Blood Chit
January 26, 2014
Quiz #427
The Clock of Flowing Time in Berlin,
Centre Commercial Milenis in
Guadeloupe, the
Giant Water Clock at
The Children's Museum of
Indianapolis in Indianapolis, Indiana,
and the Shopping Iguatemi in São
Paulo and Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Gitton's design relies on gravity
powering multiple siphons in same
principle as the Pythagorean cup; for
example, after the water level in the
minute or hour display tubes is
reached, an overflow tube starts to act
as a siphon and empties the display
tube. Actual time keeping is done by a
calibrated pendulum powered by a
water stream piped from the clock's
reservoir. The pendulum has a
carefully constructed container
attached to it; this measures the
water that is then poured into the
display system.

There are other modern designs of
water clocks, including the
Gorge water clock in Colorado, the
Woodgrove Mall in Nanaimo, British
Columbia, in the Abbotsford Airport
(formerly at Sevenoaks Shopping
Centre) in Abbotsford, British
Columbia, and the
Hornsby Water
Clock in Sydney, Australia.
Hundreds of thousands of ceramic poppies poured out of the Tower of London and
flowed around its walls like a waterfall of crimson blood. This dramatic picture was
part of an installation called “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red,” created in 2014 by
ceramic artist Paul Cummins and stage designer Tom Piper to commemorate Britain’s
involvement in the First World War one hundred years earlier.

Mr Cummins said he was inspired by a line from the will of a Derbyshire serviceman
who died in Flanders. In the will the soldier describes "the blood swept lands and seas
of red, where angels fear to tread".

Britain declared war on Germany at 23:00 on 4 August 1914, with thousands of soldiers
engaged in the bloodiest conflict the world had known until the armistice was signed on
11 November 1918.

The ceramic poppies were being placed by volunteers, with the 888,246th planted on
11th November, 2014. The evolving installation was unveiled on 5th August, 2014 –
one hundred years since the first full day of Britain’s involvement in the First World

The Tower of London was where more than 1,600 men swore an oath to the crown
after enlisting for war.

It was also used as a military depot, ceremonial setting-off point for regiments who had
been stationed there and the execution location for 11 German spies.

The poppies were sold for £25 each, which it was hoped would raise an estimated
£15m for six armed forces charities.

General Lord Dannatt, former head of the Armed Forces and Constable of the Tower
of London, said: "This is incredible and it's really moving.

"This installation, when it's complete... brings it home individually. It was a life lost, a
family ruined, a community shattered. And I think it's absolutely right that in the mass,
you pick out the individuals."
wife and three children in their Westfield, N.J.,
home. Then he vanished.

Eighteen years later, the television show
“America’s Most Wanted” commissioned a bust
from Mr. Bender for a segment on Mr. List.
Working from an old photograph, he created a
balding, jowly figure.

In a stroke of inspiration — or perhaps luck —
Mr. Bender added glasses with thick black rims,
the kind he felt a strait-laced man like Mr. List
would wear.

On May 21, 1989, a woman in Virginia watching
the broadcast thought she recognized her
neighbor, a balding, jowly accountant with thick
black glasses named Robert Clark. On June 1,
Mr. Clark was arrested. Fingerprints confirmed
his identity as John List. Convicted and
sentenced to five life terms, he died in 2008.

With William Fleisher and Richard Walter, Mr.
Bender founded the Vidocq Society in 1990.
Based in Philadelphia, the group comprises
forensic scientists, law enforcement officers and
other professionals who convene to investigate
unsolved murders.
Thousand Hand Bodhisattva is internationally acclaimed choreographer Zhang
Jigang's most famous and influential production. The piece features 21 hearing
impaired dancers who form remarkable arm and hand positions by standing
behind each other in a perfect column. Breathtaking images are created as the
dancers produce perfectly timed and choreographed movements.

