.
and Mrs. Calvin Coolige and Teddy
Roosevelt Jr. 26 September 1924.
Scoundrel or Scapegoat
September 19, 2010
Quiz #273
Submitted by Wayne Douglas
I liked this one. However it had a lot of clues in the question itself, so
it did not take me very long to crack that one. Hence, it is number 3.
Alex Sissoev

I spy, antique photo, place, event. I first thought I had the right
answer without looking at tineye photo. I found a humorous
difference between a wrong and a right answer.            
Mike Dalton

It was incredibly interesting to research. And to think, she may have
been innocent.                                                       
Jocelyn Thayer
Re-enactment of the execution of
Margaretha Geertruida Zelle aka
Femme Fatale
October 24, 2010
Quiz #278
Mata Hari stages for the 1920 German movie.
I think the quote says it best - According to Mark Twain, "This is the
saddest and most moving piece of stone in the world." It is such a
lovely but heartbreaking monument; beauty and tears.       
Beth Long

Something to start on and something to learn.           Debbie Johnson
Monument located in Lucerne,
Switzerland to the defeat of the
Swiss Guard, August 1792 at the
Tuilleries Garden in Paris.  
Moving Stone
April 11, 2010
Quiz #252
Even More Favorites
Thanks - Milene Rawlinson.
I had seen this phenomenon before (4 hooves off the ground) but did
not realize a study had been done. This quiz invited what I call
"peripheral searches" as it was interesting to read about the cameras,
the photographer and the Stanford family.                      
Don Draper

Because it was my first one and I was surprise to receive an email
from the great DNA detective herself after I sent in my response. I
found out about the website from the More Magazine article and have
been hooked every since.                                      
Debbie Ciccarelli
Eadweard Muybridge produced a
series of photographs that proved
that all four legs of a horse were
sometimes off the ground at one
May 2, 2010
Quiz #255
time. He did it to settle a bet by Leland Stanford, President of
Stanford Univeristy.
Submitted by Stan Read.
It was the first quiz I ever did. I had read about you, Colleen, in More
magazine and visited the website listed in the article. I love a mystery
so I gave your weekly quiz a shot. I got it wrong, but you gave me
another chance with a little instruction on how to figure out the
photos, clues and hints. Then I got it right. I've been hooked ever
Susan E. Skidmore

It is interesting to investigate more modern photos occasionally and this was a
good one. It was sufficiently challenging because I could not clearly make out all
the lettering but there certainly were enough clues. Reading about the Wrigley
family was quite
Avalon, Catalina Island, where the
moon rises at 10:30 pm on May 30,
2010.  Much of the island was
owned by the Wrigley family.
Cat Island
May 30, 2010
Quiz #258
Submitted by Mike Dalton.
I really enjoyed solving it; figuring out where it was, comparing
streets, and then learning the history                               
Teresa Yu

This quiz presented my first real experience in "reading" old
photographs. It led me on a merry history hunt and I got my feet
truly wet with this one.                                            
Talea Jurrens
The Chinese Tuzedo Restaurant, a high
class restaurant once located at 2
Doyers St., New York City. It is now
the location of Chase Bank.
Yum Yum
June 13, 2010
Quiz #260
Because I have been to that area with Jo Ellen and it is truly a
beautiful part of America.                                                
Jim Kiser
Finn's Pizzeria,Cannery Road Boardwalk,
4287 Homer Spit Road, Homer, AK 99603.
It is owned by Sasha Raupp and Bjorn
Larsenuses and named after their son
August 1, 2010
Quiz #266
By Peter Norton
The surprise of learning that Kennedy sort of misspoke in one of his
most famous speeches was a kick.                      
Milene Rawlinson

Remembered the faux pas. The media made a fairly big deal out of it
at the time; wonder what the repercussions would be today.
Jocelyn Thayer
President John F. Kennedy made
his famous statement "Ich bin ein
Berliner" in Berlin on 26 June
1963.  The translation is "I am a
jelly donut".
In a Jam
August 8, 2010
Quiz #267
The picture shows a description of a
computer mouse written in Turkish.
March 28, 2010
Quiz #249
& Etc.
The challenge was to figure out the pic and the language. I would
never have recognized the object as a computer mouse. Without
having to find the language and translating it I wouldn't have figured
out the picture. It was fun to approach the quiz in a different way.
Milene Rawlinson
The AE2 was the first Allied
submarine to pass through the
Dardanelles Strait  during WWI.
A to NZ
April 25, 2010
Quiz #254
Although I did not do an answer to #254, it appeared quite fascinating
Don Draper
Fredric Von Esmarch invented this
bandage that could be configured in
32 different ways.
Wrapping It Up
May 23, 2010
Quiz #257
Because I reflected back to my Boy Scout days and learning the
various uses of the bandage.                                            
Jim Kiser
By Marilyn Hamill
James Jesse Strang established a
Mormon colony on Beaver Island in
northern Lake Michigan in 1848.
Group of Strang-ers
June 6, 2010
Quiz #259
Because the concept was so amusing                     Janice M. Sellers
By Ed Vielmetti
This quiz gave a list of scientific
innovations and asked that they be
put in chronological order.
The Right Stuff
August 15, 2010
Quiz #268
who done it, when: timelining what happened when took some
research time online to sort out the details.                    
Mike Dalton
The first landing of an airplane by
Eugene Ely on an "aircraft carrier"
occurred 18 January 1911.
Don't Miss the Boat
November 14, 2010
Quiz #280
This is easy for me since my record here is exactly three quizzes
long. The last one took me the most time to solve, therefore it's my
Arthur Hartwell
By Ed Vielmetti