The show quickly became a national treasure and overwhelming domestic
success. It was first performed internationally at the Kennedy Centre in
Washington, D.C. in front of former President of the United States Bill Clinton,
senior White House staff and spectators. It generated rave reviews and was
showcased shortly thereafter around the world in countries including Australia,
Japan, North Korea, Egypt, Turkey and Italy. In 2004 it was performed at the
Closing Ceremonies for the 2004 Summer Paralympics in Athens, Greece (see it
here) and Miss World 2004 pageant held in Sanya, China. The primary filmed
version was captured in 2005 at the Spring Festival in China on CCTV. It
subsequently spread across the internet on such sites as Google Video and
YouTube (see below). It is widely estimated that hundreds of millions of Chinese
and international viewers around the world have viewed the videos online.
This quiz featured a photograph of
a balloon festival over the hoodoos
(also called a tent rock, fairy
chimney, and earth pyramid)
located in Capadoccia, Turkey.  It
was originally published in National
Geographic, but reversed right to
left.  A hoodoo is a tall, thin spire
Right Place-Right Time
August 31, 2014
Quiz #446
Blood chits were used to identify
downed American pilots in the
China-Burma-India theatre during
WWII. The blood chit used for this
quiz states:  This foreign person has
come to China to help in the war
effort. Soldiers and civilians, one and
This quiz was popular among our readers with childhood nostalgia who
immiedately recognized the real Winnie the Pooh and four of his best friends—
Eeyore, Piglet, Kanga, and Tigger—have been on display at The New York Public
Library since 1987.

Long before Walt Disney turned Pooh and his pals into movie stars, Christopher
Robin Milne, a very real little boy living in England received a small stuffed bear
on his first birthday. He named him Edward Bear (later renamed Winnie-the-
Pooh). Following Edward came the rest of the stuffed animals, which Christopher
loved and played with throughout his childhood.

One day, Christopher's father, A. A. Milne, and an artist named Ernest H.
Shepard, decided that these animals, and two other imaginary friends, Owl and
Rabbit, would make fine characters in a bedtime story. From that day on, Pooh
and his friends have had many fanciful adventures, from Piglet's encounter with
a Heffalump to Eeyore's loss of his tail. These stories have been embraced by
millions of children and adult readers for more than 70 years.

Anyone can visit the real Winnie-the-Pooh and his pals. Every year thousands of
children and their parents come to see them in their grand new quarters in the
Stephen A. Schwarzman Building at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street. Pooh and his
friends are as happy as when they lived in the Hundred Acre Wood.
The first key to solving this puzzle was to notice the panel on the dashboard of
the car indicating that a call was in progress to the 714 area code associated with
Orange County in Southern California.  The second was to identify the full name
of the store across from the car as Bassett.  There are only two Bassett Sleep
Shops in Orange Co, one in Fountain Valley, and the other in Irvine.

Judging from the shadows on the face of the building, the store must be facing   
This narrows the possibilities to the Bassett store in Fountain Valley, CA.
The kinds of quizzes I like are...
This quiz asked readers to identify this device as a water clock or clepsydra
(Greek κλεψύδρα from κλέπτειν kleptein, 'to steal'; ὕδωρ hydor, 'water').  
According to Wikipedia, a water clock is any timepiece in which time is
measured by the regulated flow of liquid into (inflow type) or out from (outflow
type) a vessel where the amount is then measured.

The water clock in the picture is a Time Flow Clock created by the French
scientist Bernard Gitton. It is located in the central hall of the Souk Sharq
shopping center in Kuwait City, Kuwait.  The time on the clock is 2:42. Because
of the light coming through the windows, the time must be 2:42 pm.

Gitton began creating his clocks in 1979 as a modern-day approach to other
historical designs. His unique glass tube designs can be found in over 30
locations throughout the world, including one at Europa-Center's
It recognizes someone who should have, but didn't get the credit
she deserved until much too late.
John Thatcher
of rock that protrudes from the bottom of an arid drainage
basin or badland.
Many of our readers loved the beautiful scenery
shown in this photo.
Survey #10 Results
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Twelfth Occasional Forensic Genealogy Photo Quiz Survey
September 13, 2015

Our readers did an excellent job at finding clues that indicated our quiz photo
was taken in Detroit in 1965.  Among these were the sign for Gurney's
Chophouse Bar and the 1964 Ford Biscayne parked in front of it.

Readers went the extra mile to lookup Gurney's address in old city directories as
12-14 Congress St, and then to find its location using Google Maps.  

Noting that Congress St was a one-way street, with the cars facing towards the
photographer, the conclusion was that the photographer was facing southwest
down Congress Street just before the intersection with Woodward.  The dome in
the left background is that of the Wayne County Commission building.
Drip Drop
June 14, 2015
Quiz #480
I found the mechanism of the clock fascinating. I even posted the animation on my
FB wall as a quiz (to which all my friends that are chemical engineers answered and
nobody else, not even mathematicians).

It was a quiz that required simple observation and logic to solve, and anybody, even a
third grader, would have had the tools to do it, without asking google for help.
Ida Sanchez
Totally captivating time-waster in every sense. Had to work out how it worked.
Megan Neilsen
I still find myself returning to the animation website to watch the clepsydra at work.
Maggie Gould
City Scape
February 22, 2015
Quiz #466
I used pure instinct and my husband to help solve this one. I have ties to the
American Midwest, so orienting myself visually, temporally, and geographically there
is great practice!
Tynan Peterson
I like old photos. I enjoyed looking at other information about Detroit and finding the
Then and Now website.
Rebecca Bare
That picture is a challenge from the get go, there are so many questions that can be
raised just by looking at it... And even though the answer key was a little obvious, my
head was very convoluted and it took me several days to figure it out (and obsessing
with it).
Maggie Gould
Sign and Dance
November 2, 2015
Quiz #453
The amazing coordination of the deaf performers
Janice Sellers
I didn't come up with the answer to this quiz. However, when I saw the answer I
thought it was stunningly beautiful.
Carol Farrant
Getting Ahead
March 9, 2014
Quiz #432
This one took me a bit of time to figure out as well and I found the subject matter
Cindy Costigan
[Brought out] my inner detective.
Dianne Abbott
I seem to have a fascination for maps (since I was a kid). So all quizzes that ask for a
location and looking into them will always be on my list of favorites. This one was
also very unique, from the way the pic originated, to the clues and even the accidental
omission of the letter B while taking it, which led to an excellent quiz pic.
Ida Sanchez
I enjoyed trying to find the same image on Google maps and images. I believe I got
this one wrong, but it was fun to do.
Rebecca Bare
Again because it required a couple of steps to solve. Clearly neither an image search
nor a Google search would do the trick; instead, you again had to think about the
problem and pick your searches appropriately.
Roger Lipsett
Both in location of one of my London jaunts and brought back memories.
Judy Pfaff
For the rarity of the photograph and the circumstances when it was taken.
John Thatcher
It was interesting to read about the original toys and their travels, even if you didn't
include their specific up-to-date location.
Janice M Sellers
Wonderful memories of Winnie the Pooh and his friends - always very special!!
Grace Hertz and Mary Turner
The Fabulous Fletchers
More Favorites
[I like this quiz] because it couldn't be solved by a simple Google
search on some term, it required some thought about what the topic
was. Also, it had interesting historical content.
Roger Lipsett
This X-ray diffraction image of DNA
was at the center of the controversy
about the award of the 1962 Nobel
Prise in Physiology or Medicine to
James Watson and Francis Crick.  
Their discovery of DNA's double
February 23, 2014
Quiz #430
helix structure was clouded with controversy when it was
revealed that the discovery was based on X-ray diffraction
images that were created by Rosalind Franklin, but which had
been shown to them by her lab director Maurice Wilkins
without her permission.  

Unfortunately, Franklin or her supporters could not contest the
award, as she died from ovarian cancer in 1958.  The Nobel Prize
cannot be awarded posthumously. Watson and Crick went on to
claim full credit for their discovery.
[A photo that brings] out my inner detective; ones where I learn
new things
Dianne Abbott
On May 1, 1947, Evelyn McHale
commited suicide by jumping off the
86th floor observation platform of the
Empire State Building. This detail from a
photo by Robert C. Wiles was published
as a full-page image in the 12 May 1947
issue of Life Magazine.
The Fallen
March 30, 2014
Quiz #434
This Island volcano made me do more research, including cluster,
really made me think outside the box.
Gus Marsh
I was feeling pretty proud of myself for finding that little island out
in the Pacific Ocean.
Carol Gene Farrant
This quiz featured a picture of a
new island created by volcanic
activity off the coast of Japan in
November 2013.

It doesn't have its own name.
Nishino-shima is the name of the
April 27, 2014
Quiz #437
larger island.  Since the little island has joined with the larger
one, convention dictates that the older name should be used for
the enlarged island.
I liked this one because I learned about a really neat place that is so
surreal. Had never heard of this place before your quiz and I really
like it. So much so that it is now on my bucket list.
Cindy Costigan
It shows how being in the right place at the right time can have a
big impact on your life.
Gus Marsh
In 1950, when men cutting peat
near the village of Tollund,
Denmark, they stumbled upon
Tolland Man, who was so well
preserved that they believed he
was a modern murder victim.
Tolland Man died about 375-210
September 14, 2014
Quiz #448
BCE and is the world’s most famous bog body. Archeologists,
forensic scientists, radiologists, paleobotanists, even dentists,
and other specialists have studied his body.
I judge my favorite by the amount of time it takes me to get to the
answer. This one took me a while to get and I like that.
Cindy Costigan
There are many clues in this
picture that indicate it is a
photograph of 102 Main St.,
Thorntown, IN. The most
important clue is the J C
Comstock hardware store that
appears near the center of the
photograph.  Through Google
A Thorny Question
September 21, 2014
Quiz #449
Books, Census records, and Find-a-Grave, our readers were able
to research both the Comstock family, and the history of
Thorntown, even coming up with vintage photographs of the
There were other quizzes I enjoyed but my favorites are the ones
that make me think and search the most. Basically, I like playing the
Cindy Costigan
The ones that are a challenge, that make me think outside the box.
Gus Marsh
Old photos. They are usually multilayered, and in the process I learn
about history, geography, local customs, etc.
Tynan Peterson
The ones I can solve. :-) Even if I can't solve them, they are all
learning experiences.
Carol Farrant
Challenging, but not impossible.
John Thatcher

I like being challenged with something I don't see every day.
Margaret Paxton
The hard ones that, once you solve a question, you arise 3 more.
Location ones, and of course, musical ones (my honorable mention
is for the piano at the bay and the water organ)
Ida Sanchez
The ones that I have a hard time solving. I find those with the
strange hieroglyphics annoying, but feel so good when I do solve
Judy Pfaff
I like old photos. I enjoyed looking at other information about
Detroit and finding the Then and Now website.
Rebecca Bare
Ones that bring out my inner detective; ones where I learn new
Dianne Abbott

It is very interesting to take the quizzes. I really do learn a lot and
sometimes I am very surprised.
Molly Collins

Every quiz as led me to learn something about History, mostly
within the 20th Century. If I was to give a modern History class, I
would use this website as a resource or at least the model (different
quiz pictures each week so the students can find it out on their
own). Since I wasn't born here, I've learnt a lot about the US in the
Ida Sanchez

I learn all sorts of random trivia, not to take "facts" as "facts" right
away, and what my well-worn research ruts are. I get lots of
practice using my searching skills as well as paraphrasing and
abstracting (without plagarizing), and it feels so good when I
"know" I have the right answer!!!! It's very addictive. Thank you,
Tynan Peterson

I learn interesting facts that I would not otherwise hear about.
Rebecca Bare

My life is enriched by the intellectual stimulation and by learning
about new things or about new perspectives on familiar topics
Dianne Abbott
For an animated version of a Time Flow
Clock that you can use on your laptop,
click on the thumbnail.
The real John Emil List (top)
and the aged-progressed
sculpture created by Frank
Bender (bottom).
Quiz #432 featured a photograph of Frank Bender, the well-known forensic
sculptor who died in July 2007.  His nickname was "Recomposer of the
Decomposed" after his uncanny ability to reconstruct the appearance of an
unidentified person from his skull.  Of the 40 or so heads he sculptured over the
years, most were designed to identify murder victims for whom DNA, dental
records and fingerprints had come up empty. In these cases, Mr. Bender
endeavored to turn back time, using victims’ skulls to render their faces as they
might have looked in life.  

For fugitives, Mr. Bender coaxed time forward, using photographs and other
information to sculpture malefactors as they might look 10 or 20 years on. It
was in one such case that he scored his most spectacular success in 1989: a role
in capturing John List, one of the most notorious murderers in America.

In 1971, Mr. List, a seemingly mild-mannered accountant, murdered his mother,
January 5, 2015
Quiz #460
October 12, 2014
Quiz #450
Honorable Mention
The Bear Facts
June 7, 2015
Quiz #479
Piece of Cake
May 12, 2014
Quiz #438
At weddings in the New Orleans area, the ceremony of cutting the wedding cake
is preceded by another ritual- pulling ribbons from the cake.

“Pulling a ribbon” is one of many wedding rituals in the New Orleans area that
add a special sense of place and setting to the wedding, apart from being a well-
known tradition that is meaningful for family and friends who come together to
joyfully celebrate a marriage.

Wedding cakes in the New Orleans area come with ribbons embedded in the
icing. At the wedding reception, unmarried female friends of the bride are
invited to “pull a ribbon.” A silver charm or “favour” hidden in the bottom layer
of the cake is attached to each ribbon. Typically, each woman or young girl holds
on to a ribbon as a photograph is taken, and then all “pull” simultaneously on

Charms include a ring, a heart, a thimble, a button, a horseshoe, a clover-and
sometimes a fleur-de-lis-an anchor, a dime, and also a penny. Each has a
traditional meaning-the ring means “next to marry,” the heart means “true
love,” the thimble or button means “old maid,” the horseshoe or the clover
means “good luck,” the fleur- de-lis means “love will bloom,” the anchor means
“hope,” the dime means “wealth,” and the penny means “poverty.” This event
gets the attention of all the guests, and the moment of the pulling is followed by
good wishes or teasing depending on which item a person pulls.
Used this tradition at the wedding of our daughter many years ago.
Grace Hertz and Mary Turner
The Fabulous Fletchers
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should rescue, protect, and provide him with medical care.
On a clear day, the towering white
peaks of the legendary
Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl
volcanoes can be seen from the
great metropolis of Mexico City. In
Aztec mythology, the volcanoes
I & P
October 19, 2014
Quiz #451
were once humans who were deeply in love. But they were
separated and died tragically before they could be reunited. The
Gods, touched by the lover's plight, turn the humans into
mountains, so that they would never be separated again.
It had to do with Mesoamerican history, a subject which interests
Rebecca Bare
The Australian War Memorial is
Australia's national memorial to
the members of its armed forces
and supporting organisations who
have died or participated in the
wars of the Commonwealth of
Australia. Visitors are encouraged
to decorate the wall of Australian
The Last Post
April 5, 2015
Quiz #472
war casualties with poppies to commemorate the dead. At the
end of each day, commencing at 4.55 pm AEDT, the Memorial
farewells visitors with its moving Last Post Ceremony.
On a clear day, the towering white
peaks of the legendary
Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl
volcanoes can be seen from the
great metropolis of Mexico City. In
Aztec mythology, the volcanoes
I & P
October 19, 2014
Quiz #451
Very cool memorial and is near where my friend Penny lives, so it
brought her to mind as well as educated me on the war memorial
Judy Pfaff
The artwork featured in this quiz is
called Electoral Campaign, part of
the Follow the Leader series by
Spanish artist Isaac Cordal.  It is
popularly known as Politicians
Debating Global Warming. The
installation was performed in
Berlin in 2011.
Glub Glub
July 12, 2015
Quiz #484
estimated to sell for $1,000- $1,500.
I loved the way the lack of usual perspective originally mislead me
on a wild goose chase. And then the challenge of finding the precise
location, twin cathedrals notwithstanding. Plus the idea of quiet
protest via intriguing and innovative art installations.
Megan Neilsen
The artwork featured in this quiz is
called Electoral Campaign, part of
the Follow the Leader series by
Spanish artist Isaac Cordal.  It is
popularly known as Politicians
Debating Global Warming. The
installation was performed in
Berlin in 2011.
July 26, 2015
Quiz #486
Adoph Hitler's teapot sold for $3250
at an auction in Sept 2012 at
Alexander Historical Auctions in
Stamford, CT.  Other items in their
catalog include Hitler's fork, his
serving bowl and lid, and a lock of his
hair. A postcard written by Eva
Braun to her sister Ilse in Berlin is
It shows much interest there is in Hitler memorabilia even after all
these years.
Gus Marsh
Giuseppe Castiglione, S.J. (July 19, 1688 – July 17, 1766), was
an Italian Jesuit lay brother who served as a missionary in
China, where he became a painter at the court of the emperor.  
He painted this beautiful picture Ayusi Scattering Rebels with
Upraised Spear to commemorate Ayusi's victory for the Ch'ing
Army in 1755.
stone were built on the quayside. Underneath, there are 35
musically tuned tubes with whistle openings on the sidewalk.
The movement of the sea pushes air through, and – depending
on the size and velocity of the wave – musical chords are played.
The waves create random harmonic sounds.
February 16, 2014
Quiz #429
Again, I used instinct. I enjoy art-related quizzes. The combination
of East and West is particularly intriguing to me, and learning a bit
of history in the process is a bonus.
Tynan Peterson
would be a bad omen, and that the kingdom would not outlive
the last killed raven. Charles II then ordered six birds to be
kept at the Tower. His order is still followed today, just in case.
For the Birds
November 23, 2014
Quiz #456
This quiz depicted the ravens that are
residents of the Tower of London.
According to legend after the great
fire of London, survivors started
persecuting ravens for scavenging,
but royal advisor Flamsteed explained
to Charles II that killing all ravens
A location of one of my London jaunts and brought back memories.
Judy Pfaff
Stepping to the Music
February 28, 2015
Quiz #467
The musical Sea Organ (morske
orgulje) is located on the shores of
Zadar, Croatia, and is the world’s
first musical pipe organs that is
played by the sea. Simple and
elegant steps, carved in white
Just an oddity that is so appealing to me. There is one is San
Francisco that I intend to check out and the other one is near where
my Bosnian Granddaughter lives.
Judy Pfaff